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Friday, May 11, 2012



My name is Suzzana C Ryan, erotic romance author for Rebel Ink Press. First, I’d like to thank The Long and Short Reviews for having me as a guest author.

At a point in my life where I should be relaxing in the sun, retired in Miami I’m up nights writing and editing one manuscript or another. And loving it! Since I can remember, I’ve always loved romance. I’ve read thousands of books, mostly romance by a list of authors as long as my arm. I have my favorites. I admire the author who dares to push the limits and uses vocabulary to shock and arouse the reader. I read those pages twice. Okay so I like the sex scenes to be juicy, graphic, bosom heaving and downright nasty. Hence, my avid interest in erotic romance.

I started writing a manuscript about twenty-five years ago, a manuscript that I have since burned. Yes, burned the disaster; I can’t believe how far I’ve come. After reading some wonderful writers and getting my own e-reader, my journey into erotic romance began. Then two years ago, it began. A new manuscript, muses rapping at my door and the paranormal visions. My love affair with vampires, witches, werewolves, demons, angels began and then along came a publisher who was willing to take a chance and publish my first short story "A Vampire for her Birthday". I think the title gives you a clue to its content and the heat rating is hot; it’s a very erotic sexual romp through the paranormal.

I have three separate releases, "A Vampire for her Birthday", "My Body My Soul", yes a vampire short story and "For the Love of Jake", an erotic contemporary short story. I have a story in our anthology, Now Serving, "Maxwell’s Desire" and due to be released in May 2012 Black Roses another paranormal short story. Then due for release in June 2012 is my first stand-alone novel A Love Dipped in Blood, an erotic journey through the world of the paranormal.

You can get follow me on Face Book, Twitter, and my website and blogs. I have just begun to tell my stories my muses never stop. I would love you to take that journey with me. You will want more.

Rebel Ink Press
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Chance Harris is a powerful Grand Witch. Her obsession is one gorgeous vampire named Eric Clayton. She’s loved the vampire forever.

It’s time for Chance to take a mate, time for her to give up her promiscuity and settle down. She only sees one man, one vampire, that will suit her needs. But Eric Clayton can’t be caught that easily. He can only see the witch whose claim to fame is a very tight female anatomy. He can only see a woman with a tainted reputation.

One flower grows that can enchant a witch, the black rose. Will Chance ever see love and black roses in her future?

Their hearts will clash and ignite. A push and pull of emotions will ensue, ending in a love that will transcend time and last an eternity.
Will be available: Barnes and Noble Amazon Bookstrand .

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