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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thanks for stopping in and What's Next?

What a great day this has been at Whipped Cream!

Lovely comments, great posts that I need to catch up on by some of my fave authors.

We'll be picking at least 4 winners today since we had such great feedback.

What's next?

First, BL, my wicked sis, has 4 stories releasing by the end of the year. My Lieutenant out Nov 3rd, Something Fresh Served Hot from the Something New on the Menu gay erotica collection with fellow gal muse Rawiya as well shorts The Prince and the Penis and I Dream of Dalian which as of today are both released. 

Currently, BL is working on edits for Something Fresh, a new m/f called Turning the Tables, and her inherited story, Taming Wild Horses a foursome gay western that I started and she will finish. 

In 2012, more from that Something New on the Menu series as well as the first book of You Don't Ask We Don't Tell, Soldier m/m series and a full length of The Prince and the Penis. There are many more on the docket but that's what we can tell right now.

I have 2 releases, The Power of Muse and Inspiration vampire m/m as well as True Meaning 2 coming around Christmas.

Currently, I'm editing Vertigo, the first full length paranormal, a short called Captain of his Heart, and in November, finishing a story for Nano called Closely Guarded. I also have edits on several stories including African Sun. 

For 2012, only 1 story, Taken for STARbooks has been contracted but there are stories out there that haven't been finished.

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Thanks so much everyone and have a good night!

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Na said...

Wishing you a good night as well. The day really flew by today. I see a lot of releases in the future, congrats and all the best :)

Rawiya said...

TY so much NA!