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Saturday, October 29, 2011

One Can Find the Kraken Anywhere!

Aboard naval vessels of this century…
Or the local pirate festival...

Yup, the beasts are everywhere!
Or maybe…while casting a spell in the Caribbean where one

A sliver of moon rose from the sea as he walked into the surf. The water chilled him slightly, but nothing like the nightmare the night Emily held him. He’d seen her, Glacious. A frost appeared on the glass and her eyes studied him. Studied them. He shook the memory off, praying it had been nothing more than a lingering effect from the nightmare. He walked until the water hit him below his waist and stopped. He held the mirror flat, barely above the water, as Mama Lu told him. A ripple of water reached for it, which was certainly strange. Well, spells should be unusual. He lowered it minutely, and the next ripple kissed the mirror, stirred the powder Mama Lu told him to sprinkle atop the rest.

A ripple flowed away from him, counter to the sea’s course. It disappeared toward the horizon, barely visible in the bare light of a crescent moon. And he waited. Mama Lu said to be patient. “Ya gonna get a sign. Some message or vision ’bout what way ta go. Wait for it!”

He heard her melodic cadence even now, floating above the sea. The quiet of the night, the lack of any breeze, nothing stirred the trees at his back. No birds called. He looked up at the stars; they blazed down at him. He sighed and turned his head back to the horizon.

He fought the instinct to scramble away from the great, bulky head of the albino Kraken, not three feet from him, bobbing above the waterline. He swallowed and mastered his fear, while his heart galloped loud enough for the world to hear. Two tentacles, wider than his waist, drifted to his sides. A fingerling tip brushed the back of his left thigh. He’d never felt so exposed, so vulnerable, small, and insignificant in his entire life.

Gazing into those black eyes, he slowly relaxed. There was no threat there. Simply interest.

The Kraken’s Mirror, from Decadent Publishing


Janice said...

Great post. Love how you wove the kracken into your story.

Na said...

Thanks for the visuals. They look so random and fun all at once.

Jean P said...

That was a great post, really enjoyed it.

skpetal AT hotmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Kracken before! Sounds good.

Maureen said...

Janice - Honestly, he invaded the story...I never invited. He just...well, showed up!
Thanks for stopping by!

Na - Ya finds 'im where ya least expect it!

Jean P - Thanks!

Carnation - I won't tell him you've never heard of him before. Don't worry, you're safe!

elaing8 said...

Great excerpt.