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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Where's my memo about taking down my freak flag?
From a true freak at heart

Growing up I was told, “Don't worry about what the other kids think. You're awesome.”

“Work hard and the world will stand up and not only notice, but revel in your uniqueness.” and my personal favorite, “Screw 'em!”

I have always danced to the beat of a different drum, a little left of center if you will. I have always danced as if no one was looking and yes, my children agree when other children taunt “Your mama wears combat boots!” I love them; they're comfortable. It has never bothered me that others weren't like me in garb, speech, intellectual standings, etc. I like being's fun!

As of late I have noticed, quite by accident, that I seem to be in the minority. It slowly came to my attention that more of my friends, family and even strangers were asking me, “Are you really wearing pigtails to dinner?” or “What do you think people will think about the Manic Panic red of your hair?” Or the quote my sister has said countless times about my wardrobe, “Don't you own anything that isn't black?”

Honestly, I never wondered what someone else would think...It's my hair, my clothes and I like them.

How did we become so worried about what others thought? And more importantly, why? Is it easier to conform and go with the flow? Just for your own FYI, I don't care why tourists in my town wear black socks with their sandals or that the woman in front of me at the checkout lane has shoes that match her purse. I did, however, think about it for a moment the last time I saw said woman, and my only thought was, 'I hope she didn't do all that for me.' My philosophy in life is 'If you're cool, I'm cool. We can hold hands and skip all day long.' My heart breaks for people who are afraid to be who they truly are.

The man who longs to be with another man, but is afraid to follow his heart because of the ridiculous, narrow minded opinions of others. As long as there is love involved, what does it matter? The young girl who longs for shocking pink hair, but knows she will have to endure some sort of wrath, from parents or friends for it, as if the color of her locks makes her less somehow.

We should bask in the differences that make us who we are. History is chocked full of 'freaks' who worked tirelessly to make the world the place we live in today! Where did all these judgmental people come from and why do their opinions matter?

Well I say “Nay! Not to me they don't” I'm flying my freak flag high I may even add a stereo to the bottom of my flagpole so that my personal 'freak flag' has a soundtrack to match it. I invite all of you to join me!

My name is Rachel Cron. I have lived in Fort Myers, Florida for over 30 years. I’m happily married and the mother of two. I’m also the grandmother of two. Growing up around English teachers and musicians, books and music have been a constant in my life. They have help shape me into the person I am today. My inspiration for my books stem from my life, the people I’ve met, the things I’ve done or the things I have weathered through. Pair that with an overactive imagination and…here we are. I’m a firm believer in family and laughter. Why are we here if we’re not enjoying ourselves? Check me out on Facebook

Life is about to get interesting for Rainne.

Rainne Stanton is a young woman who lives by her own rules. She has her band, she has her little business, and now she has a stalker. Her world is turned upside down when her mother gets involved.

James Decker is competent, lethal and Rainne's new shadow. Hired by her mother to find and eliminate Rainne’s stalker, he never anticipated what was waiting for him.

Their passion was something neither one expected or welcomed.

Together, can they clear the haze of deception surrounding Rainne? As James begins to unravel the mystery that is Rainne herself, what he finds will forever change him in ways he never could have anticipated.

Note: this book contains anal sex

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