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Monday, December 26, 2011

Stuff Your Stocking Blogfest: Ms. Cinsearae S.

A Nightmare Before Christmas, Indeed!

Okay, so I've never been the type to be chipper around the holidays. Losing family members around that time of year doesn't help. The true spirit of the holiday was sucked out of it long ago, thanks to commercialism. A barrage of disgruntled shoppers and the whole snatch-n-grab race at the stores, plus the whole 'gimmie, gimmie, gimmie' attitude make me turn away in disgust. I like The Grinch. My only favorite holiday story is A Christmas Carol, because of the creep-factor it offers. (Can you imagine being visited by all those ghosts--especially the last one?) But my favorite holiday icon? Krampus. Never heard of him? Probably not, as most folks do not want to hear of such a darker charater so closely associated with a time of supposed mirth and joy, not to mention hanging around such a jolly old elf like Santa...

Krampus is interpreted a bit differently in other countries, but they can all round out to Krampus being Santa's 'evil brother', 'alter ego'... or even the yin to Santa's yang. Krampus is a demon who comes along with Santa to punish all the children who have been bad throughout the year, while Santa carries on his gift-giving duties to the good ones. Krampus is depicted as wearing chains, and is covered in fur having a very goatlike face with a long red tongue. He also carries a switch or stick to beat those same bad little childern. (That would definitely make any kid straighten up their act, wouldn't it?) Krampus Night is celebrated mostly in Austria on St. Nicholas Day Eve. A similiar being of German myth called Ruebezahl, is a combination of both this demon and Santa, looking like a really big, evil-looking version of St. Nick.

To lighten that bit of that Yuletide eeriness, I'd like to offer a delicious holiday drink recipe, which should hopefully keep you warm and toasty during this cold season.

Wassail recipe

5 c. apple cider
3 c. dry red wine
1/4 c. packed brown sugar
1/2 tsp. whole cloves
1/4 tsp. whole allspice
1 stick of cinnamon (approx. 3" long)

Combine spices in a cheesecloth or coffee filter, etc, to keep them from floating around. Put everything in a 3 1/2 to 6 qt. slow cooker and cook on low heat for approx 3-4 hrs. Remove spices and cinnamon befor serving.
If you'd like a non-alcoholic recipe, just use 8 c. of cider. This recipe makes sixteen one-half cup servings. Enjoy!

Now for the giveaway! I'll be offering a holiday-themed hair accessory and earrings from my Etsy shop, Mistress Rae's Decadent Designs (, and I'd like to invite everyone to download a copy of "ABRAXAS: A Very Merry Something" --a free short story from The ABRAXAS Series. ( If the link gives you a problem, just email me at gratistavampires(at)yahoo(dot)com and I'll send you a copy. Happy holidays, everyone!

About the Author: Ms. Cinsearae S. is the Editor/Publisher of award-winning Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine and a graphic designer for Damnation Books and independent authors. Author of The Abraxas Series, Boleyn: Tudor Vampire, and In The Beginning (published through Black Bed Sheet Books), Cinsearae is an avid lover of all things gothic and horrific, and is a huge Vincent Price fan. She lives with her husband and two rat terriers, aptly named Hades and Chaos. Visit her at, plus find 'The ABRAXAS Series' and more of her works at Feel free to add her as a friend on Facebook and find her on Twitter.


Naomi Bellina said...

Love your post! I'm a big Scrooge also, but like the Krampus character better. Your jewelry is lovely and spooky, nice work. We can breathe easy now, Christmas is over for another year!


Jean P said...

Never knew about Krampus, will be sure to tell my husband about this character, he likens himself to Scrooge.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Debby said...

Beautiful jewelry. I am off to download the book. Thanks so much
debby236 at gmail dot com

Catherine Lee said...

The commercialism can be maddening. All of the advertising and the "buybuybuy" mentality is exhausting. I desperately work to avoid the mall during the month of Dec....but it seems that the Christmas music & decorations begin right after Halloween.


Mountain Laurel said...

My daughter fusses every year about the commercialism of the Holidays...loved your post and thank you for sharing your earrings this holiday season!

shadow_kohler said...

I have to agree with ya. Christmas isnt really christmas. Its about what can you get me and greediness. My family doesnt do presents. We cook a dinner, we each get a stocking of candy and we watch christmas movies and listen to music, we even play games. I like our christmases so much better than the presents. We have meaning and we get to spend time with each other.
Ive never heard of Krampus. He'd definitely make kids clean up there act if hes visiting.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy holidays!

shadow_kohler said...

oh, thank you for the story and recipe!

June M. said...

Thank you for the story of Krampus. I had not heard of him before. And the recipe sounds really good!
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Krampus is new to me. I'll have to share it with my family.


GladysMP said...

I had never heard of Krampus, but A Chiristmas Carol is my favorite holiday movie, too. Hubby and I have a copy of the movie and watch it every year during the Christmas season.

Happy New Year!

flchen1 said...

Loved your post, Cinsearae! I do agree that the commercialism and greed that comes out this time of year is a complete turn-off, not to mention completely antithetical to what Christmas is truly about. I hadn't heard of Krampus, but what a delightful character ;)

Hoping your celebrating was both merry and memorable!

Thanks for the holiday treats!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

VampedChik said...

I'm pretty much the same way around Christmas. I also work retail which may have something to do with that. LOL but I agree with you. People nowadays are all me me me at Christmas and that's not what I was taught that Christmas was about.