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Monday, February 27, 2012


Alien Identity
Allie Ritch

I’m so excited to be here at Long and Short Romance Reviews. Thank you for having me.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with me, your first question is probably, “Who are you?” I immediately answer that I’m author Allie Ritch. Of course, that doesn’t tell you much. There are plenty of authors online. A person’s identity is complex, made up of lots of different pieces. In fact, identity is an underlying theme in many of my books.

So who is Allie Ritch? First, I’m a writer—not just a job, but a calling for me. I was coming up with stories before I could even write, so my brain must be hardwired that way. (All right, cross-wired at times, but that’s another story). I write erotic sci-fi and paranormal romance, perfect genres for my imagination. Second, I’m a reader. I’m the type who downloads more e-books than I can possibly read and walks out of libraries with stacks so high you can’t see my face. Third, I’m a woman. There are some fantastic male writers out there, but I celebrate the female voice. It wasn’t that long ago when women writers had to use a male pseudonym or rely on their husbands if they wanted to get published. I try not to take modern opportunities for granted.

I first played with the issue of identity in my erotic sci-fi romance, Switching Positions (2011, Loose Id). Concentrating on gender roles, I created the planet of Pandora II, where the social norms are flipped upside down. Pandoran women are the main breadwinners while the little man keeps house, and everything from who opens the door to who sends flowers is the reverse of what we traditionally see. Even sex norms are different. On this planet, the missionary position is considered kinky!

Since I also love paranormal romance, I then wrote Love and Torment (2011, Cobblestone Press, LLC). The theme of identity was very prominent in this work. The heroine, Kira, is a vulnerable romantic who literally hides behind a mask. She wears a disguise when she dresses for her role as Dominique, a jaded seductress who uses her psychic ability to control arousal. Kira basically has a split personality. It isn’t until the hero peels back her mask and accepts her that she’s able to grow as a person.

Most recently, I’ve gone wild with the characters in my Alien Sex Ed series, published by Liquid Silver Books. Science fiction lets me create a world with different cultures and customs and, yes, alien physiologies. Nothing like adding an extra appendage to spice things up. Alien Sex 101 introduces mixed-race (as in alien race) newlyweds, Xindra and Quinn. Although they enjoy their honeymoon, Xindra and Quinn struggle with their differences and their new identity as a couple. Realizing that others on their diverse planet face similar obstacles, they start a Sex Ed class. The rest of the book and the sequel, Alien Sex 102, continue with the students finding romance and learning more about themselves and other races as they come together.

I hope everyone will give my characters a chance and get to know them better. Here’s a peek at who’s in Alien Sex 102:

As a Duosien, Katra’Ruma needs a perfectly controlled lover to hit her two T-spots and trigger her orgasm. Unfortunately, the only man she’s found who can do that is an overbearing, egotistical, irritating Brachoi male named Krux. Sure his four arms come in handy and are as arousing as his lickable cherry-toned skin, but the man drives her crazy. Out of bed, they do nothing but snipe at each other—or is that just foreplay? Used to casual sex, Whitt discovers he’s in over his head when he falls for Spri, a Litting woman who considers lovemaking a sacred rite as binding as marriage. He should be running the other way. Instead, he finds himself seeing just how far he can push things before taking that final plunge.
About the Author:
Allie Ritch spends her time wandering around in her own little world in the Southeastern United States. She has an active imagination and loves fantastical elements, including those found in sci-fi, paranormal, and fantasy works. Allie enjoys entertaining others through storytelling and has fun spicing things up in erotic romance. When she’s not working, she’s appreciating the ocean and sunshine and keeping the company of a toy poodle who tries to French kiss everyone he meets.




Debby said...

Great post. Great insight into how you work. Thanks
debby236 at gmail dot com

Allie Ritch said...

Thanks, Debby.

Cara Bristol said...

Okay, I've GOTTA read Switching Positions. You totally sold me on that one.

Allie Ritch said...

Yay! Just what I want to hear, Cara. I really had a lot of fun with that book.

Amber Skyze said...

Great post, Allie. It's always fun learning about other authors.

Switching Positions sounds like a must read too. Congrats on the new release.

Allie Ritch said...

Thank you, Amber. This is the first time I've published a series, so it's really exciting to see 102, the next installment, out there. And a passing line from Switching Positions was largely the inspiration for the series. You just never know where your Muse will take you.

Evanne Lorraine said...

I love stories that push my preconceptions, my TBR list just grew! Great interview, Allie. :)

Amber said...

You sound like you're having so much fun.

Allie Ritch said...

I love taking a norm or something mundane and giving it a twist. It's entertaining, plus it makes you look at reality a little differently. Thanks for the support, Evanne.

Allie Ritch said...

Yes! I am having fun, Amber. Writing, reading, talking with other writers and readers - what's not to like?

Kaye Manro said...

Hi Allie - being a day late is typical for me. Anyway, great post! So cool to see you here.

Allie Ritch said...

I appreciate it, Kaye. Thank you.