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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Guest Blog: Robin Saxon and Alex Kidwell

On Writing Sex

We really like sex.

There, I said it. We enjoy it, we like talking about it, and I am admittedly completely without shame when it comes to the topic. If I could, I’d sit all of you down right now, put on a pot of coffee, pull out that box of Thin Mints I have stored in the freezer for emergencies (Robin note: Wait, there’s thin mints in the freezer? Sweet!), and ask you about what you like. What positions, what’s your best experience, your worst, what’s that thing that potential partners do that has you undoing your pants before you can even think?

I love the whole idea of sex. Robin and I have been together for a while, now (although if Robin finishes off all those cookies without me, we might be having words) and the idea of that kind of intimacy, knowing a partner’s body, being the one to elicit all those sighs and moans and smiles, it’s still one of my favorite things. I’ll admit to full body tingles every time Robin kisses me. Every time.

True story: I can’t ride in an elevator without smiling, because too often I won’t be able to wait between floors and one of us winds up pinned to the wall while we make out like idiots.

So, we write sex very simply. We write it like we like to talk about it, like we enjoy having it - frankly, honestly, and without a lot of fuss. While there’s a lot of different ways to write the big bang, and none of them are wrong, I honestly think that you need to be true to your own voice. The hottest sex scenes, for me, are the ones where you can tell the author liked what they were writing. It evokes emotions and makes you grin because oh, yeah, you’ve been there. Or you really wish you were there. Or, hell, you’re there right now.

We don’t use euphemisms in our smut. A cock is a cock and it’s called that. No quivering members for us. Again, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with quivering members and swollen loins or whatever else you might come across. If that’s the writer’s voice then it works for me. But for Robin and I, simple works better.

So, if I can wrest the last sleeve of cookies away from my beloved, let me just ask you all: What’s your favorite kind of smutty scene? Do you like the kind that leave it all up to your imagination? Lots of flowery language? Hot and dirty? Tell me all about it. I’ll put the coffee on.

About the Authors: Robin Saxon and Alex Kidwell live in the Midwest with their two cats, Starsky and Hutch. Their first book, Blood Howl, is available for sale at Dreamspinner Press. They can be found at their blog and on Facebook.

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Na said...

I think honest or natural writing is better and the reader can tell. It's not forced but effortless. I've read some steamy scenes where it felt right and other times where it was just "off". Good post :)