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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Back to Basics

It seems in life that people try to pigeonhole themselves as city lovers, small town lovers, outdoor lovers, etc. (I thought about suburbia lovers, but I’m not sure there are any out there. If you’re one, please let me know.) Truth is: We’re all mixtures of these things.

I live in a city where there are always too many things to do. From live music, plays, gallery nights, a fundraiser, to burlesque shows, New Orleans is thriving with entertainment possibilities. If you’re bored in the Big Easy, you’re not right. It’s that simple.

However, it’s also the same in the areas outside of New Orleans, the swamps and wetlands that surround this place and stretch out and beyond Acadiana. That is where some of us escape for weekends or weeks. Off to the fish camps that come in a variety of styles.

There are floating houses with little amenities besides being right on the water and under towering cypress trees. Catch your meals from your dock or take a short boat trip to your favorite fishing hole. Then, you’ve got the single-wide trailers on tall pylons so that there is very little risk of flooding. These can be amazingly fancy, with electricity, running water, and neighbors right next door. A store is a hop, skip, or a drive away, and fishing for your supper isn’t necessary. Other places offer hybrids of these, houses built on pylons that are larger, enough for a large party of people or a family.

No matter what the flavor of the house, you are out there--away from civilization. Let your wild side emerge, and that can me the naughty side of you.

It’s why I wrote Bascially Bad. I have friends that don’t get what I like about going out of the city to the fish camp. I’m free of all the demands of modern life out there. We don’t answer emails. We only answer the phone if it is an emergency. The water, crabs, and fish are all we have to worry about. It’s very freeing.

The character in Basically Bad, Jackie, is very worried about heading out to her man’s primitive fish camp. He has plans, though, to show her just how amazing sex can be without all the toys that she thinks are necessary to reach orgasm. It’s back and forth and up and down for those two as they negotiate their sexual lives.

Get yourself out to the wild place, whether in real life or your fantasy. Get back to basics, and be bad.

Ursula Whistler
I’m not bad. I just write that way.


lisagkendall said...

Great post, looking forward to reading about "basic lovin" with your characters. lisagk(at)yahoo(dot)com

Dawn Chartier said...

I can't wait to read this one, Ursula... :-)

And I totally agree with you on the out doors. Love it!