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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hi! Have you dressed up as anything naughty and sexy for Halloween?

Halloween greetings friends! I’m Elyzabeth M. VaLey, erotic romance author and I’m thrilled to be celebrating the spookiest time of year in this Haunting Halloween Blog Fest. I’m also at the Goddess Fish Blog, so if you want to talk about vampires and what you’re up to on the scariest day of the year, then visit me over there too.

October has been a great month for me because I’ve had two releases. One of them was my historical erotic romance “A Decade of Longing” and the other a paranormal short titled “Dreams of Fate”.

Since Halloween is tomorrow I’m going to focus on “Dreams of Fate”, but if you want to learn more about “A Decade of Longing” come back to the Goddess Fish Pavilion on November 6th to be part of the Release Party! You could win a copy of “A Decade of Longing”!

Today, you could win a copy of Dreams of Fate. All you have to do is leave a comment (with your name and email so I can get in touch with you later) on any of my posts at the Whipped Cream blog.

Alisha fretted. She repeatedly wrapped the lace ribbon of her bodice around her index finger and tried not to tap her toes on the stone floor. It was worrying that any man would come see her at this late hour, but it was even more unnerving that her visitor was a lord of the forest of Mainyu.

The forest was part of her kingdom; it marked the borders, but she knew, as her Elven ancestors had known, that her people would never rule over those who inhabited it. It was a free land. It was a doomed land. It was the land of the dead and of creatures beyond imagination. No one ventured there during the night. Rumor had it that dangers lurked in every corner, from shape shifters to witches. But what the people feared most were the vampires, beings who looked like men but could rip out your throat, drink your blood, and swallow your soul into damnation.

“My lady, he has arrived.”

Alisha jumped up at the voice of her advisor. She cleared her throat and wiped her sweaty hands on her dress. She took in a deep breath, set her face into a determined mask, and nodded. Her advisor signaled, and two young pages threw open the double doors to her throne room.

A single man walked in. More than six feet tall, he strode into the room with confidence. He was dressed in black from head to toe. A hood hid his features, and Alisha sat up straighter, her body tense, ready to act should it seem necessary. What did he have to hide? A chilly gust of wind swept inside, and she shivered. Candles blew out and curtains fluttered as the stranger stepped in front of her. He lowered his hood and bowed.

As the lights were rekindled, Alisha took in the man before her. A pale white face with deep blue eyes full of recognition stared back at her. Her breath hitched in her throat, and her heart beat so fast she thought she would faint. She gripped the arms of her chair until her knuckles turned white and she could feel the wood digging into her skin. She knew the man as if he’d been by her side all her life. Yet she had only seen him in dreams, until now.

No words came to mind, only images: hands entwined, kisses in the dark, his lush mouth lavishing attention on her neck, imprinting his essence on her soul. His fingertips brushing her breasts, her hands entwined in his hair while he feasted on her body. She on her knees relishing the taste of his manhood while he groaned. Him inside her, his cock pumping into her while she cried with delight.

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Halloween is a whole lot of fun. It’s the night when vampires, ghouls, monsters and spirits come out to play.

However, of late, it seems that Halloween is also the day in which sexy nurses, sexy vampires, sexy ghouls, sexy witches, sexy, sexy, sexy, (and usually bloody) creatures appear. It’s a night in which inhibitions are forgotten and replaced by naughtiness.

So tell me, have you dressed up as anything naughty and sexy for Halloween?

The sexiest costume I’ve worn for Halloween was my Queen costume: long velvet black skirt and blood red corset, hair swept back by a silver crown and a whip in my hand.


elaing8 said...

I'm not one for dressing up for Halloween. So no naughty Halloween costumes here.
Dreams of Fate sounds good.Thanks for sharing the excerpt.


Debby said...

I never did but my youngest always wanted to. It was always a fight to make sure everything was covered. This was in high school. They still got dressed up.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Tabitha Rayne said...

I'm a bit of a goofball at Halloween... might try something a bit saucy tomorrow though now I've been inspired...

Na said...

I don't think I have ever dressed up really for Halloween but even so they were cute than naughty. I like seeing other people's costume though. And some are definitely on the naughty side.