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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stuff Your Stocking Blogfest: Sable Hunter

Christmas Blog

Christmas is a magical time. I love everything about it. Especially the days leading up to Christmas. Anticipation is my big thing. I love to bake and plan and wrap and decorate. Actually, by the time Christmas Day is here – I’m about through with it. I guess I tucker myself out.

At my house we decorate loudly. I don’t mean we carol while we deck the halls – I mean we have bright decorations. I have a collection of Santas and a collection of Snowmen – big and little. And on our tree and on the porch and roof, we use multi-colored lights – none of that cold, austere – all white for us. I have given my family the choice – cause we have gone to a pre-lit tree – but they want the lights that are green and red and blue and yellow and pink. It’s magical – that’s what it is. Magical.

When I was growing up, we actually went out and cut down our own Christmas tree. It would either be a cedar or a pine – and they were never perfectly shaped.
Charlie Brown didn’t have the corner on scraggly, misshapen trees.

My dad raised cattle and he would pretend that he saw the reindeer eating some of our hay and although we didn’t have snow – he would bring in fruit that he swore had been found on the porch and it would be dusted with fine white powder.

I can remember the first year that I found the presents from Santa in our hall closet before Christmas. I wasn’t really surprised, but I was disappointed. I wanted to believe. I still do. I want to believe in magic.

That’s why I write about it. I have a series called Moon Magick and I have two books that have been released by Secret Cravings in this series. The first, A Wishing Moon, takes place at Christmas – complete with a Christmas miracle. The heroines practice New Orleans hoodoo – but they still respect and honor the magic and miracle of Christmas. I am from New Orleans and the natural and the supernatural and the Christian and the respectors of nature all live side by side – most of the time in perfect harmony. We always decorated our homes – not only for Christmas – but also for Mardi Gras – so from Halloween to the middle of March – it was one big party at our house. Now that’s what I call extending the Holiday Season.

I wish you well this holiday season. I hope you are safe and happy. And I hope that you get everything you want for Christmas. But most of all I hope that the magic of Christmas doesn’t pass you by. Because the true magic is that we are to love one another. There is no greater time to show love than that magical part of the year when we suspend belief – watch for flying reindeer – and open our hearts to give to one another, gifts of joy and peace. Merry Christmas – from Sable.

My newest release – Sweet Evangeline, the second in my Moon Magick series-is out from Secret Cravings. Leave a comment to be entered into a drawing for a download of Sweet Evangeline and A Wishing Moon.

Evangeline is magical. She longs to find her soulmate - and being a woman of power - she whips up a spell and conjures him up. Austin Firefighter Eric McCallister is enchanted by the beautiful woman who sculpted his likeness from a dream. Immediately, their attraction and chemistry burns like a wildfire. But, all is not a fairy-tale. An arsonist is stalking Eric and someone is trying to kill Evangeline. On top of that, there's magick afoot that can call down storms, bring the dead back to life and break ancient curses. But, the greatest magick of all is the love Eric has for Sweet Evangeline.

Thank you for reading -

Sable Hunter
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Debby said...

I do love the magic of Christmas as well. This year was tough. We had a problem with flooding int he basement and never got to decorate this year.
debby236 at gmil dot com

elaing8 said...

I love Christmas.I decorate the last week in November.Tree up,lights up,Christmas village in place.Bake like a crazy woman.Then like you I'm burnt out. Decorations and tree are already down and baked goodies distributed out through the family and neighbors.

Happy New Year Sable!!!


VampedChik said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I have always found Christmas to be a very special time of year.

Dragon Momma said...

Having lost both parents not long before Christmas, tho years ago, it has been years since I have really enjoyed this time of year. But, I have this year! More so anyway. I have yet to take down my tree and other decorations and my kids are happy campers. That is what matters.

Have a Happy New Year!

Stacy Wilson

dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

flchen1 said...

Thanks for the sweet Christmas memories, Sable! Glad you write Christmas stories because I love to read them :) Hope your celebrating this year was both merry and memorable, too!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Judith said...

I love all things Christmas too.
I enjoy decorating the tree with my family and remembering who bought/made which decorations as we hang them.
In our house no one is too old for a Christmas Stocking - you hang it, it gets stuffed ! lol
Happy Holidays.

Mountain Laurel said...

Your book sounds Great! I am all for a little magic at Christmas!!!
Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!!!

shadow_kohler said...

Thank you for sharing! I adore christmas. The festive season, music, trees and lights, homemade sugar cookies and all the bright it! Thanks! Happy new year!

June M. said...

There is something special about the holidays, especially when you look at it through the eyes of a child. The lights, trees, decorations, cookies, and of course Santa & the Reindeer.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com