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Monday, November 28, 2011

Guest Blog: Dana Littlejohn

Hello everyone!

Dana Littlejohn here to share my experience in the lovely city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Beautiful city, fantastic food and rich culture. Who could ask for anything more? I went for a training session for work, but let me tell you, I got so much more. It was a one of a kind experience.

It was eight women in my group. The company I worked for at the time set us in one of those stay weekly hotels. It wasn’t the best of places believe me, but at the end of our two week stay it didn’t even matter. We started out on one of those rickety one engine planes that made my heart leap every time it bounced. I left the snow and ice of February in Indiana for the mid 70 temps of Louisiana.

It was great! We arrived in Lafayette on Saturday and didn’t have to show up for work until Monday. A few people who would be training us at work showed up to take us on a tour of the city. What a beautiful city Lafayette turned out to be with friendly people and amazing food. I even ate gator and lived to tell the tale. LOL Although Lafayette was great I couldn’t wait until we went to New Orleans.

Sunday morning we went to New Orleans and I was floored by the things I saw. I didn’t know what to expect since I had not seen the city pre-Katrina, but I was stunned none the less. The natives made sure to take us pass the devastation so people would know that things were not as they seem, We went to the roof of the tallest building they knew and we could see the actual wall that held back the sea. It was the most frightening and beautiful sight I had ever seen. I was scared to death to go any further, but I couldn’t be that close to New Orleans and not go. So I sucked it up and continued and it was the best decision I ever made. Our next stop was Bourbon Street where all the tourists hang out. It was incredible.

We passed a ‘haunted house’ where a woman sat outside trying to encourage us to enter. My group was game but the natives completely freaked. They wouldn’t let us anywhere near it for fear we bring bad spirits back to Indiana.

The people were still hyped because Mardi Gras had only been the week before. We saw a parade just for the sake of having a parade and yes, they threw beads for boobs! I was determined only to eat food I could get in New Orleans. I found out how addictive etouffĂ©e was, that I like crawfish better when it’s not looking at me and that okra makes even gumbo taste nasty.

My trip to Louisiana is high on my great memories list to be sure even if it started as a business trip. From it I learned more; I loved Cajun food, southern accents are sexy even when they are spoken in training mode and New Orleans was a great place to visit, and boy do I want to go back.

Also from my trip came the inspiration for my story Cajun Magic. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Gerald was a police offer wounded in the line of duty resting and healing in Louisiana. He was a solemn man who spent his time married to his work.

Margarita Malveaux was a ghost killed over a hundred years ago by voo-doo.

Gerald visited Margarita's house in New Orleans. His warrior's soul and disbelief in voo-doo was all the ghost needed to know he was the only one who could help her be free. Would Margarita's short time with Gerald be enough to convince him to help her?

Or will the ghost ask for much more for the wounded cop to bear?

Dana Littlejohn was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, but has called Indianapolis, IN her home for over 10 years. Falling in love with love she started writing her own ongoing story in weekly installments to entertain her friends as they passed it around the lunch room.
When she became an adult she put her love for writing on hold to do the start a family, but in 2003 with encouragement from her husband she picked up her pen again. This time she has no intention on putting it down. To date she has written 3 full length novels, 11 novellas, 36 short stories and has had her stories in 3 anthologies under her own name and a pseudo for another genre.

Her do-do list grows daily and the ideas flow freely. To keep an eye out for what she has coming next go to her website:


Debby said...

I think I would have tried the haunted house as well. It sounds pretty neat
debby236 at gmail dot com

wanda f said...

I definately would have had to go into the haunted house.I love the cover for Cajun Magic its very eye catching .

VampedChik said...

I would also have to have tried the haunted house. I love New Orleans. It's one of the places on my to go list before I die. :) Love the cover and book sounds great! Thanks,