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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


When Time Is Not of the Essence

Like most people I know in 2011, I chafe at the constraints of time across my days – and my nights. I feel stifled and bound by a reality with four dimensions – annoyed most by the iron fist of time. What more could I accomplish if only I possessed the ability to transcend that frustration, blessed with the ability to bend time to my will? Ahhh…the unlimited hours I’d spend nourishing my relationships with loved ones…the books I’d write…the recipes I’d conquer...the extra sleep I’d manage….

On the other hand, would I be doomed instead to replay the same day over and over again in some existential limbo, a la Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? That’d suck -- I dislike predictability more than I dislike a lack of time, and I am not interested in reaching enlightenment…I just want more hours to enjoy the life I have, unenlightened mundane parts and all!

Then it occurs to me: I get to transcend time every time I sit at my keyboard and write, drawn into the lives of the characters I love, creating worlds of time for them in each story. In telling their stories, I can create a hero who can perceive more than our usual four dimensions, or I can fling my heroine back in time and into the arms of her soul-mate. In writing, I can and do bend time to my will.

Besides…sleep is over-rated, right???


Maria-Claire Payne
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Maria-Claire Payne is the alter-ego of another Claire who holds multiple professional credentials related to the field of radiation oncology and a graduate degree in psychology. Both personalities share a love of taking classes in English literature and reading in many genres as well as getting inked and admiring biker dudes from afar. When no new reading material is readily at hand for whatever reason, her children have caught her reading cereal box-tops to fill the void. Maria-Claire lives in Southern Florida with her two rather conservative (how did that happen?) teenagers, the ghost of her soul-mate (her muse), and a crew of Himalayan and Persian cats affectionately referred to as the “Pussy Posse.” She loves to hear from her fans!


Debby said...

You can escape through your writing and we can escape through reading your books. Sleep is indeed over rated.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Maria-Claire Payne said...

Thanks for dropping by, Debby! I love to think my characters provide a much-needed escape -- and are keeping you up at night ;)