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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Out with the old...In with the new?

You've heard that saying before, haven't you? Do you agree with it? I'm not so sure I do. Hhhm...maybe just a little.

The start of the new year 2012 encourages change, new commitments, improvements, acceptance and all those other things we must deal with in our everyday lives. Sometimes we strive relentlessly for the things we don't have, but we forget about the things we do have. I'm not one of those lucky paranormal characters of the tales I pen, so I believe that we only have one life to live and that we should improve it each day.

Do you have any New Year's resolutions that inspire you to improve as a person? I'm not talking materialistic things, like gaining more money, cars, clothes, the latest iPad or iPhone. I'm talking about learning to be more thoughtful and respectful of others around you. Give more, rather than always expect to receive. Put in that extra effort at work even though you're not always commended for your achievements. What about your love life? Do you strive to be a better spouse or partner? Communication and understanding, I think, is the backbone to any relationship. Without it, commitment hangs by a thread.

So before you throw out the old for something newer in the hopes of change, think about what you can do to improve upon what you have. If you made resolutions last year that you didn't meet, revisit them in 2012 and see how you can turn your old goal into reality.

Some things aren't meant to be changed, but improved on. Some people, friends, lovers are meant to be cherished. Maybe your situation, be it your love life or career, only requires a little improvement. Let this year be the year when you are thankful for what you have.

In my latest release, old lovers reunite for a second chance at making things right. Rekindling the Flame was released November 2011 from Amira Press.

Mia deals with trouble the only way she knows how…by avoiding it. Jordon has pursued Mia since their college days, but they’re adults now, and she wants more than an occasional sexcapade. When a business trip brings them together for one last chance at rekindling the flame, Mia succumbs to what she wants and needs. When another old lover walks back into her life, he unintentionally reminds Mia why she gave up on romance in the first place. She must decide whether she'll give her heart to the man who rocks her world, or walk away from her carefree past.

Warning: This book contains a sultry alpha male who knows what he wants, and a brazen diva who makes him work for his prize. Prepare yourself, for this read will leave you breathless!


Debby said...

I am not so sure we should always get rid of the old and sometimes the new is not as good.

debby236 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

This is a good way of saying it, Debby. Thank you so much for commenting :)