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Monday, October 31, 2011

What happens when you leave the hutch door open, my last post.

   So there I am working on a story and wham!  Out of the blue come these other characters.  Side characters that just have to get in the limelight.  What’s an author to do?  I guess some just ignore them but I find that really hard sometimes.  This happened last winter as I started Wolfman: Judgement.  I’m not sure what started it but there I am thinking about trouble that Daniel and Mace get into and up pop this trio.  Yup, two young wolfmen and their blind mate.  Huh, and now their backstory is crowding out my current story.  So I went with it and Blind Passion was born.
   Does that happen a lot?  Oh, yeah.  All the time. 
I’ve got partially written stories for two new sets of characters already and I haven’t even finished with Mace and Daniel yet!  Or Mei and her wolfmen.  I didn’t know Daniel had a nephew until I started thinking more about his backstory and family.  I’ve got a good bit written for him.  And then there’s my first omega hero who’s looking for that special wolfman, that’s what I get for reading too many broken hero and/or BDSM stories.
   Took some effort but I got book 5 done first. Not much choice since my new guys come later.  But I'd better hurry up and get writing because plots, like bunnies multiply when you aren’t looking.
  Thanks everyone for taking time to read my posts!  Happy Halloween!

  Here’s a sample of my up coming release, Wolfman: Genesis.

  The pack stirring around us in the waiting room pulled me from a deep sleep. Predawn light filtered in the window and bathed the room in a pale rosy glow. I groaned and buried my head under a pillow.
  Mace laughed and slapped my ass. “Come on, mate. Time to get moving.”
  “Fuck, fine. But I’m getting a shower first.”
  Mace snorted. “Make it fast . New packs to meet, rabids to hunt.”
  Did he have to sound so cheery this fucking early? I yawned and stretched. “I’m moving and there better be breakfast before we leave.” I was in no fucking hurry to leave. Which struck me as odd. That hollow feeling… Fuck, I $was going to miss this place. Reluctantly, I headed down the hall to the shower.
  Leaning against the sink, I pulled the razor down my face. $Wonder when we’ll run out of blades?
  Everything had an expiration date -- the day we’d use the last one. The day we’d have to find some way to make our own, do the same thing differently, or just do without. Personally, not shaving wasn’t an option.
  I turned my head, looking for any sign of the bruises I’d carried for weeks. They’d all faded to nothing, even the deep ones around my nose.
  Nothing remained on my shoulders and ribs but a few pale lines left from the raking Fang had given me. Even those would fade to nothing soon. Four raised red scars peaked from under the edge of the towel wrapped around my waist, like a primitive tattoo celebrating my survival. I’d carry that little present from Fang the rest of my life.
  I twisted my shoulder to see the angry red pucker where I’d taken a bullet meant for Mace. Time would fade the color, but the raised ridge of flesh would remain.
The door swung open while I was poking at my shoulder. Shit. Mace was ready to leave and here I was fucking around in the mirror getting all mushy and introspective. What the fuck was up with me lately?
  Mace nuzzled my neck, breath ghosting across my skin. A shiver ran through me and my cock twitched to life. “Mmm. You smell nice, Daniel.” His arms slid around me, stroking my ribs and around to palm my flat man nipples. I sucked a breath. Tingles of desire radiated out to settle deep in my groin.
  Water dripped off my chin to land coldly on the arm holding my razor. “Umm, Mace, I… Ah, fuck that feels good!” He continued his assault on my body and senses. A sexy growl vibrated across my shoulder, drawing a moan from me.
  He stepped back, grinning. “Did you want to finish shaving?”
  “Fucker!” Couldn’t help the amusement in my voice.
  He rewetted the cloth I’d been using with hot water and gently placed it over the unshaved side of my face. His palm cupped my cheek through the warm fabric. A simple touch I felt deep in my heart, and clear to my cock. He dropped his hand away from the warmed skin.
I smeared more soap on. My hand trembled slightly as I raised the blade to scrape stubble away.
  Mace took the razor from me. “Here, let me. Before you cut yourself.”
  “And who’s fucking fault is that?” I met his heated gaze in the mirror, hazel eyes to his yellow-gold ones.
  He smiled and growled again, drawing the blade firmly and surely down my cheek. I’d never had someone shave me before. Who knew it could be so fucking sexy?
  I watched Mace in the mirror, focused intently on his task. His lips parted in concentration as he drew the blade down my cheek. A swish in the sink to clean it and then along my jaw. My cock rose and filled like a flower opening to the sun’s warmth. Shit, I was in a fucking weird mood, or I’d finally snapped and become a pansy-assed romantic. Next I’d be wearing eyeliner and high heels.
  I raised my chin without breaking my focus on Mace. He pressed closer to reach under my sharp jaw. I took advantage and rubbed my ass against his very hard cock.
The blade wavered and he gasped, then growled. “You $want me to slit your throat?”
I chuckled wickedly but stilled so he could finish. A last wipe with the warm cloth. Done. He ran the back of his hand down my smooth cheek. “Hmm, smooth, soft. I wonder what the rest of you would feel like this smooth.
  I laughed and turned around. “You first! Just the thought of a razor near my manly bits makes them want to crawl inside me.”
Mace palmed my cock. “Seems hard enough to me.” He squeezed firmly. “I want this, mate.”
I gasped. Lust raged through me, remembering our mating, his tight heat surrounding my cock. And when he came, squeezing me so hard it almost hurt.
  “You want…”
  His lips brushed mine, stopping me mid-sentence. “Yes.”
  With that one word, I groaned and nearly ripped his shirt getting it off. Mace pushed me back. Before I could protest, he stepped just far enough away to lock the door, insuring our privacy.
  I leaned against the counter, watching him stalk back toward me, slowly unzipping his jeans as he went. Ah, fuck!

Wolfman 5: Genesis   One thing stands between Mace and I.  A psycho super rabid with a small army bent on killing us all.
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      Michelle said...

      Nice post. As long as those other characters are begging for stories then you'll have more stories coming so not complaining. Happy Halloween

      Debby said...

      I really have to get this book. Sound great'
      debby236 at gmail dot com

      Brannan Black said...

      Very true Michelle, the voices in my head just won't be quiet. *snicker*
      Thanks Debby! Hope you enjoy it.