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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Unending Desire - erotic paranormal - EXCERPT

Unwilling to bear even more separation between them, Nikoli stepped closer to the gateway.
With his movement, Regina stopped, releasing her hair. The strands swished left and right, exposing then hiding her shoulders. Turned to the side, she glanced at the window. The ashy light caressed her features, revealing her confusion.
She’d felt him. She still did.
Nikoli waited for Regina’s next move.
A second ticked by. Then another. And another.
She lowered her face, glancing at the hardwood floor.
Again, he stepped closer.
She went completely still, then turned facing the portal that Nikoli knew was invisible from her side. There, Regina would see nothing more than the wall of her bedroom, the pictures she’d hung.
Here, the gateway resembled a wall of glass, allowing him to watch her without restriction. To see what he should not, to want what he wasn’t allowed to have. Didn’t matter. No rule could stop the longing coursing through him, followed by insatiable lust.
Color rose to her cheeks. Desire transformed her features.
“I feel it too,” he murmured.
Regina’s lids fluttered as though she’d heard him, a matter Nikoli knew was impossible. She stepped closer and stared. Not seeing anything untoward, she studied either side of him.
“I’m here,” he whispered.
His words drew her nearer.
In her green eyes—the color of a stormy sea—he saw loneliness as great as his. Behind it was the hope for something more, something thrilling and comforting. The touch of a hand, the promise in a glance, the solace of a caress.
Her emotions didn’t last. She frowned in confusion.
“You’ll know me tonight,” he said, a pledge he would keep no matter the consequences.
Once more, Regina’s expression changed, frustrated need replacing her bewilderment. Again, she moved toward the bath, pausing twice to glance over her shoulder.
She parted her lips on a brief sigh. He treasured the gentle sound, imagining the warmth of her breath skipping across his cheek, the fragrant musk of her body as he held her to him.
Tonight. The word reverberated in his mind.
Into the bath she went. The portal adjusted immediately, like the lens of a camera, moving closer, zooming in on the new room.
She flicked on the wall switch. Antique light fixtures above the sink bathed the snug space in a gauzy golden glow. The illumination transformed her ivory skin into a shade resembling ripe wheat. Her cheeks continued to pink up.
Bypassing the claw-footed tub, she entered the more modern glass-enclosed shower, turning her front then her back to the water’s flow. The pulsating spray had hardened her nipples. Water beaded on her chest and ran in unruly streams down her torso and belly.
Again Nikoli reached out as though to touch, to experience, a riot of pleasurable sensations jolting him. He watched the silvery beads journeying to her navel. Water circled the small depression, then moved lower, trapped in the dark auburn curls between her legs. His mind imagined their springiness on his tongue, the taste of her hidden lips beneath.
She stepped to the right, facing him.
It was nearly more than he could bear.
On a sigh, Regina sagged into the shower’s wall, her left shoulder obscuring the enameled tiles decorated with blue-and-yellow flowers. Face turned away from the spray, she ran one hand across her breasts, her fingers squeezing their rounded contours, her palms massaging the nipples while her other hand dipped to her curls, searching for the small rise of flesh above her labia.
Her clit, Nikoli thought, a word he’d heard in her dimension, one unknown in E2, the same as impetuous desire and unrestrained passion. Helpless to stop himself, he observed Regina stroking her sensitive nub. Faster than he would have believed possible and certainly quicker than Sazaar had ever responded to his touch, Regina blew out a sigh, her expression strained with arousal, her brows drawing together in a frown of concentration.
Steam billowed around her. Water licked her flesh. She seemed unaware, concentrating on her pleasure. Her thighs tensed first. In his peripheral vision, Nikoli saw her toes splay, then curl. She dug her shoulder into the tiled wall, using it for support. Briskly, repeatedly, she moved her fingers over her clit, her mouth hanging open on a silent cry of delight.
Pleasure he wanted to give to her.


Tina Donahue
“Heat with Heart”

SiNN (Menage - Available NOW)
UNENDING DESIRE (Erotic Paranormal - Available NOW)


Jean P said...

Oh that was very hot. Look forward to reading this story.

Tina Donahue said...

Thanks, Jean - yep, Nikoli and Regina really steam up the pages. :)

Debby said...

What a great title? Do you get to pick titles? And the excerpt was fantastic.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Na said...

I already read this excerpt and enjoyed it. I like that it builds up to something and is well-paced. Thanks Tina. The cover is lovely as well.

Stormy said...

That's a great teaser! Now I want to know if she has been taken to his dimension and doesn't know it (or maybe she does) or if he is visiting her dimension. The fact that you mention portals could mean that he's in his and she's in her's but he just seems to have the two way mirror going on on his side. Like I said great tease! Makes me want to read the book!!

stormypate at gmail dot com

Tina Donahue said...

Hey, Debby - yeah, every author submits their manuscript with a title. For the most part, mine stick. The only reason they're changed is if another book has the title or the editor feels another title would serve the story better.

Glad you liked the excerpt. Thanks!

Tina Donahue said...

Thanks, Na, for your lovely comment. So glad you stopped by. :)

Tina Donahue said...

Hey, Stormy - glad the excerpt gave you something to think about. It's all explained in the book, which has hot love scenes too. :)