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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Where’s the heat? Steaming up the bunny hutch.

I write erotica or so I’ve been told.  Wasn’t my intention and I don’t think of my books that way but I do love writing those hot sex scenes.  I see sex as part of life.  People in bed get naked not just physically but emotionally.  It’s a great place to show deep emotions.  And it can help them to grow and bond with each other.  In Wolfman 4 and 5, we see deep into Daniel’s psyche when he’s alone with Mace.  Outside the bedroom, he’s got too many ways of hiding what’s really going on.  But Mace can strip him of more than his clothes!  Daniel finds he has no defense against the emotions Mace evokes. This scene from Wolfman 4: Salvation shows Mace helping Daniel to heal deep wounds.

Adult Excerpt contains M/M sex that may offend some readers
   He studied my face and for the first time in a very long time, I let it all show: the fear, the remembered pain, the very real humiliation. The feeling of complete helplessness and worthlessness that bastard had beat into me.
   “God, Daniel!” He gathered me close. His strength surrounded me in security and love. “This, this is what I need to feel, Mace.” I whispered against his chest. “Just like this, and then, I think it might be OK. I want to try.” My throat clamped on the sob threatening to rise. “Losing you would be the worst thing to ever happen to me, Mace. I won’t let that motherfucker take you away from me.”
   He laid his cheek on my head, rubbing it in that way they did to sooth each other. “I don’t know if I can be gentle enough.” The deep, gravely words, that monster hard cock rubbing along mine, no fucking kidding he wanted me bad. Heat surged through my cock. He wasn’t the only needy one.
   I reached for his mouth with mine. Passion set loose wrapped us in its whirlwind. Clothes flew everywhere. We tumbled together on the bed, and any thought of taking it slow vanished. Shit, any thoughts at all became impossible.
   Stroking, rubbing, thrusting every inch of ourselves together in a heated wrestling match. I found myself on my back, Mace’s big body covering me, his hard cock slick with precum thrusting along mine. I spread my legs, arching up against him. Wanting. Fuck, yeah, wanting him in me. He kissed down my body, teasing my cock with the tip of his agile tongue.
   I scrambled for the lube. Mace growled, low and sexy, but his claws bit into my skin, trying to hold me.
   “Fuck, lube, Mace!” I should just make a fucking recording so I wouldn’t have to say it again. He grabbed it from me and smeared a finger. I pulled my knees up, giving him access. He moaned, licked his lips while he rimmed me with just one finger.
   I pushed back, wanting him inside. Now! He thrust and the burn stole my breath. He found my prostate and stole it again. My cock nodded its approval, a string of precum oozing from the slit. Mace bent, licked it off while he fingered me, harder, faster.
   I moaned, writhing under his onslaught. “Fuck, Mace, gonna come soon.”
   He snarled, pulling his fingers out. Our gazes locked. This was the moment of truth. Could I turn myself over? He backed up to give me room, soothing me with his touch.
   “I’m OK, Mace.” I breathed through a wave of near panic. I wanted this. This was Mace. My lover, my mate. I relaxed under his touch. Right up until he urged me to my knees. My breath caught and my head spun. No, I could do this. I wasn’t going to freak out. I could take it.
   “Go on, Mace. Just do it.” I looked over my shoulder at him. Tried for a sexy come on smile and knew I failed. My cock wilted under the strain of holding still for him.
   He arched over me, hard body pressed to mine, harder cock sliding between my ass cheeks.  He groaned, thrusting across my opening but not in yet.
   I shook with the effort to stay still, let it happen. This was Mace. I could give him this.  
   He rubbed his head on mine. “Daniel, not like this, can’t take from you like this.” He sounded calm. Which didn’t mesh with the urgency of his body. He moved off me. I heaved a few deep breaths, fighting back the panic. He lay next to me on his side, stroking, kissing, and murmuring soothing sounds. I turned to kiss him and he rolled to his back, opening his body to me.
   “Yes, Daniel. Ahhgggnn.”
   I kissed my way down his body to take his hard, weeping cock in my mouth. He rocked into my mouth. I sucked as he pulled back. “Unnggnnn. Yesss. More, Daniel, in me.” He pushed the lube into my hand. My cock leapt taut to my belly at the mere thought of fucking him. Deep, just like he said he wanted me.
   Urgency flooded me, my balls tight and aching to spill. One greased finger penetrated him. He pushed back, taking me in. Tossed his head back, mouth open gasping his pleasure.
   “Hair, let your hair out.” Was that my gravelly voice?
   He moaned and ripped the tie from his braid. I followed his every move as he freed it to spread around him like a fucking halo.
   Wrapped against his side, I buried my face in it, luxuriating in the silky feel, all while stretching his ass to take me. He rolled to his belly, gaze locked on mine full of need, full of love.
   “Fuck!” That tight, muscled ass flexed as he rose to his knees.
   Yellow gold eyes gazed over his shoulder, sending a rush to my cock. “Mate me, Daniel.”

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Debby said...

Wow how hot was that!! Left me with a few question I want answers. thanks so much
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Brannan Black said...

*guilty grin* I'm a terrible tease. Glad you liked it.