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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Summoning the Demons: Erin O'Riordan Excerpt/E-Book Giveaway

Welcome, Haunted Halloween Weekenders! Happy Halloween from me, erotica and crime fiction author Erin O'Riordan!

Love pulp fiction? Just try putting down The Smell of Gas. TSOG is full of saints and sinners you'll love to hate. There's Brigid, the high school basketball player and secret heroin addict. Fred, a Catholic lesbian teen, loves Brigid, but doesn't know about her affair with Edward, a married Evangelical preacher. Sex, ethics, religions and mythologies clash as you dig deeper into their connection to the death of a young couple.

The Excerpt:

Dennis, Kurt, Aaron, Leander and Gary spread out on the grass,forming a human pentagram. Eva stepped into the middle. She held her candle up over her head and closed her eyes, sensing some unseen power. The wind toyed with her purple robe. She turned her back toward the gate.

“Demons of the South, we summon you!” she shouted, pointing her candle southward as best she could without letting it go out.

“Hail, Demons of the South,” the men chanted. Out of the corner of his eye, Dennis noticed Kurt scratching his head. He looked as if he couldn’t remember all the words. “Come and walk among us on this, the unholy night of Samhain.”

For once, the group’s ceremony wasn’t lifted whole from Eva’s battered paperback Satanic Bible. They’d written this stuff themselves over the past couple of nights. Eva figured the best way to get the Christians’ attention was to start summoning demons. From the murmurs among the supposedly silent protesters, it seemed that she was right.

Eva turned toward the west. “Demons of the West, we summon you!” she screamed, stamping her heel into the earth for emphasis.

Dennis chanted his line about the demons of the west. He heard voices calling his name. A wave of panic ran through him. All of this Satanic stuff was supposed to be for show. Had Eva actually managed to summon some demons this time?

The Giveaway: Just leave a comment and an e-mail address to win an e-book of The Smell of Gas! If there are more than eight comments, I'll choose 2 winners.

Get The Smell of Gas from Melange Books, in e-book and in paperback. Please be aware that the book contains content suitable only for readers 18 and older.


Jean P said...

Interesting blurb, sounds like this book is filled with rather interesting characters.

skpetal AT hotmail DOT com

Na said...

Thank you for sharing an excerpt. I read a lot of paranormals but not a lot about demons.


Anonymous said...

Conjoring! Very in the Halloween spirit! Do I smell something?

elaing8 said...

Great excerpt.Sounds good

Erin O'Riordan said...

Thanks for all your comments! I really hope you enjoyed the excerpt.