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Monday, October 3, 2011


Dusting Off The Old

Now, I have been writing for a long, long time. My idea file is so huge I will never see the end of it. There isn’t enough time to write it all. But I’m going to give it a good shot...LOL!

Still, I wondered if I could get some of my older works dusted off and published. Now this was a big undertaking since a lot of what I had previously wrote was science fiction and I wasn’t sure if I would find a place for them at all.

The first up, Fluke was a science fiction short story in which the heroine couldn’t remember some vital information. It came complete with a perky computer and a very nasty bad guy. My publisher asked me if I could put in some romance, a hero and spice it up. I decided it was worth a try and started work the very next day.

I added a sexy hero and gave the woman a mission that didn’t end when the story was over just in case. Then I waited to see what would happen. Much to my surprise, this story was well received making me think about a sequel. Nothing came to me at the time, so I put it away again.

Fast forward until earlier that year when my publisher asked me if I might have something which would fit their new line of books which included straight science fiction, fantasy, non-fiction and more. Again, I went to my trusty folder full of older works and pulled out yet another short story, Subtle Invasion, this time about an alien abduction. This time I didn’t have to do so much revision but it did need a good spit and polish.

Once it was all completed, I sent it off to my editor and waited for the rejection because the piece was strange to say the least. I was amazed when the editor sent me the galley because it was going to press the very first month the imprint was open.

So now, I was two for two! And boy was I happy! This was a good sign, a very good sign. And while I have not, to date, sold any more of my older works, my seventeenth book, More Than Robotics, is a sequel to Fluke. While I had not thought to write another series, the idea for this one struck me with a ferocity I couldn’t ignore. So the science fiction world was expanded and my third series was born. I have even been asked if there are going to be any more in the Subtle Invasion series. What? I didn’t know it was a series but my publisher thinks it might be one. We’ll see.

The motto of this portion of my tale, never, ever throw the old stuff away. You may be able to revise it into something saleable. Now, this isn’t the norm and to be honest if I hadn’t had those already on my hard drive, I would have been out of luck. I have saved every piece I’ve ever written. When it was on paper, I went through one day and start putting it into computer files just in case. I know this would never had happened if all I possessed were hardcopies. Thank goodness for the computer age!

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