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Friday, May 11, 2012



I love writing erotic romance and I enjoy writing about wonderful fantasies because I think in our lives we need an escape. Whether we have the relationship of our dreams we simply all have secret desires and there’s nothing wrong with that. Whether you’re in a heterosexual or same sex situation you crave. Don’t you? I write just about everything with regard to this from ménage to BDSM and latterly I’ve been concentrating on writing m/m, which my readers seem to love. I also challenged myself with writing a f/f piece and while the book was critically acclaimed, readers didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as I initially thought they would. What I do find is that my m/m pieces fly off the shelves. Why?

Hmmm… I think people truly enjoy spreading their wings so to speak in reading something that might be just a little bit outside of their comfort zone. When I truly realized that writing same sex was so much more popular I changed a lot of what I was penning. Why? Well the first reason is I want to sell but I also find that certain readers of same sex are very loyal. Now that being said, is there is difference in writing m/m and f/f? You bet.

In what way? For some odd reason there’s a bit of a stigma attached to writing f/f pieces that continued today. I have many lesbian friend writers who have what they consider to be great success but how is that really measured? On of my first m/m pieces received a silver star from All Romance E Books but you really completely understand what grabs the reader. Because I write in so many of the sub-genres of erotic romance I’m often asked if there’s any real difference. I think there is. Both in the tone and ruggedness of writing m/m or f/f is a bit different.

I like to write very gritty m/m pieces and while the majority of readers are women I’m finally getting a male following. Are all gay men rugged and dangerous? Of course not and I have my share of secrets and angsts and tears in the pieces but I also depict my guys as men. That’s just my style. Writing the sex scenes for me also isn’t difficult. Not only do I consider myself a passionate woman but I also know that men sharing passion is beautiful and I enjoy pictures depicting acts of carnal hunger. Come on ladies – you know you enjoy seeing them as well. For some reason it’s like a hidden fantasy so many women have and now since you can hide behind a kindle or your computer you can keep your likes and fantasies in private.

Writing f/f is no different. I’m a rough and tumble kind of gal but I also love every aspect of Victoria’s Secret and candles, bubble bath and silk sheets so writing about touching and tasting a woman is very easy. As writers delve more into trying to grab the reader it’s going to get harder to snag their attention. We’re required to do our marketing and that means everything from guest blogging to tweeting, yahoo groups to chat sessions on line in which hopefully readers will give you feedback. Many of mine have and mostly in regards to how I handle my male characters sympathetically. Recently His Wrath and Hot Summer Nights – Key West came out and they have been hugely popular and while we always try and figure out why my thoughts are that it’s very gritty and futuristic with a heightened level of kink readers find believable.

I think though I enjoy writing my m/m pieces because they get to be regular guys on one hand and yet they enjoy and share fantasies and passion together and I as a writer am allowed to not only take the reader on a journey but my characters as well. I tend to try and explore options in my writing same sex that you might not think about as a reader. In penning Done for example, this one was inspired by a Lifetime Movie in which a couple appeared happy on the surface but the woman in the relationship decided to take the baby away from him out of the blue and the movie was about his struggle to rebuild and reclaim the baby. So I thought, what if two men had a baby together and one out of the blue decided the relationship was over? What would happen in society and how hard would it be to work within the system to try and figure out what happened and to get the child back?

Society is still a bit odd about same sex parents and I wanted to show a light surrounding them that is poignant yet also realistic in the angst and terror one might feel in this situation. Releasing on May 17th from Rebel Ink Press, you’ll find the synopsis on this blog and I hope you enjoy. Writing same sex is a passion of mine and one I hope to continue being able to pen with joy and love. After all, passion and love is the same no matter what type of relationship you’re in – isn’t it?

Kisses xxx
About the Author:
Cassandre started writing stories and poems before she knew how to ride a bike and proceeded onto novels by age eleven. By the time she was an early teenager, she had written fifteen novels. As early adulthood, college and life settled in; writing was placed on the back burner but never forgotten entirely. Suddenly awakened by the rampant fantasies and untold stories of characters that flowed through her dreams every night and filtered into her daylight hours; she could hold back the creative process no longer.

In addition, as her alter ego Bethany Halle, she is the host of two blog talk radio shows with Robin Falls Red River Radio. The Fire of Fantasy & Darkness airs every other month highlighting writers and other artists in the fantasy, science fiction and paranormal genres. Dare to Take the Plunge also airs every other month featuring writers, publishers, cover artists and reviewers in the erotic romance genre. She also is a weekly/monthly contributor to Naughty Nights Press, Erotic Diaries, After Dark Online, Kinke Magazine and Friendzstop Magazine and Community.

As Bethany Halle she is also the Director of Communications for Rebel Ink Press and currently serves on the Nominating Committee of the RWA’s Passionate Ink. She serves as President Elect for Passionate Ink in 2012.

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Simon Preston loved his life. Between his job as a highly paid architect and his lover, Chad Murphy, things couldn’t be better. And since adopting the precocious little girl who was the love of their lives, he was ready to take the next step - marriage. After a grueling day at work, Simon decided to surprise his melded family with a homemade dinner and a selection of the finest Disney movies available. He also had another surprise in mind. Gay marriages were legalized in the state of New York and even though their relationship wasn’t perfect, Simon knew it was time to make it official. The feast prepared, he waited. And waited. When the call came, Simon's life was immediately shattered. In disbelief, he fell into a state of despair. How could Chad leave him and take the baby? Hell bent on getting his life back, Simon fought his inner demons, an abusive past and false truths and walked a twisted path until he was a changed man. And suddenly, he was faced with the fact no one believed Chad was really in his life. Was he truly going mad?

Michael Dayton was a private investigator and former decorated cop. And he was the only man who believed Simon’s story. As both men slipped down a trail of lies and deceit, Michael attempted to drag Simon back from the brink of revenge and the ravages of insanity but he had demons of his own. Could the love and honesty given freely be their salvation or would Simon lose what was left of his humanity?


Jason said...

Done sounds awesome. I can't wait to read.


Sherry Palmer said...

I love M/M romance/erotica...have no idea why but I just do. I love the idea of two men together, especially if they were "my" men. ;) Your books are gritty but sexy as hell too. Maybe M/M is so popular right now because the world is trying to give governments a heads up. Love is beautiful no matter who it is between. I detest bigotry of any kind so I guess this is my way of saying Equal Rights For EVERYONE.

Cassandre Dayne said...

Thank you so much guys! I love writing the genre and I love hearing others get it. Thank you very much!