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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mary Hughes Trick or Treat--Treat #2

Bite-sized chocolate bars. Mmm, mmm. As a kid, I'd dig through the whole treat bag to find them. My favorite treat from authors is a free short story. I have three for you! And there's a bonus giveaway at the end of this post :)

*Please note these stories are spicy/adult explicit language and situations. 18+ please!
Oz Bites

Vampires and sex and flamingos—oh my!

Punk musician Nixie Emerson and her master vampire husband Julian try to assemble a pit orchestra. Someone blabs there's no pay, making Nixie and Julian's chore impossible... and worse, what other secrets do the bad guys know?

Warning: Contains wild sex, explicit violence, and a frazzled punk heroine. Or is that explicit sex, wild violence, and a frazzled lawyer vampire? What the heck. There's sex, swearing, fighting, and laughs.

Download at Smashwords

A Biting Christmas Special

Nixie and Julian's honeymoon turns nasty when Santa Vamp shows up.

Short Story Freebie (offsite)

Biting Dracula

Elena and Bo's honeymoon gets interrupted by Dracula.

Short Story Freebie (Offsite)

Bonus giveaway! What's your favorite treat? Comment on this post to be entered for a chance to win an ebook from my backlist! Comment through 8:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. I'll pick a winner by random number.



Jean P said...

Love those mini chocolate bars, especially Heath and Snickers, freeze the Snickers and have them throughout the year!

skpetal AT hotmail DOT com

Na said...

You got it! As an adult and book lover a free story and books are pretty fulling treats. Though, I won't give up the candies entirely.

Stormy said...

I love FREE reads! Thanks! Chocolate bars and Recee Cups are my favs to sneak from the kids treat bags...they can't eat all that candy alone, right??

Mary Hughes said...

Jean P, Na, Stormy, I love your comments! Big smile here :)

elaing8 said...

I love free reads.As for candy I love the chocolate bars and rockets.

Mary Hughes said...

Hi, elaing8! Free reads and chocolate bars, yeah. Ooh, rockets (or smarties) are lovely too. The wide variety of colors and flavors in one little roll is such fun!

Debby said...

I love those free reads. Add in some smarties and I am in heaven
debby236 at gmail dot com

Mary Hughes said...

I hear you. I find most of my new authors to read these days via free stories. And candy, yum. Now if only the candy were free :)

Mary Hughes said...

Thanks again to everyone for reading and commenting! The winner of this giveaway, chosen by random number, is elaing8! elaing8, congratulations! Please email me at for your prize!