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Tuesday, July 10, 2012




My name's M. Raiya, and I write m/m romance. Some of it, like my first novella, The Glass Man, is pretty erotic. But most of it, like my series Notice, is more fantasy adventure with a side of romance.

I love fantasy, and I grew up reading Tolkien and Mary Stewart and Katherine Kurtz. I started writing long, convoluted epics that became trilogies and then became series and kept going and going and were absolutely unpublishable but lots of fun.

Then I went to college and majored in writing, and then I went to graduate school and majored in English. My professors tried really hard to make me write serious, literary fiction where a bunch of unhappy, middle-aged, married folks sat around and complained about being unhappy, middle-aged, married folks. While I was in school, I published in a literary magazine (for free -- it's all about the prestige, you know) and then I had the brains to realize that this wasn't for me.

I did a complete 360 and started writing m/m erotica. And I got paid for it!

Then I kind of settled down a little and thought about who I was and what I wanted and all that stuff, and I started working on the series that became Notice. This series goes back to my fantasy roots -- my main character is a dragon shifter -- but it encompasses what I've come to love -- m/m romance. My main character is Varian Kendall, a proud, noble dragon lord who is all caught up in keeping his hidden lives from colliding. Not only is he the ruler of his clan of dragons, he is a high school history teacher, and he is gay. Very few people know the full truth about him, and he likes it that way. His lover is his complete opposite. Josh Fairleigh is an artist and is very openly and flamboyantly gay. My published first novel, Notice, is about how these two unlikely partners meet and how their relationship develops as the dragon's hidden lives begin to collide in a bad way.

The second in the series is a short story called "Nice: the Dragon and the Mistletoe," and in it, their relationship takes a whole new turn. In the most recent story, a novella called A Sky Full of Wings, Varian and Josh get married, amidst all kinds of drama and intrigue.

Here is a link to a book trailer I made for A Sky Full of Wings:

You can visit me on my blog and check out my more erotic romance, like The Glass Man, and my science fiction novella, Ice, at:

Thanks! I'll leave you with an excerpt from Notice:

I was a creature of many secrets.

The three aspects of my life -- my human teaching career, my dragon life, and my homosexuality -- stayed so separate that only two people alive, my bodyguards, knew everything, and I kept even them on the fringes. My dragons only knew that I also taught human children, but my students didn't know about my dragons and certainly not about my sexuality. My lover only knew I was a teacher and had no idea that I was also a dragon, and I liked it that way very much.

My worst nightmare was to have my three lives collide. I knew who would be the causality if that happened.

I taught history in a small high school in northern Vermont. Fifteen minutes into the last period on the first day of school for the year, everyone was tired, hot, and ready to go home. As I collected the papers from the wire bin where the students had put the "getting to know you forms" they had just filled out, I was thinking wistfully about fresh mountain air and moonlight on my wings.

And about someone who would be lying on cool sheets in our bedroom, freshly showered, waiting for me...

I shuffled through the papers as I walked to the front of the classroom, and I suddenly felt my heart stop for an instant.

One of the forms in the middle of the pile was blank, except for the words, "Consider this your official notice."

A student? My thoughts dissolved in horror.

The knights were after me again.

And had sent a student to kill me.

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