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Friday, November 11, 2011


Older Men: Love them!

Jaxx Steele here to give you my take on older men. I wanted to take this moment to give props to sexy men over forty-five in the world. The men that are aging like fine wine and getting sexier as time passes, you know the ones I’m talking about: the Sean Connerys, Mark Harmons, Samuel Jacksons, Denzel Washingtons, Antonio Banderas’ and one of my favorites, the late Ricardo Montalbans in the world.

I write romances and work really hard trying to bring out my characters' inner-, as well as outer-, beauty. Although most of my characters are in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties, I personally adore older men. I have nothing against a young man; I just prefer an older man. If you will continue reading I will share a few reasons why.

Disclaimer: These are the personal opinions of Jaxx Steele and not necessarily shared by the good people at Long and Short of It. :-)

Now, that the legalities have been observed….

The physical beauty of a young man is one of his assets to be sure and surely one of his prize possessions. I mean, who doesn't walk along the beach just to see those lovely hard bodies, burned to a golden glow by the sun, glistening with a sheen of perspiration, flexing beautifully in the bright July heat? 0-0 *ahem*

Sorry about that. I was lost in the visual of all that.

Anyway, as I was saying, that's all good, but it takes more than a pretty face, doesn’t it? I am not trying to bash younger men, but if physical beauty fades with time and that’s all you have, well… An older man who is healthy in mind and conscience of his physical health can be just as beautiful! He appreciates the days he has and lives them to the fullest. His graying hair looks distinguished on him and ups his sexiness tenfold.

As far as physical beauty goes, Father Time has been kind to his body because he remains active. He may not possess that six pack he used to at twenty-five, but as he hovers around fifty, he is in good shape and shows appreciation for your six pack! And Lordy! Let’s not forget there are still a few out there who do have the body they had at twenty-five!

There is also the matter of 'finding one’s self'. A young man is still searching, trying out new things, figuring what he wants in all levels of his life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We all change as we grow into the people we are going to be. It's a fact of life. When dealing with a younger man you have to be prepared for that and be willing to be flexible enough to ride out the changes and deal with the ones that you may not like. But! older man has gone through most of the transformations. Therefore, he is less likely to change on you. They have already been educated so they are intelligent, worldly and confident in who he is as a man. He has no problem teaching you what he knows and welcomes the challenge of learning new things from you.

I would love to read more gay romances with older men like that. I have been lucky enough to meet some outstanding men in their forties, fifties and even sixties. Men who are in the prime of who they are and are looking fabulous doing it make exceptional companions. I’ve written a few books about that type of man. If you're interested in reading them they are:

Papa knows Best (available at Phaze) Healing the Beast Within (Phaze) Care Package (Silver Publishing) and coming this holiday season, Hosting for the Holidays (Muse it Hot). Links to buy can be found on my website when you click the covers. Feel free to email me with your comments.
Until next time…
Jaxx Steele, lover of older men, has left the building. :-)

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Debby said...

What a great post! Really made me smile. I just read a book where one of the two heroes was 45.
debby236 at gmail dot com