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Monday, May 7, 2012



I have been asked why I wrote Mr. Thursday Night the way I did…crossing racial lines and social standings. Well, Mr. Thursday Night is interracial and erotic…but first and foremost it is a romance. I believe love is not blind, the heart is; it doesn’t see color or size or gender or even social standing…it just feels. And I wanted my story to be more than the same vanilla boy-meets-girl, boy & girl fall in love, boy and girl have sex, story…

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the vanilla happily-ever-after romances I love them, read them all the time! But not all real-life relationships are all roses and sunny days ending in the couple riding off into the sunset on a white horse. My characters are the most unlikely pair…Catherine has always had the best of everything, born with the proverbial silver spoon; while Ty was faced with the challenges of being raised in the hood, literally running the streets witnessing horrible acts and expected to carry the torch, so to speak.

We don’t pick who we fall in love with…it just happens. Catherine actually notices Ty in a restaurant, hears him speak and in the length of a heartbeat she falls in love…she just doesn’t realize it yet.

And let’s face it there’s just something awesomely sexy about a rough and tough guy that can take on the world and win, but still chooses to treat his woman like a Queen.

Catherine knows her association with Ty could damage her chances of making partner. Ty fears for Catherine's safety if his associates or rival gang members discover their relationship.

But they find peace and their true selves in the time they spend together on Thursday nights... steamy passion filled nights that leave each wanting more.
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Melissa Keir said...

Looks like a wonderful book! Much success Bethany!

Jason said...

sexy cover! wow!