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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Anniversary Blog Fest: Havan Fellows


Well hello name is Havan Fellows and I'm a proud author of erotic romance...namely M/M—but behind the scenes I dabble in all forms of romance. I'm published with The Story Orgy and Breathless Press...which houses the Synchronous Seductions Series.

So let's talk summer time...

Summer is a fun time of year, especially if you have special plans for the sunny season. I remember when my family would all pile up in the station wagon and make these long road trips from Florida to Connecticut. And this was back in the early 80s—when the station wagons had the extra long back know the whole baby got back routine right? *winks*

I used to lie down next to my sister looking up at the ceiling and we would pretend we were in a rocket...we'd scoot all over pressing imaginary buttons and pulling invisible levers making our way to Mars or Venus. We would crinkle paper when we 'talked' to each other and completely drive our oldest sister and mom just cherished that we weren't fighting *heads desk giggling*.

I loved those summer road trips. Nowadays I'm too busy with the EDJ (evil day job) and being a mama to take any that last more than a couple of hours. So when The Story Orgy suggested we do a Road Trip anthology...I jumped at the chance!

Now, The Story Orgy is a writing group I'm a member of that posts free M/M reads based on prompts every Monday...and once in a while we like to mix things up and do 'contests'. We have people send in prompt suggestions and we write short stories based on them. We'll post the stories on our blogs by chapters...then publish all the stories together in an anthology with the proceeds from the first 90 days going to a charity of choice. This will be the third anthology we've done—first there was And the Prompt is..., then And the Prompt is...Christmas edition, and this one will be (you guessed And the Prompt is...Road Trip edition.

So I might not be able to take those long terrific trips with my family like I did growing up, well not right now at least...but I can write about driving down the open road on a motorcycle and you know what—it's great because I'm there *big smiles*.

If you have a craving for a little fun summer road trip of your own...swing on by and take a can find me at my blog Havan's Heavenly Haven...or if you'd like I'm on Facebook also...

I hope you had a great summer...and depending where you live it ain't over yet sweets—or it hasn't even started yet...*cocks head and thinks really hard* doesn't that just blow your mind? *giggles*

About the Author:
Something about me? Hmmmm … well I'm a mild mannered person with an imagination that makes me blush. I thoroughly love getting lost in a book or two and pray for the day my kiddos or family won't find me there. I write with the group Story Orgy and hope to continue doing so for a long time and I follow my muse where ever he takes me … he hasn't failed me yet! And just like every other red blooded human – I love hearing from people. So feel free to drop me a line.

I annoy, love, respect, scare, seduce, hurt, anger, infatuate, frustrate, flatter, envy, amuse and tolerate everyone. I just do it better in writing thanks to a little thing called...edits.

And the Prompt is...Road Trip edition

"A Guy Like Grant"

This isn't Grant Faustito's first road trip to Daytona Beach, or his first Biketoberfest. But it just might be the most interesting when Casey Bunker, a mouth watering twink, and a hurricane both try to sweep him away.


Ingeborg said...

I don't think many people can afford road trips with the price of gas nowadays.

elaing8 said...

We didn't go anywhere this year. Like Ingeborg said gas is way too high.instead i had surgery and now getting ready to move.

Toni said...

The only thing I did this summer is road trip to my new state. Let me tell you...NO ONE can afford to drive an RV. We got 10mpg tops and it is a diesel. I'm not looking forward to this credit card bill.


Cornelia said...

Went to Aruba for a week,loved it.Last time there 8 years ago.

Debby said...

I have done some road trips with my kids and they have to be well planned or the kids get crazy.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Karen H in NC said...

Sounds like a fantabulous summer you had this year. Mine was pretty good too. I toke my annual summer road trip to MI to visit my kids and some friends. Weather was hot and dry up there too. Nearly as hot as it was in NC (triple digits in July).

kareninnc at gmail dot com