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Friday, February 3, 2012


Choosing a Reputable Read

Whispers Publishing

In this age of digital publishing, there are so many options available to readers. Sometimes it can be confusing! Years ago, we went to the library and flocked to bookstores to find a new book. We stroked the spines, flipped through the pages, read the back jacket and the first two paragraphs.

Now we pull up a book on our e-readers and browse via a “Look Inside” feature. This is as good as the old-fashioned way. But there are still a ton of options out there for finding books. You can buy directly from the e-publisher or from a third-party site like Amazon or All Romance E-books. Both are great avenues. The books are displayed per genre and organized by authors, categories, and new releases.

But I’m sure we’ve all downloaded a book, read past the first few pages and discovered the story is missing a plot. Or it’s simply unreadable because of formatting errors. This can be frustrating—after all, we spent hard-earned money! So how do you choose a reputable read?

Like buying a big appliance or a car, you need to do some research. Have your friends read the author or have they made a purchase from the publisher? Are there reviews on the Amazon page, and if so, is there a balance of good ratings and so-so, or even a bad rating or two? Personally, we find a lot of five-star ratings to be a sort of red flag. Sure, it might be a terrific read and have earned five stars. But the author could also have all his friends and family logging in and giving five-star ratings. There are even reports of people writing reviews for authors for a small fee.

Also do some research on the author. Visit his/her website and browse. It will tell you a lot about the individual’s care to attention. If there are typos all over the web page, it might be a deterrent. Professionalism is key.

Do some internet searches for the author/publisher and see what sort of books they publish. You might be searching for a sweet romance, then buy one and find yourself in the middle of a scorching ménage—shocker!

In this day of multiple options, it’s important to spend your money wisely. You wouldn’t write out a check to a shoddy businessman for a car you’ve never test driven. And you shouldn’t spend money on books that aren’t a good fit for you either.

When making your next purchase, imagine yourself in the library or bookstore. Take some care to choose that perfect book so you don’t lug home a “heavy bag” filled with things you’ll later dislike. But definitely READ to explore new worlds and fantasies!

Whispers Publishing

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