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Monday, May 21, 2012



What do you think is the current appeal of angel/demon stories?

I just write what I enjoy reading so I’m glad to know there are readers looking for the same thing *smile* I can tell you why I like them. It’s the good versus bad and who will win. But I mixed things up a little. Destiny is a demon-in-training. The opening of Where There’s Smoke will give you a better idea of who she is:
Destiny Carter was six years old when she had the first inkling that her life wouldn’t be a fairy tale. That was the day her mother left her in a grocery store and never came back. Destiny was right, her life went downhill from there. Bad foster homes, bad boyfriends, and really, really bad choices.

Then she died and went to Hell.

Until she was kicked out.
And then there’s Chance, the hero:

He would do whatever it took to save Destiny. Yeah, sure, he skirted the very edges of what was legal—for an angel—but he would do whatever it took.

Not actually an angel when he thought about it. A nephilim, to be exact. All their fathers were angels. Centuries before, they mated with mortal women. When the women bore children, a new race was created. Immortals with powers—demigods.

The children didn’t live by the same rules as mortals, nor that of the typical robe-wearing, bright-light-surrounding-them angels. Hell, most of the time the nephilim were breaking the rules and making up new ones as they went. As long as they didn’t cross over to the dark side, everyone pretty much stayed out of their way.
So they’re not exactly good or bad, but all hell will certainly break loose when they get together.

What do you see coming next?

I wish I knew the answer, but I can only guess. With the popularity of erotic romance I think it will continue to be a hot topic—pun intended. My books have always been sexy. I write what I enjoy reading. This is my first erotic romance and I think I lucked out that erotic romances happen to be growing in popularity. I hope everyone enjoys Where There’s Smoke. You can find out more about me and my books at

About the Author:
Rosemary Rodgers hooked me on romance with Sweet Savage Love. I consumed books after that until I decided I wanted to try my hand at writing. Not as easy as it looks! But I'd found my niche. I instinctively knew this is what I wanted to do.

Luckily, I'm married to a wonderful man who gives me 100% support in anything I want to try. He not only told me to go for my dream, but he encouraged me not to give up.

And the dream did become reality. Wow! I still have to pinch myself. I love being an author!

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