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Tuesday, April 17, 2012



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Have you ever stayed up really late at night and turned on a channel to find couples having sex? I have and did it on purpose out of curiosity. Since becoming an erotic romance writer, I have felt it my sworn duty to research, research, research. LOL

Actually, I watched it a couple of times and took notes. This type of sex can also be quite degrading and humiliating to one partner. It’s not for me. The characters, let’s say a man and a woman, have this low budget corny movie or story to perform and dress rather slutty then have sex. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Porn is about sex with no strings attached. (see BDSM for strings) There is no emotional attachment and no commitment to the ‘act’.

Erotica is more in depth. It’s about the five senses. Still, when the lovers are in bed, on the kitchen table, office desk, in a closet and so on, there is no emotional attachment. They may use lots of sex toys, such as dildos, vibrators, butt plugs (It was strictly research. Honest) or Ben Wa balls to pleasure each other or themselves. Many like to play dress up. Naughty nurses, cat women with whips, and even school girls in extremely short skirts are some of the get ups known in the movies that depict erotica. For men…well, let’s just say that less is more in the dress up department. A bow tie without a shirt is darn sexy. Still, without the love and chemistry, it’s just plain sex.

Now Erotic Romance, there’s the key to true love and excitement. Not only are hearts involved, but the chemistry is electrifying and the emotions run like a roller coaster. The stories have to end with a happily ever after while during them there is a heavy taste of the erotic, including toys if the characters want to use them. It’s all about the senses: sound, smell, taste, sight, and touch. The lovers talk dirty, play dirty, act dirty and simply love every minute. No degrading or humiliating moments are allowed, just good clean fun and frolic.

There’s something about the sound of a sexy man’s deep voice murmuring in your ear that sets chills of awareness down your spine. His smell, earthy, rain-fresh, musky or even spicy is great, but never B.O.! Then…he tastes like wine or whiskey, mint, or cinnamon--Mmmmm. To look upon him is to see health, taut muscles, six-pack abs, and a killer grin. His eyes should melt you on sight, and when you touch him--oh, the bliss of soft leather on steel. His heat burns you up.

Enough said?

I go for what’s behind door number three. Erotic romance rules the day.

Bobbi Brattz

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