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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


When Real Life Heroes Help Tell the Story

Like many authors I have a day job. I still need it to cover the extras and because of the health insurance. Fortunately for me I not only like the day job, but like what I do and really enjoy the people I do it with. They are intelligent, creative, caring and just awesome to be around. They make getting up at 5:00 a.m. to go do the job so much easier. Even in the tough times over the past few years I’ve looked forward to what the day will hold.

One particular person who makes it so worthwhile is, well we’ll call him Richard cause he’s really quite shy. Richard is a former police sergeant from one of the tougher cities around here. He’s not only got some great stories to tell, some of them pretty intense, he’s willing to sit down and give some solid advice and practical guidance which goes a long way to helping flesh out a story. He’s also provided me with some terrific written material to use as a resource. Richard is the kind of guy you count yourself lucky to have as a friend – and trust me, some of the things he’s done in his career are definitely hero worthy.

Physically, well, he’s 6’3” with blond hair and incredible blue eyes. He’s got a killer smile and the whole package along with his prior career makes for some great material for a romance author. How could I not draw on some of his characteristics and stories of past events for my romantic suspense books? More than simply drawing on them he’s spent hours going over fine details with me on elements such as just what does the air smell like after a gun is fired? His response? What kind of gun? How many bullets fired? How far away is the person from the shooter? He makes sure you’ve got it right.

So when I began writing World in Her Hands, my recent release with eXtasy Books he was my first research stop. It was Richard, in fact, who gave me the name of the bad guy in the story. Drawing on his own experiences he talked with me about some of the cases he worked, the investigations he undertook and shyly mentioned his own part in solving some of those crimes.

Will you see Richard in future stories? Maybe. At least there will be elements of his personality in them and I personally can’t resist a 6’3”, blond haired, blue eyed, good guy.

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About the Author:
From earliest childhood Regan was an avid reader and upon discovering Alexander Dumas and Charles Dickens she was hooked on books that carried the reader away to a different time and place. Preferring the quiet of her room and a good book to spending time with people she traveled far beyond those four walls.

It was while working as a police dispatcher, first for the California Highway Patrol and then her local police department, she began to write fiction, primarily time travels and romantic suspense. In the spring of 2009 she returned to the day job she always liked best, working as a legal secretary. Although, curled up in her bunny slippers with her furfaced children, Mel, Missy and Bogie, while writing is one of her most favorite things to do.

The World can be a mere rainbow away.

Following a successful event, party planner Sarah Dinetti meets Detective Frank Turner and feels an instant connection. A faithful and loyal friend and lover, she tries to ignore her feelings about Frank but when her current boyfriend begins to engage in some highly suspicious activities, Sarah turns to the handsome and oh so hot detective for help. But can he protect her from herself?



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