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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Love those sexy shape shifter cats! The Hunter Within excerpt/M/M/PG rating

I especially love shape shifter cats ~ sleek, sexy, and quick witted. Do you see the white tiger behind Jack on the book cover? Those luscious blue eyes locked on his prey? Cats make great alpha male shifters - lions, tigers, panthers, mountain lions...slender yet muscular and very, very quick.

Jack and shape shifter Antoine are back! This is the second book in my series published by Loose Id - The Tiger Within the first book in the series. The Hunter Within continues Jack and Antoine's love story. This book is a short novel, meatier and full of angst as Jack struggles with his sexuality. Their nemesis - Eidolon is back and causing more havoc, this time in the U.S.  It's 1949 - a few months after The Tiger Within. You will find out more about Antoine's shape shifter world and why Eidolon wants him dead.

Here's a sneak preview:

Returning veteran Jack is shocked to learn his wife is engaged to another man. She believes Jack died during the war and has no idea he was altered into a soldier of superhuman powers to fight supernatural beings. Part of him wants to stay dead in her eyes and let her live her life, but part wants to tell Alice the truth. Jack deeply wants his old life back, to be normal again. Maybe Alice can save him from his crazy life and his newly awakened sexual need for men; especially his burning passion for a shape-shifter who claimed his body and now wants his heart.
Shape-shifter Antoine Fortescue travels to New York City to find out why Jack went AWOL. What he discovers disturbs him. Jack has traveled to California to spy on his wife’s fiancé. Is he going to confront Alice with the truth he is alive? And try to get her back? Or the real truth, that he is gay? Jack may yearn for a "normal" life, but Antoine will stop at nothing to capture Jack’s heart.

The Hunter Within, copyright Viki Lyn, 2011:

Lowering his gun, Jack kept his gaze on the beautiful creature. A sleek tiger wrapped in snowy white fur and chocolate stripes. Le Tigre stopped a few feet from where Jack knelt, icy blue eyes blinking. Then the body shimmered, and before Jack could stop him, Antoine transformed into his human form.

Naked, on all fours, licking his lips, Antoine grinned. A dazzling smile lit up that aristocratic face, a face belonging in the past.

“Darling, it’s been too long,” Antoine drawled, then sat cross-legged on the ground.

Jack averted his gaze from that too-tempting thatch of dark curls. He stood up and put away his gun, swallowing the lump in this throat.

“What are you doing here?”

Antoine’s mouth puckered into a sultry pout as he rose to his feet and brushed off pine needles from his body. “I’ve missed you.”

Jack rolled his eyes as he slipped off his coat. He walked over and draped it around Antoine’s shoulders. If he stared at that sleek, strong body for much longer, he’d do something rash, something totally foolish.

Returning to his surveillance, he could hear Antoine stir behind him. Then a moist, hot tongue licked the curve of his ear. Shivers raced along his arms and legs. He parted his mouth, yet his breath caught in his throat. A groan formed, but he held it back, afraid if it escaped, he’d be lost to Antoine’s charms.

“Antoine, stop.” Jack twisted and pushed away the roaming hands. He looked Antoine over and noticed how his coat hung like a sack on him. Had the shifter lost weight? He’d always been slim, but his cheekbones were more pronounced, and there was a hint of fatigue in his eyes. “Where did you leave your clothes?”

“Near the highway, safely tucked away in my suitcase. It’s lovely here.” Antoine inhaled deeply and swept back his tousled curls.

The man insisted on keeping his hair in the style of his youth. Unfortunately the eighteenth-century do screamed flaming poof. But the truth was, Jack loved the springing chocolate whorls, how soft they felt when he buried his fingers in their thickness, and the long hair, much as he hated to admit, looked devastatingly sexy on Antoine.

Now if he could just talk him out of his frilly shirts…

Wait -- what did he care? He should end the absurd relationship between them. If he could just concentrate on his task and not be lured by the temptation Antoine presented…naked under the coat…willing…

“You haven’t answered my question.” Jack scowled to cover up the nervous excitement coursing through him. Already an uncomfortable swelling fought against the confines of his pants.

“I’m here to help you,” Antoine said.

Jack narrowed his eyes. “How did you find me?”

“Ricky. He’s a lovely young man. He misses you. He doesn’t like to go to the cinema alone. You really should send him that postcard you promised him.”

Jack turned on his heels, away from Antoine’s prying eyes and dripping sarcasm.

Antoine turned Jack around by the shoulder to face him and slid his hands around Jack’s waist in a viselike grip. It always surprised Jack how such a slim body held such strength. He had seen it -- experienced it -- firsthand. This silly fairy could wrestle him to the ground and completely overtake him if he so desired. And the way Antoine looked at him -- passion leaping from those ice blue eyes.

God have mercy.

His cock stirred as he breathed in Antoine’s scent.

“I’ve longed for you, my khalid.”

Jack stiffened and pushed away from the warm embrace. He missed the companionship of holding a man who he cared for, but the comforting sensation was the problem. He refused to acknowledge Antoine’s belief that he was the shape-shifter’s khalid. They were not soul mates.

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Viki Lyn


Na said...

Hi Viki! *waves*
It's good to see you here and congratulations on the release of The Hunter Within. I hope your series catches a lot of new readers.

elaing8 said...

Those covers caught my eye right away.Very Nice :)
Thanks for sharing the excerpt.

Viki Lyn said...

Hi Na and Elaing8 - thanks for commenting! It's a beautiful day in the desert and I've been out since this morning enjoying the cool sunshine. :)

Jean P said...

Thanks for the great excerpt. The covers are so eye catching, something about a tiger, awesome animals.

Debby said...

Love the covers. Great job! I love shifter stories as well. Adding these to my list.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Viki Lyn said...

April Martinez did the book cover. Isn't she awesome. She also did several of my covers including The Tiger Within, Out of Bounds and For The Bite Of It...all yummy IMHO! :) Viki

Anonymous said...

I agree that cats make the greatest alpha male shifters. Enjoyed the post, Thank-you, Viki!