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Sunday, July 31, 2011

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LKF: CE3 - Provoked Lover by Zenobia Renquist

Provoked Lover
Caveat Emptor, Book 3
by Zenobia Renquist

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60521-663-8
Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal/Fantasy, Interracial, BBW, Vampire

Sicily's emotions become confused when sex is the price of her vampire's protection.

After an attack leaves Theron's allies scattered, Sicily finds herself in the care of Lamon, a vampire who looks like he would rather kill her than protect her.

The unlikely pair must become very close -- sexual energy is necessary to disrupt the spell the mages are using to track Sicily.

Emotions become confused as their bodies entwine. Sicily finds herself falling for a man she can't have... or can she?

5 Little Known Facts About Caveat Emptor 3: Provoked Lover

#1 - Lamon was originally supposed to be named something else because I had planned to make him Japanese. Since I already had a story out with Changeling Press featuring a Japanese hero and planned to do another soon, I figured I should change things up and make Lamon a different race, specifically Thai. Why Thai? Well you have to read #2 to find out that answer.

#2 - Lamon's character is based on Paul Gunn who is a Thai model I discovered while watching a Showtime soft core porn called Sin City Diaries (no longer airing). If you've been keeping up with my LKF posts, you'll know he's not the only hero I've found by watching that show.

#3 - Sicily didn't get her current name until I started writing the third book. I knew she would get a book, and I knew she wouldn't be called "Sissy" in that book. I had to choose a name that could be shortened to "Sissy" and that I liked. Sicily made the cut.

#4 - I wrote the first chapter of Provoked Lover at the same time I wrote the last two chapters of Trapped Lover since the two books cross over each other. I had to make sure the two conversations matched exactly.

#5 - The continuation of Lamon and Sicily's story is contained within the pages of Caveat Emptor 3: Anguished Lover due out at Changeling Press on 09 September 2011.

Zenobia Renquist
Discover Different and Unique Romance
Facebook Fan Page:

I'm Baaaack - Ella Jade

I hope you're all having a fantastic Sunday. As I said earlier, I love making new friends, so if you're interested in following me as I embark on my writing journey please be sure to stop by my blog for all the up-to-date details!

You can also connect with me via FB, Twitter and e-mail. All the info is on my blog.

I have a new release scheduled to come out in September. I'm super excited about this one. It's a steamy BDSM romance.

Be My Everything
Beachwalk Press (tentative release date 9/19/11)



Kat Sierra is a natural submissive who submits willingly to her Dom Lucas Cain. She's new to the BDSM world, but is eager to learn. At first, Luke is apprehensive to train someone so innocent, but the more time he spends with her the more intrigued he becomes. 
What happens when Luke requests his friend/mentor, Colin, join them in the playroom for a night of fun?  Will Kat's true feelings for Luke surface? Can he break his own rule and fall in love with his sub?
"Any questions, Ms. Sierra?" Luke asked in that sexy southern drawl of his.
Katherine learned he was originally from Texas but relocated to New York when his company took off.  He was impeccable. Not a hair out of place or a crease in his suit that wasn’t supposed to be. He stood over Katherine for most of their conversation and she felt it to be a bit unsettling. He was an extremely intimidating man.
"Umm, what happens next? I mean, do we have sex?" She was so out of her element.
"Would you like to have sex right here in my office?"  His mouth formed a hard line, causing his jaw to tighten. "Shall I take you on my desk with an office full of people on the other side of my door?"
Katherine felt like such an idiot.
"Umm, no, of course not," she answered as she cracked her knuckles. Her face was flush and her throat was dry. She quickly wondered what she was doing there.
 "But, as your Dom, I’d be well within my rights to take you fast and hard on my desk," he informed her. He never raised his voice. It was soft but firm and he seemed to be able to get his point across effectively. "Is that what you came here for?"
That was precisely what she wanted. Her stomach flipped as the moisture gathered inside her panties, just like it had the first night she’d seen him. This man oozed sex and he knew it.
"Katherine," he sighed. "What are you doing here?" He looked frustrated, but she didn’t understand why.
"Applying to be your sub," she said. "And, please call me Kat."
"As much as I’d like you to be my pet, sweetie, I’ll stick with Katherine." He smirked and that relaxed her. "Why do you want to be my sub?"
"I want to be dominated." She hoped that was what he wanted to hear.
"Well, why not have your boyfriend tie you to the bed?" he asked."It would be much easier than going through all of this."
I love Luke! ;)
Thanks for letting me hang with you all today. I had a great time and I look forward to hearing from you.  Come and play with me...

What's Next - Juniper Bell + Giveaway

My most recent book, Restraining the Receptionist, has only been out six weeks, but I already feel like a slacker for not having my next book ready. Actually, my next book is in edits but I don't have the release date yet. I'll tell you more about it in a bit, but first ...

I need your help.

For my next book, I can head in various directions. I'd love some feedback so I can pick one. If you help me out in the comments, I'll put you in a random drawing for a download of any one of my books.

Okay, here goes. Should I work on:

The 3rd Receptionist book

A new Regency (I've written one, My Three Lords)

A superhot college menage story

A bear shapeshifter story

The 3rd Wild, Alaska story (Go Wild was the first.)

Speaking of which, my next release will be Go Deep from Ellora's Cave. Here is the cover, and an unedited blurb.

Beth Thomason is known in her hometown of North Pole, Alaska as the shy, dreamy type. No one guesses at the wild sexual thoughts behind that quiet façade. She doesn’t even share her secret longings with her husband.

Gavin loves his wife, but he’s tired of living in a shadow marriage in which neither reveals their true desires. When an erotic bondage photo is dropped off at Beth’s framing shop, Gavin jumps at the opportunity to break through her barriers.

An amateur hockey coach, he accepts an invitation to a showcase match during Wild Nights, the infamous winter festival during which “anything goes, nothing counts.” But he’s opened a sensual Pandora’s box -- Beth has some surprises of her own. When she meets Eagle, a free-spirited Wild resident, she knows he’s the perfect man to help enact her erotic fantasies.

Once they go deep, there’s no going back.

Contains explicit sexual situations including three-way sex and light bondage, not to mention some outrageously provocative outfits.

Thanks for your help!

Juniper Bell

Jianne - White Wolf - Excerpt #2

Here are some review comments for White Wolf:

Let me start out by saying WOW!! I loved this book!! White Wolf has something for everybody: mystery, intrigue, betrayal, romance, and some HOT lovin'. I couldn't put it down,

FANTASTIC! I enjoyed Gray and Sorcha’s story immensely. The pages absolutely drip with suspense, mystery, action, and best of all great sex. There are plenty of charismatic secondary characters as well. In fact, I’m sorry Jianne Carlo didn’t write White Wolf as the final book in a series about the entire White clan. I will definitely be watching for more great work from this talented author. White Wolf is a must read!

This novel was riveting. I found my eyes glued to the page, trying to find the connection between everyone and everything. I have to say there is a lot of plot in this story. You not only have the budding romance between wolf and mate, but murder, vandalism, dead animals and the hint of the infamous black wolf cult/clan. Wow, I have to say the plot with the hot encounters is a refreshing change from the norm.

Oh, what a wonderful summer read! Between Gray and Sorcha's passionate encounters and mysteries that keep getting more complex with each turn of the page, Jianne Carlo gives her readers a multitude of reasons to stay up way past bedtime. There's murder, romance, sex, intrigue... and did I mention the sex? Gray and Sorcha have the kind of chemistry that turns up the heat even when they're not scorching the sheets together. Ms. Carlo's descriptive and emotionally rich writing style brings each scene to life. She

White Wolf blurb:

“I’m counting to ten and then I’ll start shooting,” Sheriff Gray White balanced a rifle on one shoulder and held a spotlight at eye level effectively blinding the perp.

“My name’s Sorcha McFadden, officer, and as you can see I’ve been skinny dipping,” his very naked, very sexy perp announced.

Stunned, White Wolf Gray can’t reconcile the nude, auburn-haired nymph, Sorcha, with his little sister’s childhood best friend. Especially when fate and his own body decree her his mate.

At thirteen, Sorcha watched Gray screwing Tonya Hazzard, the captain of the cheerleading team, from her perch in the hayloft. The image of his pumping hips invaded Sorcha's every fantasy, propelled her every climax from that day forward.

They're destined for each other, except... Sorcha doesn't believe in the supernatural, but her life—as well as the answers to the mystery surrounding her parents' murder-suicide fifteen years—earlier depend on it.

Gray's the only thing standing between her and certain death, but her grandmother's last message was "Trust no one."

Does that include Gray?

White Wolf - Excerpt - #2:

Spotting an alcove above the headboard, Gray removed his gun and holster and stashed them in the narrow space. Aware her blue eyes tracked his actions, he tried to get out whole sentences while stripping off his shirt, losing most of the buttons and not giving a crap.

“I'm on fire, honey. It's not going to be long the first time.” The blasted belt finally unbuckled. “Second one will be better. Third will be a nice, slow one.” Zipper down.

The bewildered look on her face made his stomach do a three-hundred-pound clench-and-jerk. “Sorcha, honey, listen to me—You're not a virgin, are you?”

Reddish brown eyebrows climbed to her hairline.

His khakis sunk to his knees. “Honey?”

She covered her face with her hands and mumbled, “No.”

“That's great.” He'd forgotten his boots. Crap. “It'll be okay. It'll work.” His cock knew enough to let his brain continue coaxing as he finished undressing. Snatching a condom packet, he ripped the plastic open with his teeth, then began to slide the rubber on over the crown.

“I'm on the Pill. You don't really need that.”

His mind shut down.

He could go bareback.

Gray shuddered, let the rubber fall from his fingers, and crushed the mattress with both hands. He couldn't look at her.

“Gray?” The little quiver in her voice crashed over him, and a smidgen of rationality seeped into his brain. His head bent, he inhaled deeply and shifted to face her. Wrong move. He groaned as the perfume of her sex emptied all thoughts from his skull.

“Scared?” He needed to know where her mind was at.

Her ivory complexion held no hint of roses, and her eyes widened as she gawked at his cock.

One white tooth clamped her bottom lip. She shook her head and raised those Washington blues to his. Mouth curving, dimples playing peek-a-boo, she replied, “Good scared.”

A hell storm roared through him, boiling desire bubbled and danced in his veins, and he almost climaxed on the spot. Sweat bombarded his forehead, and he clenched his fists, willing himself under control.

Moving slowly, he lay on his side next to her, lifted the stretchy black material of the skimpy halter dress to her waist, and drank in his firsthand view of paradise. Wet and glistening like diamonds of dew on silk, her auburn curls made his mouth go dry.

This first up-close-and-personal glimpse of her pussy would be fixed in his brain forever.

Fitting himself between her legs, Gray stilled for a breath, imprinting the sight of her glazed eyes, half-parted lips, the dreamy expression she wore, in his mind. His head fell back in sheer ecstasy, his balls hanging between her thighs, her cream polishing them so the little hairs quivered and pleaded for more contact. He nudged her with his knees, she let her legs fall open, and he lowered his mouth to her earlobe and bit.

“Yes,” she moaned, the breathy little sound pure music to his ears.

Avoiding her neck, he feathered moist kisses over her face, touching down on arched brows, the ridge of one cheekbone, the corner of her lips. His lips outlined the shape of her rosebud mouth, nibbling on the full lower lip. Sorcha tangled a hand in his hair and opened for him. He swept in to taste her essence. Her hips arched off the bed when he tickled the roof of her mouth, when his tongue teased hers into a pulsing tango.

Her musk giddied his senses.

He couldn't think.

“Breasts. Give one to me.”

Startled azure irises, tiny circles around dilated pupils, met his. She cupped her right breast and offered the globe to him.

Gray had to suckle the whole areola in, had to lap and lick and gnaw until she whimpered those little moans again. He knew the other mound needed him, ached for his mouth, so he let his hand torture the wet one while he persecuted the other rosy peak with his tongue and teeth.

A looong series of double moans.

His balls suffered unbearable cruelty with each cry.

He had to get to pussy.

Had to taste first.

His gaze fixated on her glistening reddish brown curls, trailed succulent, creamy pink folds, and his mouth watered. He'd never seen anything so beautiful. Rational thought vanished. His number one goal—savoring the tang of her cream, imprinting the scent of her musk in his brain forever.

Gray burrowed between her thighs and held them apart, balancing her knees in the crook of his elbows. Prettiest sight he'd ever seen. He buried his nose in her pussy lips, his tongue in her vagina.

She was drenched.

He was so ready.

A stamp of possessiveness rung through him.


He lapped at her clit. Sweet honey, so thick, coating his nose, his mouth, his chin, glazing his face in her scent. He slipped a finger inside her clenching muscles, and she moaned his name—“Gray”—in a quivering voice, over and over, as if she knew she belonged to him.

So close, so close.

He bent to her nubbin and suckled and sawed, all the while thrusting in and out with his finger, increasing the pace, his cock twitching and mimicking the movements he craved. Her hips came off the bed; she clamped down hard on his fingers and yelped, “Gray, Gray, Gray.”


Gray knelt, skittered up the bed until the head of his cock tipped her entrance, holding her thighs apart with his arms.

Slow, slow, savor.

Title: White Wolf
Series Name: White Wolf
Author: Jianne Carlo
Publisher: Loose-Id
Release date: 12/21/2010
ISBN#: 978-1-59632-976-8
Genre: Erotic, paranormal, multicultural, contemporary suspense: m/f
Format: eBook
Word Count: 73,771
Pages: 189

Hope you enjoy!


Jianne Carlo

Beyond The Kiss

This next excerpt goes beyond the kiss, this is where my characters begin to give into the sexual attraction they have for each other and negotiate their time together.

“We still have things to discuss.” The tightness in her voice made her legs quiver.

“There's nothing to discuss. You've made your decision.”

Her jaw dropped but before she could react to his words, she found herself pinned up against the house, his lips on hers and she melted into his embrace.

His lips were firm and demanding. No, asking, as his tongue thrust between her teeth, seeking hers out. Without thought, her tongue tangled with his, dueling with him, fighting for control. But he took over with a powerful thrust and her heart sped up.

“Today, we talk. If you're still here in the morning, then I'll know you've accepted my terms.”

Angie crossed her arms over her chest and let out a huff. “Haven't I agreed already?”

“There's one thing I won't allow and that's for a woman to be here without full consensual knowledge about what she's getting into.”

“Okay, I'm game.” She sat back looking like a queen on a throne and Jared had to hide a smile. She was perfect for him, spunky and daring.

“How submissive are you willing to be?”

She tensed. Oh, she tried not to show it, but his degree in sexual psychology allowed him to notice the subtle signs—her fingers gripping the wicker chair arms, the tightening of her lips and the way her breathing changed.

When she didn't answer, he continued, “Understand this, I'm a Dominant through and through. If you're going to stay here with me, you have to accept that.”

“In the bedroom?” she asked with a slight uncertainty in her voice.

“In all manners where sex and sensuality are concerned.” He crossed his arms over his chest.

The goose bumps on her arms made him smile, then the tiny little shiver making its way through her body. Her hips shifted ever so slightly and he hid a grin.

“I can accept your dominance in the bedroom.” Triumph surged through him before he tapped it down.

“We will have a play word. The minute I say this word, it means I'm now your Master. It won't matter where we are, once I say the word, I'm in control of you. Be it in the bedroom, here on the porch, in the dining room, anywhere. And when I say it a second time, our play is over, again no matter where we are.”

“I want a safe word,” she demanded.

Jared fought against showing surprise. So she wasn't uneducated about the BDSM world. How interesting. “Naturally, I would never play without one.”


“Communication is important. If you're feeling uncomfortable in any position I put you in, if you feel any pain or if there is something you absolutely don't want to do, you must use your safe word. Nothing else will make me stop.” He paused, but she only nodded. “You will tell me how I'm making you feel at all times. I want to know I'm turning you on, making you hot, or when you're about to climax.”

Again, her hips shifted on the chair. She was already turned on. Very good, she was responsive to him and they hadn't even started yet.

“Our play word is saddle up and your safe word is tiger.

“Got it.”

“Saddle up.”

Her head jerked when he said the word. While he wasn't planning on doing anything yet, he wanted her full attention, needed to see if she would keep her word.

“Take your panties off.”

Color flooded her cheeks, but she didn't hesitate. She managed to take her underwear off without giving him a show. She dropped them onto the porch next to her chair, on top of her bra.

“Now tell me, how many men have you had sex with?” He leaned back in his chair.

“I'm twenty-eight, not eighteen. How the hell do I know?”

“I'm thirty-two and I've had sex with fifteen women. How many?”

“Fifty.” Her sarcastic tone came through loud and clear.

Damn spunky woman. While he admired her fire, the little liar would submit to him. “Unbutton your blouse.”

Her hands didn't budge.

“If you can't obey me, Angie, then this is over.” He stood up, disappointed she couldnt take such a simple order from him and submit.

“Damn bossy man,” she muttered beneath her breath, but she unbuttoned her blouse.

“I'm the man you need.” He held his breath while hers grew rapid. He waited until she finished then said, “Now spread it open, bare your tits to me.”

Her fingers trembled as she followed his directions. Walking behind her, he gazed down at her bare chest. Magnificent pale globes met his gaze. In this position, he could see her breathing wasn't quite steady from her excitement, but her body was reacting. Already her nipples growing hard.

“Have you ever been tied up?”

Okay, readers it's now up to you. What's your fantasy? What would you like your ultimate fantasy man to do to you? It doesn’t have to be kinky, it can be sweet or sexy or anything you want it to be.

You can visit Marie at her website:

And if you're interested in a free bookmark/postcard leave your email address in the comments and Marie will contact you.

For more on Quick Silver Ranch: Saddle Up click here

Chasing Booty by Shannon Leigh (Adult)

GENRE: Science Fiction / Futuristic Erotica / Action/Adventure / Interracial

PUBLISHER: Amber Quill Press (ebook)


PUBLISHER: AudioMinx (audio book)

PURCHASE: Audio Book

When cops can’t catch the most-wanted criminals, they hire Gaelyn. She comes from a long line of bounty hunters, including her father, uncle, and grandfather. Extensive training in weaponry, hand-to-hand combat, and adverse conditions have seasoned her into a formidable opponent against any contracted hit, whether male, female, alien, or human. She has little fear of the unknown and thrives on adventure.

Only one other hunter matches her status—Reese, a Trøndite from the small planet of Sør-Trøndalag in the Capricornus Sector. And the man has a knack for stealing her contracts. Both cunning and gorgeous, the mix doesn’t seem quite fair. But attractiveness holds little power over money. Reese had beaten Gaelyn out of a half-year’s pay a scarce three months ago, and she will be damned if he outwits her again.

Thinking she’s duped Reese back onto Jupiter, Gaelyn isn’t too happy when she runs into him on Quaoar at the Blue Moon, an authentic hole-in-the-wall bar tucked at the end of a narrow alley in what would be considered the rough part of town; just the place to find her contracted hit. But Reese not only has the information she needs to find her mark, he also has a business proposal that’s too tempting to pass up. And a partnership with Reese just might prove rewarding in a way Gaelyn never expects...

His lips skirted the sensitive flesh of her abdomen, scattering her thoughts. He paused at her navel, first exploring the small depression by laving the edges before dipping inside to intimately kiss her belly button. He lingered there a moment, tantalizing her skin with his warm breath and skilled tongue before moving downward.

Gaelyn’s pussy clenched as though his tongue had filled her center rather than her navel. Her head dropped back against the chaise and she sighed with enjoyment. It seemed strange that such a small area of her body provoked such a powerful response.

As he kissed along the waistband of her leather pants, his fingers deftly moved to unbutton them. Before she knew it, he’d slid them down her hips and thighs.

Yanking off her knee-high boots, he finished removing her pants, carelessly tossing them on to the floor with the rest of her discarded clothes.
Left clad only in a pair of lacy panties that hugged her hips, Gaelyn felt the heat of embarrassment stain her cheeks. She’d never given much thought as to whether men found her attractive or not—finding bedmates had always come easy. But for some odd reason, she yearned to know he found her pleasing to the eye.

Reese stood over her, worshipping her with his gaze. She couldn’t mistake his approval; wild, almost feral desire burned in his coal black depths. Gaelyn watched as he undressed, the intensity of his stare never faltering.

His shirt came off first, revealing a powerful chest blanketed with glossy curls of fine black fur. Her hands itched to stroke that glorious nest, feel those silken wisps beneath her palms. Butterflies danced in her stomach at the thought of that shiny mat pressing against her breasts as he lay on top of her.

The hair covered his abdomen as well, thickening in the middle to form a dark line that trailed downward and disappeared into the waistband of his jeans. Even without seeing it, she guessed that sexy path led to a thick patch surrounding his cock. It wouldn’t be long before she found out.

After pulling off his boots, Reese unfastened his jeans. Wasting little time, he yanked them off, dropping them unheeded to the floor. When he reached for the waistband of his black boxer briefs, she stopped him.

“Wait, let me.”

Sitting up on the edge of he chaise, Gaelyn spread her legs a bit and motioned for him to stand in front of her. Reese quickly obliged, positioning his tall frame between her parted knees. He towered over her, the top of her head scarcely reaching his groin, and for the first time in a long while, despite her own generous height, she felt small.

Taking a deep breath to quell her nervous anticipation, she smoothed her palms against his lower belly. She stroked up and down his outer thighs, marveling as his muscles tightened beneath her touch. Gripping his square hips, she squeezed them with her fingertips, loving the feel of restrained power within her hands.

His cock swelled even more, boldly pressing against the stretchy material of his briefs until the fabric grew taut, tenting beneath the pressure. Biting her lower lip, Gaelyn molded her palm around the restrained form. Her other hand cupped his sac.

Reese let out a low, guttural moan. Placing his hand over hers, he urged her to squeeze his hard rod, moaning again when she obliged. Unable to restrain her curiosity, Gaelyn reached for his waistband.

As she slipped his briefs downward, taking care not to get hung on his erection, her excitement shifted to awe, then apprehension. “Good God, Reese. I don’t think I can—”

“Yes, you can,” he interjected, slipping his briefs the rest of the way down himself. After kicking them aside, he
grabbed her hands and encouraged her touch him again, this time without the restraint of clothes.

She tentatively wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft, feeling intimidated by its huge size. He had to be a good three
inches around. Surely he wouldn’t fit, not without tearing her in two.

Despite her concern, wetness seeped through the crotch of her panties at the thought of his massive cock filling her channel. I’ll be sore in the morning, she thought with an impish giggle.

“What’s so funny?” he demanded, wrapping his fingers around hers. He coaxed her hand to move up and down,
sliding the plaint outer skin of his shaft against the rock hard form beneath.

Gaelyn glanced up at him. “Nothing. Just imaging the limp I’ll have tomorrow.”

He gave her a wicked grin. “Guess I’ll be watchin’ your ass in the ice caves after all. Bein’ it’ll be my fault you’re

She nodded agreement, realizing his hand no longer guided hers. Rather, she’d taken on a steady rhythm by herself, pumping his cock with her own free will. Feeling a little braver, she craned her neck and leaned forward, her gaze locked with his as she flicked her tongue against the bottom of his smooth, hairless balls.

Reese gasped, his body shuddering in response. He tangled his fingers in her thick hair and gently pressed the back of her head, urging her to do that again. But Gaelyn needed no encouragement, she felt empowered by her ability to make such a large man tremble beneath her palms.

Craning once again, she sucked at his bulbous sacs, drawing them in and out of her eager mouth. She focused on laving the pendulous forms from back to front, lapping at them with her tongue. Tugging at the hot flesh encasing his boys with her teeth, she teased him until the skin drew up tight.

“Gael…” he said with a tortured groan. “I want to feel your mouth around me.”

Gaelyn briefly contemplated the feat before her. She doubted her ability to take him in fully. Surely her mouth wouldn’t stretch that wide. She glanced up at him again, taking note how his head had dropped back in anticipation. His whole frame seemed stiff and on edge, as though he’d explode at any moment. Unable to deny him, she moved to perch on her knees, affording herself a better reach of his goods.


Shannon Leigh
"Giving readers the
O in their erOtica."

Guest Post Nina Pierce: When Alpha and Beta make Gamma

So who doesn't love a hunky, take charge guy in a romance novel? Well, it turns out ... I don't. Well, I mean I thought I did, but then writers and readers started talking about the alpha heroes they love and it occurred to me, that's not really who I write.

I thought all my guys were alpha heroes. Not that they steamroll over the heroine or completely wall off their emotions, but they do step up to the plate when the time comes. The problem was they didn't seem to have that pushy, never-give-an-inch attitude many people associate with alphas. But they definitely didn't fit into the wimpy sidekick beta hero either.

Okay, I know technically (especially in stories with shifters) there is only one alpha leader. Therefore if you write a story about the other guys, like I do, they would be considered beta. But I just can't go there. In my opinion, the beta hero is a pushover. He wouldn't come to the heroine's rescue. He'd send in his best friend, the alpha, who would save her. He'd be the one to comfort her when the hero's been a jerk, but then turn her over to him when the guy showed up at the front door. But no one writes characters like that. I'm always looking to write the next story so even my "best friend" characters offer more than a supporting role.

So maybe I have the definition all wrong.

In my confusion I checked out a post by Suzanne Brockman who writes all things alpha. But I still didn't get a good feel for this alpha hero. But I found this other article at The Road to Romance. But this post describes not alpha, not beta, but a gamma hero? Wai...whaaaat?

Yeah, the GAMMA hero pulls the best from both the alpha and the beta heroes. He's a man with all the chutzpah of an alpha but the emotions of a beta. In other words ... the strong male who doesn't run roughshod over the heroine in his quest to bring down the bad guy, but works with her to find the key and discover the lost treasure or slay the dragon or free her world or ... well, you get my drift. This is the guy of romance stories in my opinion. The hero who could don the pages of any GQ magazine, but knows how to BBQ a mean steak for his lady and draw her a bubble bath. *sigh* Yeah, that's the ticket.

So I guess I'm aiming to write gamma heroes. Who knew?

The reality is. It doesn't matter what we call them. It's their heart and soul that brings the reader back to the story over and over again. Readers need to connect to the hero. Believe he's real. Believe he's the only one for the heroine. Believe in their love story.

What about you? Do you like your guys all alpha in stories and keep your betas for real life or are you a combo kind of gal like me ... enjoying a gamma between the pages?

My most recent release, Love’s Bounty, has a DEA agent who definitely falls into the alpha category.

A woman determined to protect her heart…

Landscaping in Delmont, Maine hasn’t been DEIRDRE TILLING’s only passion. Up until
two months ago, it had included a live-in lover. Jilted for the third time in as many years, Deirdre’s decided to give up on love. With her feet firmly planted on the path of one night stands, she finds herself heating up the sheets with a dark haired stranger she met at her new employer’s party. But one night with the man who is both sexy as hell and compassionate, may not be enough.

An agent hell bent on proving himself…
DEA agent, AYDEN SCOTT, has a lot to prove after a disastrous drug bust in Miami three years earlier that left a member of his team dead. Working undercover as lead investigator, he’s determined to bring down an elusive drug cartel smuggling heroin into central Maine. He’ll use any means necessary to complete his objective, including sleeping with the suspected drug Lord’s landscaper, Deirdre. He just hadn’t expected the feisty redhead to be so much more than long legs and dangerous curves.

One night neither of them can forget…
Deirdre and Ayden both thought one sexually explosive romp in the sack would be the end of their relationship. But Deirdre’s arrest for heroin possession and her father’s near-fatal heart attack prompts Ayden to confess his true identity. When Deirdre is kidnapped by the drug cartel and used as a pawn, Ayden is forced to choose between his heart and his mission. The question is…who will survive his decision?

Cautious, and working to keep his jangled nerves from pumping his legs in a dead run, Ayden strolled to the shelter of the dinghy. The noise grew louder. Ayden realized he wasn’t moving away from the sound. He was aimed right toward it. What a fool. It was a beautiful fall night. No doubt lovers were using the upended craft for a little private party of their own.

Turning on his heel, he started to walk away, when the noise came again. It wasn’t the moan of sexual pleasure. It was the keening sound of sadness. Someone was crying. And from the quiet hiccupping, it was female.

Ayden shot a longing look over his shoulder, debating between the refuge of the path and the complications under the boat.

Chivalry won out and he stepped warily around the bow.

The redhead sat on the wooden slats, her bare feet digging restlessly in the sand, her face cupped in her hands. Between shuddering breaths, she sputtered angrily into her bent knees, but her tears and her fingers kept the words from him.

“Uh-hmm.” He cleared his throat, not knowing how else to get her attention.

“Holy shit…” She tried to jump to her feet, but banged her head on the iron rigging attached to the upside of the boat and fell back down. “Fuck.” Her hand flew to her head.

“I’m sorry, you okay?” Ayden reached for her, but she shook him off.

“I’m fine.”

She looked up at him. Even in the pale light, he could see the sadness in her eyes.

“Actually, I’m not all right.” She pushed herself up, ducking her head away from the oarlock. She wiped at the sand on her bottom. “You scared the living shit out of me.”

Biting back a smile, Ayden watched her glistening tears turn to fury. That he could handle. An angry woman was one hundred times easier to placate than a despondent one.

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Karenna Colcroft says farewell

This will be my last post for the day. It's been great hanging out with everyone, but my husband has this strange idea that I should pay some attention to him now...

I'll leave you (well, sort of; I will still check back to answer comments and questions) with some random thoughts about where ideas come from and whether three's company or a crowd.

Several years ago, I met a guy, and we became friends--and briefly, a little more. Then he disappeared. Two years ago, we ran into each other, and the friendship rekindled. The "a little more" almost did too, but I'd just moved in with the man who's now my husband, so the "little more" wouldn't exactly have been appropriate.

The guy has been a good friend and a big influence on me since I've known him, so it shouldn't have been surprising that he would also influence a novel. Shiny Objects was my version of a "what if"--in this case, what if a woman actually did have a relationship with two men? A question spurred, of course, by the situation with my friend. In fact, he even helped me write a scene for the novel, and the book is dedicated to him and my husband.

Shiny Objects will be released mid-August from Passion in Print Press. When it's available, you'll be able to find it on the Passion in Print website. You can also find out a little more about it on the Upcoming page of my website.

Morning Report by Sue Brown

My daughter's endless complaint is that I never write anything she can read. This is true. She isn't getting anywhere near one of my books for a few years yet. Much as I'd love to write her a PG rated book my mind keeps venturing into the bedroom of my heroes. She seems to have accepted that there are always going to be two men on the cover. This she finds odd. Why can't I write about wizards, dragons or fluffy puppies? I'd probably make more money if they were. However I love my cowboys far too much to write about a dragon flying wizard with a fluffy puppy for a pet. The boys in my head are most definitely men *g* and they like playing dick rather than with puppies.

This is my Facebook page and I'm on Twitter.

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Blurb: A decade on from their first kiss, Luke Murray is more in love with Simon every day. Running the Lost Cow ranch for Luke’s parents, they keep their heads down and get along with the locals, even if Luke is known for being a hothead. Then one day they discover the local store owners refuse to serve them.

They’re bewildered until Luke’s mom tells them the new pastor has targeted the couple in his sermons. Suddenly Luke and Simon find themselves alienated from people they called friends, and their ranch comes under a series of attacks. As the town’s hatred and homophobia turns on them, Luke and Simon will face a critical choice: give in to the town’s demands and disappear, or stand and fight for themselves and their love.


HE yawn caught him by surprise. Luke stretched his arms and rolled his shoulders, trying to relax back muscles that had tensed up after three hours at the computer. If he was yawning at nine o’clock in the morning, it was time to stop. He squinted at the screen. The spreadsheets were done and the accounts almost up to date. Another half an hour and it would be done. 
He looked longingly out the window. It was still early enough in the year that long sleeves were needed first thing in the morning. Somewhere out there his ranch foreman was riding back to the house to make his morning report, enjoying the early morning sunshine before the heat sucked the enjoyment out of the day.

Luke pouted at the computer, despite the fact there was no one to see it. He wanted to be out there on Lulu sucking in lungfuls of the morning air, smelling the sweet grass instead of stuck in front of a computer. He was a cowboy, dammit, not a goddamned paper pusher.

“If you’re not careful, your face will freeze like that forever.”

“I’ll be chained to this chair forever,” he commented sourly, turning around to look at his ranch foreman grinning at him through the open window. As ever, his floppy, dark hair was covering his eyes, and Luke resisted the temptation to go to the window and push the hair back so he could see the large ocean-blue eyes with their mischievous glint.

“Not finished yet?” Simon sounded sympathetic, knowing just how much Luke hated to be stuck inside with the books.

Luke scrubbed the back of his neck. “’Nother half-hour, I think. Just got the accounts left.” He grimaced. “Was the fence still up?”

Simon nodded. “Not for long, though. How ’bout we have our morning meeting, and then I’ll fix breakfast while you finish up. We need to get to town to sort out the feed before Lil arrives with the new stock.”

“Sounds like a plan. Meet you in the office?”

“Five minutes for me to hand over to Chuck, and I’ll be there,” his foreman promised.

Checking the window to see Simon wasn’t still watching, Luke poked his tongue out at the computer. His mood vastly improved, Luke grinned at he made his way up to the “office.” Now it was time for his reward.

HE’D known Simon for ten years, and for over half that time they’d been running the ranch. Technically it was still his daddy who owned it, but they both knew it was only a matter of time before he sold it to them. Luke’s older brother had no interest in ranching, and his sister was at college. Neither of them had an objection to Luke taking over. Luke’s parents lived on the outskirts of the ranch, closer to the town.

Simon had been Luke’s roommate at college. It had taken about five minutes for both of them to realize they’d met a friend for life. It took a little longer for Luke to come clean about his sexuality. It was one thing to be instant buddies with a guy, but he was from deep Bible country, and he wasn’t stupid… except when he was drunk.

Turned out Simon had his secret too. It took a month, too much cheap beer, a homophobic prick, and Luke being stupid to discover what Simon was hiding. Simon had to drag Luke physically out of the bar before he got them both arrested for assault and Simon for underage drinking. Luke was a hothead when he was filled with liquor and so riled up he’d have gone back in there to complete what he’d started. Even then Luke was wiry and strong, a legacy from growing up on the ranch. Simon was like a blade of sweet grass compared to now, but he had the height advantage, and he used it, crowding Luke against the wall and pinning his wrists against the rough brick until he calmed down. Still struggling against him, Luke spat abuse at Simon for not letting him finish beating the crap out of the man who’d called them faggots as they had a quiet drink in the corner.

Simon had stopped the bitter words before Luke said something they’d both regret. He did it the only way he could, pushing Luke even closer into the brickwork and licking, licking, Luke’s lips.

“Shut the hell up,” he’d sighed as he bent down and kissed him.

Luke could still remember the taste of soda and wings as Simon captured his mouth in the sweetest kiss he’d ever experienced. Luke was four years older than Simon. He’d delayed going to college because his daddy had been sick, and by the time he finally got there he felt like an old man compared to the young kids fresh out of school. Simon was different; he seemed older, tempered by life despite the fact he was only eighteen. Luke was no stranger to kissing but nothing had prepared him for the realization that by the end of this kiss he knew this boy was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. The shock silenced him more effectively than the actual kiss.

By the end of the evening, he found out Simon felt the same way, and when Luke went back to the Lost Cow ranch at the end of his college course, it was inevitable Simon would follow him. His momma and daddy dealt with Simon’s arrival the way they dealt with Luke’s announcement that he was gay: they were kissed, hugged, and told to keep their heads down. And for the most part, they did. The hands knew, of course. They knew everything. Those that had a problem quickly left and those that stayed kept their mouths shut.

Ten years on, and Luke still couldn’t believe his luck in finding someone he wanted to spend every waking and sleeping moment sharing his life. Simon had worked his way up to ranch foreman, and they shared the responsibilities for running the ranch.

They quickly worked out Luke was a lot less cranky when he got the paperwork out of the way early in the morning, leaving the rest of the day free to be a cowboy, out with the hands. Which was why they did the morning meeting after the paperwork as a reward for being a good boy. No paperwork, no report, and damn, wasn’t Luke an asshole for the rest of the day if that happened.

Luke went into the office and got the shower running. He shucked off his clothes and stepped into the hot water with a sigh of relief. He let the water run over his face and down his body as he relaxed, a low moan of bliss escaping him.

“Hmmm, looks like you’ve been getting ahead of me, bossman.”

Luke smiled. “I’m not getting anything at the moment. Thinking it’s about time my foreman gave me his morning report.”

A warm, solid body slid in behind him, pressing up close against him. “Reporting for duty, sir.” 

LKF: CE2 - Trapped Lover by Zenobia Renquist

Trapped Lover
Caveat Emptor, Book 2
by Zenobia Renquist

Changeling Press

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60521-638-6
Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal/Fantasy, Interracial, Vampires

Is Ryver up to the challenge of a charmed and deliciously dangerous lover?

Ryver knows she can never go home again. That's fine by her, since she's with Theron, the vampire she loves. Now living in vampire territory, she's learning more about Theron, and not all of it is good. The more she sees, the more she's convinced that the man she fell in love with, the man who can make her body sing with a single touch, might not be the man she thought he was.

Caveat Emptor -- Let the Buyer Beware.

3 Little Known Facts About Caveat Emptor 2: Trapped Lover

#1 - It took six weeks from my initial submission of Charmed Lover for me to partially plot the entire Caveat Emptor series and finish Trapped Lover for submission. It would have taken less time, but I felt the need to write the fifth book in the series before the second.

#2 - Because the first book in the series was only a 10,110 words, I tried to keep the second book (as well as all of the books that follow) in the same ten thousand word range. Trapped Lover hit 11,320 words. Suffice to say, I failed that little challenge and keep failing it. Each book demands more space.

#3 - I had to look up millionaire homes in Greece (where Theron lives) to get some ideas for the look and feel of Theron's home. While I would like to link to the home that I found, it was listed on a realty site that has since removed the home from its listings. I can only assume the home was purchased. It was a beautiful home, and I'm glad I caught it when I did.

Zenobia Renquist
Discover Different and Unique Romance
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Thank You and Goodnight by Lucy Felthouse

This is my fourth and final post for today, and I just wanted to say thank you to the lovely LASR/WC team for letting me loose on here. Also, thanks to those of you that have read my blog posts and hopefully commented. I'll be checking back to read comments and answer any questions, so if you have any, do be sure to ask!

I just wanted to sign off with that thank you, and let everyone know that I've really enjoyed my day here, it's been fun!

If you want to read more of my random chatter, my website and blog are one and the same, at I'm found most frequently on Twitter, and also on Facebook.

Good night!
Lucy x

The Second Kiss

Since I started off with the first kiss, I thought I'd continue on with the second kiss in Quick Silver Ranch: Saddle Up

Every time he saw her, damn if his cock didn't take notice, too. She'd bat her eyelashes at him, and make some comment about how he filled out his jeans. But today there had been more in her gaze than simple flirting. Today he saw need and raw desire.

Now was the time to deal with her and her not so subtle flirting. It was time to find out what she really wanted. With a quick glance, he noticed that everyone else was already making their way to their quarters. Marching over to Angie, he pushed her against the wall, took her hands and raised them over her head.

Her eyes grew wide when his body pressed against hers. As her mouth opened, he took her lips with his, not giving her time to protest. His tongue thrust deep into her mouth, tasting the coffee she'd drunk earlier. More, his body cried out. When her lips softened and her tongue began to tangle with his, he broke away and stared down at her. Her eyes were cobalt blue now.

“What do you want, Angie?” He wanted her, but first he had to make sure she wanted him.

He didn't take unwilling women.

Her tongue slipped out and wet her lips. “You,” she whispered.

“I'm not like other men.”

So tell me readers, why did Jared tell Angie he's not like other men? What makes him different from other men? Take a guess.

You can visit Marie at her website:

And if you're interested in a free bookmark/postcard leave your email address in the comments and Marie will contact you.

For more on Quick Silver Ranch: Saddle Up click here

Exclusive new Ylendrian short story - "Want, Take, Have" - S. Reesa Herberth and Michelle Moore

As a special surprise for all the lovely LASR/WC readers, Michelle Moore and I have written a new short story, and you get first dibs on it.

It's a follow up to our most recent novel, The Slipstream Con, set one year after the events in that book, and answers the very important question: What do you get the bounty hunters who have everything?

You can find the full story on our website, largely because I couldn't figure out how to do a "read more" tag on Blogger, and I don't want to swamp the blog.

Want, Take, Have: A Slipstream short

Just to tease you, I've included a short intro below. Enjoy!

They found him sitting in a café, sipping a glass of iced tea and perusing the menu. The entire scene was familiar, a rose-tinted tribute to their first meeting. Long ago, when Tal and Vanya had first set their sights on running down Kellen Frey, King of Crimes Nobody Could Prove He'd Committed, they'd interviewed a recent victim of his at the very same café. At the time, they'd had no idea that they were actually dining with the man himself, while he scoped them out to see if they were really a threat.

"I got a nice white wine." Kellen gestured to the open bottle and the two empty glasses in front of their places as they sat down. They'd been on a job the last time, and there hadn't been any wine.

"You know, it took us awhile to figure out what your sketch meant. Or that it was even supposed to be a clue." Tal poured for the three of them, just a little extra in his own glass. It was a really excellent bottle, and it would have been a shame to let it go to waste.

Kellen grinned, blue eyes alight as he inclined his head and sipped. “You’re smarter than you let on. I knew you’d get here in time.”

Want, Take, Have: A Slipstream short

What's the best anniversary present you've ever gotten? Probably not from an interstellar art thief, sure, but what makes an anniversary special is how you feel about the other person anyway, right?

S. Reesa Herberth and Michelle Moore are the authors of the Ylendrian Empire series, including The Slipstream Con, which features more about Tal, Vanya, and Kellen. All Ylendrian books are available from Samhain Publishing. You can find their website at: Michelle and Reesa Write