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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I’m So Dizzy....

Silly title, eh? Maybe, but I thought I’d write today about being overwhelmed. Almost every writer I know gets overwhelmed from time to time. I do. We’ve exchanged stories as to what we do when we get the point of being overwhelmed. Here’s mine.

First, writing this post was a bit of a moment of panic. I mean, crud, what the heck do I write about? Had to hunt down the BFF and brainstorm. Thank heaven I have her. Sometimes my brain just doesn’t work unless I have someone to talk things over with. Once I got that moment of freak out over with, the next moment began.

I have two kinds of overwhelmed. The first kind is when I want to write, but life won’t cooperate. I get the best I idea I think I’ve ever come up with. I can’t wait to get it jotted down. What happens first? I can’t find paper. I have to jot the idea down or it’s out of my brain and gone forever. Yup, I have a leaky brain. Things can go one of two ways at this point. Either I can get it jotted down and put somewhere where I can find it until I get time to put it in the computer or I try like heck to remember and get busy doing something else. This is when it’s poof! gone! Sometimes I get lucky.

If it’s a lucky moment, the idea is just stuck in the brain. But that’s when I have the laundry to get done, the kitchen to clean, a list a mile long of errands, and three hours of day job to get done. By the time I get it all accomplished, then the muse locks herself in the closet. She’s a pain that way. At that moment, I’m overwhelmed.

But it can go another way, too. Sometimes I get lucky enough to have stretches of time when I can write. No kids, no pets, no DH staring over my shoulder. No interruptions. You’d think I’d be in seventh heaven. Sometimes I am. Then there are the times when I find myself super overwhelmed because I really want to write, I have the ideas out before me in the notebooks, but the muse won’t come out. I’m staring at a blank document. And procrastinating.

So what do I do to get past the freak out moments? I find something to listen to on television. My favorite things to watch? If I want a drama, I pull out the DVD of The Goodbye Girl. I could listen to Richard Dreyfuss holler at Marsha Mason a thousand times. Or, if I’ve seen that recently, I turn to Field of Dreams. Still stuck? Chat with the BFF. Ok, that’s sorta not right. I chat with her whether I’m watching the movies or not. I’m also one of those people who need lots of noise and lots of stuff going on to get anything done. I’ll have the television on, the music playing on the computer, and a chat window open. If that’s not enough, I’ve got the laptop on the counter and am dancing.

Usually at this point, I tell myself, look, you’ve got now or no time later. For some reason, that brings the muse out. Oh, and she loves to really get moving about half an hour before I lose my time to myself. She’s a brat.

One great way to relieve the tension is the moment I turn the current submission in. There’s a split second when I feel proud that I got it done. Then the whole new waiting game freak out comes.

How about you? How do you deal with stress? What are your coping mechanisms?

'Savin' Me' by Wendi Zwaduk

Three is their magic number. Now they’ve got to decide if the magic is worth saving.

Razrs Edge used to pack stadiums, fuelled by the inner turmoil and passion of the three founding members. Now that the threesome has parted ways, the lights aren’t as bright and the cheers of the crowds not as loud.

It’s time to bring the magic back.

Parkur has never been convinced the split was for good. They were meant to be three. But can he write the music to convince Juniper and Jacoby to give him a second chance?

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Reader Advisory: This book contains hot manlove and ménage action, a little spanking, some toy play, and some bondage...oh yes...

I always dreamed of writing the stories in my head. Tall, dark, and handsome heroes are my favorites, as long as he has an independent woman keeping him in line. I tend to write books with titles taken from songs because music is one of my many muses.

I earned a BA in education at Kent State university and as well as a Masters in Education from Nova Southeastern University. I've tried my hand at teaching, waitressing, and retail sales, but writing holds my heart.

I love NASCAR, romance, books in general, Ohio farmland, dirt racing, and my menagerie of animals. I have eleven books under contract and more than my brain can handle percolating. I can't wait to share them with you!

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Debby said...

We do all get overwhelmed. For me I try and make a plan and then of course do not follow it. But having one takes away the stress
debby236 at gmail dot com