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Sunday, October 30, 2011

What is the sexiest male Halloween costume?

So you’re all sexed up for Halloween and that big party in which you don’t recognize half the people. I have two questions for you:

What do you think are the sexiest male Halloween costumes and have you ever done anything naughty while in costume?

Alisha wasn’t wearing a costume when she met Tarmo but both of them definitely have some naughty things in mind the night they meet. Here are a few more [hot] sentences from my paranormal romance “Dreams of Fate”. And remember, if you leave a comment in any of my Whipped Cream posts you could win a copy of Dreams of Fate.

“You are a blood sucker, a demon of the forest. What would you have from me? I will scream. They will kill you,” she threatened him, though, she was more afraid of her own arousal than of him.

“I long to hear you scream in my ear and feel your body uncoil around mine as my cock pumps into your warm cunt, my sweet.”

Alisha flinched at his crude choice of words. She tried to push him away while taking a lungful of air and parting her mouth to scream. Instead, with lightning speed his lips pressed against hers.

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elaing8 said...

Well they are only sexy if the right type of man is wearing them :)
Tarzan..only a loin cloth :D
Fireman or a hot cop.
And no I haven't done anything naughty while wearing a costume.

Lucy Felthouse said...

It depends on the guy, I guess!

Jared Padalecki could come to me in a bin bag and I'd still think he was sexy!

As for whether I've ever done anything naughty in costume... I'm not telling as this account is under my real name! I'll leave it to your imagination :)

lucy at lucyfelthouse dot co dot uk

Debby said...

I am always a sucker for a man in uniform. I have to say that I have never done something naughty while in costume. Never needed one.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Na said...

I also like the men in uniform look and for something a bit different I wouldn't mind seeing men go back in time as gladiators :)

Stormy said...

I like the sexy pirate or maybe a cowboy (shirtless) if they have the right body. The only naughty things I've done in costume would be with my husband.

stormypate at gmail dot com

Sarah M. said...


You can get me with a uniform every time, but I'd have to second Na's vote for gladiator!

As for costumes...well, there IS a reason Halloween is my favorite time of the year! *coughs*

akasarahmadison at gmail dot com