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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stuff Your Stocking Blogfest: Zenobia Renquist

My husband is Air Force and he recently (as of August 2011) got stationed in Hawaii (Hickam AFB to be exact). I arrived in October after attending some conventions and dealing with some last minute things with our house.

Ahhh… Christmas in Hawaii. The leaves turning colors. The snow falling. That chill in the air that makes you want to cuddle up with your honey near a fire. Uh yeah. NOT. I said Christmas in HAWAII. The highs are 81-84 degrees F and the lows are 75-71 degrees. Anyone cuddling up with their honey by a fire is probably barbecuing something over a pit.

It's been a little hard for the hubby and I to get in the holiday mood (both of us being from the East coast) when it's spring/summer weather. But that's a small price to pay to get away from the snow and cold. After snowmageddon (I was in MD when that happened), we're both sick of snow. Besides, there's Christmas music in every shop and holiday decorations… hmmm. Well, there's Christmas music and people can buy holiday decorations. I haven't seen many houses sporting lights.

This year the extended family shall enjoy Christmas presents Hawaiian-style, which means someone is getting a surfing Santa shirt. If I could box up this wonderful weather (even if it is the rainy season), I would send that too. The best I can do is send out a mele kalikimaka to one and all.

While I don't have one book that covers Christmas in Hawaii, I do have one book about Christmas and one book set in Hawaii.

Stripping Christmas is my contribution to the Changeling Press White Hot Christmas multi-author series and contest. The contest is for free books for a year and all you have to do to enter is buy one (or all of the) White Hot Christmas titles. Full details available here:


Alex is firmly on the naughty list, and she wants Santa to join her.

Alex thought she was going to a job. Instead she ends up marrying the heir to the title of Santa Claus. The vows have been said and cannot be taken back, even if Alex isn't the ideal bride Kris was hoping for to re-energize the powers of the House of Kringle. But Alex is about to teach him that being a little naughty -- or a lot -- can go a long way.

(Erotic, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Christmas, Interracial, Elves/Fey, Magic)

Buy Now:

Read Excerpt:

Read first full chapter online:

And then there is my set in Hawaii story LOVE REVERSED (out today).

It's only an even swap when both parties are satisfied.

Cinnamon came to the Hawaii celebrity retreat to meet her favorite actress. Calhoun crashed to find answers about his missing uncle. Neither of them signed on for the part of the tour that included body swapping. They have to find a way to switch back without anyone realizing their predicament. Long nights of searching for answers become even longer when curiosity takes over. It's a once in a lifetime chance to see how the other half loves, and they don't plan to let it slip away.

(Erotic, Paranormal/Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense, Interracial, Magic)

Buy Link:


Cinnamon found herself staring at Calhoun's broad back rather than his tattoos. Her gaze dipped low, and a slow smile curved her lips. She glanced at the door quickly and then back at the mirror.

Did she dare?

Why not? Calhoun had probably gotten an eyeful of her body. She should do the same to his. It was only fair.

She undid the pants zipper, revealing navy boxer briefs. A good choice -- both the color and the style -- but not what she wanted to see. She eased Calhoun's dick into the open. Before her eyes, it grew longer and turned rigid.

She rubbed a single finger over it, making the erection harden more and her balls ache -- a very interesting sensation that had her reaching in her pants so she could shift them around and relieve it somehow.

“Lady, you've got some nerve.”

Cinnamon jerked her hands above her head and faced Calhoun. “I… this… I wasn't -- ”

“Yes, you were.” He had her lips curved into a sardonic grin. “Feel good?”

Her whole face heated up.

Calhoun looked down. “Now what were you doing that got me all hard like that?”


“I stopped getting excited over nothing in high school.”

“Well you just restarted,” she snapped, trying to stuff her dick back into her pants.

Calhoun grabbed her hands. “Stop before you do something that'll hurt.” He laughed a little under his breath. “I'm just playing with you, Cinnamon. I figured you'd be curious.” He released her so he could run his hand over her dick.

She breathed in quickly and stood straighter.

“Want me to show you if the grass is greener?”

Zenobia Renquist will be giving away a PDF copy of LOVE REVERSED to one person who comments.


Debby said...

I think I could get used to Hawaii. My husband was there as a child when his father was stationed there.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Kaye Manro said...

Congrats on the new release! The body switching love Reversed sounds very interesting!

I hope you are having a happy holiday in Hawaii!

Unknown said...

Debby - I'm loving Hawaii. This is actually my second time here since the family and I passed through Oahu when the Air Force moved my dad from Japan to Texas.

Kaye - I had a fun time writing LOVE REVERSED and I hope everyone enjoys it. Christmas in Hawaii is turning out great. I'm looking forward to what New Year's looks like.

Thanks both for stopping by.

~ Zenobia

Fedora said...

Glad you're enjoying the life in Hawaii, Zenobia! Thank you to you and your family for serving!

And thank you for writing Christmas stories--I can't get enough of those :)

Hoping you enjoyed some merry and memorable celebrating this year, and wishing you a joyful new year!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Mary Keith - Keith Publications, LLC said...

I like Hawaii too. I would love a copy of Love Reversed...sounds interesting and hot.
Happy New Year
Mary Keith

elaing8 said...

I think I need the snow for Christmas.This year was looking like we might not. it just didn't feel like Christmas without it.Finally on Xmas Eve it snowed. Now it can go'd love to spend New Year's in Hawaii :)


VampedChik said...

I've always wanted to go to Hawaii! It seems so beautiful there. Thanks so much for sharing! I hope you have a great new years!

Mountain Laurel said...

Hawaii...sounds so tropical! What a way to spend the holidays!!!
I don not get to travel too much these days...but hope you have a Great NEW YEAR'S DAY!!!

Shadow said...

Id love to visit Hawaii! Thats awesome that your having so much fun. Have some for me too! ;D Thanks for sharing! Happy new years!

rm2h said...

I visited Hawaii when I was younger during New Year and was invited to a family gathering which I throughly enjoyed as to me that is the real HI. When I returned to Honolulu to leave the island I found it covered with red ribbons so it looked like one huge party had been held.

June M. said...

I would love to go to Hawaii. I just would never come back to the states, lol. I could really love living somewhere where there was no snow or ice or extreme colds. If I ever go, I am shipping everything I can't live without cause I am not returning. LOL
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

Fedora - I had so much fun writing this Christmas story that I'm already planning another (same world) for Christmas 2012. :D

Mary - Thanks for the interest.

Elaing8 - That's the thing about snow. It's pretty when it comes but it stays too long, then comes the shoveling and the fender benders. :P I'll find out what New Year's in Hawaii looks like for you.

Amber - It is absolutely gorgeous here! Every time I look out over the water it takes my breath away.

Debbi - This is the second time the military has come through for me. I doubt they'll top Hawaii so I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

Shadow - I think I'm having enough fun for several people. :D

Rm2h - Red ribbons, huh? I'll see what happens and report back.

June - That's totally the vibe of this place. You get here and you just don't want to go back. I'm sure I'm going to be crying when the military tells us they are shipping us somewhere new. But that's a few years away.

Thanks everybody for coming out and leaving comments. I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year's celebration.

~ Zenobia

Unknown said...

Announcing the winner of my post:

Amber (vampedchick)


~ Zenobia