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Thursday, August 2, 2012



It's been the hottest June ever, according to Colorado records, and the wild fires have been eerily present, glowing at night and filling the sky with smoke and haze during the day. It's been very scary; but with time, humidity, and over a quarter of a million man hours by Western Firefighters, hot shots, and even the Army Corp of Engineers, they've made progress in containing the fires. I've been donating money, food, and water for the firefighters and the shelters, but have been feeling relatively helpless. Mostly sitting at home and writing, getting heart deep into the worlds that Kelly and I create together. I realized, in the midst of the writing, that we're making worlds for other people to escape to and enjoy.

One of the questions I get, frequently, is how can I share creation with someone else? Don't we fight? Don't we disagree about where things are going? How in the world can I compromise every day on decisions of creation?

I've thought about it for a while. I don't compromise, and neither does Kelly; and it's because we share the same idea of what's truly important. The characters are important, being true to who they are and what they would do. Making happy endings has always been important for both of us, and making sure that our protagonists have a chance at love. How they get there and exactly what words are used are important, but nothing that we can't do better without the other person's input. Making the writing better is always important to both of us, and we're happy to disagree, critique, and argue when we know that the goal is to make it better. That the integrity of the book is bigger than either of us alone.

We each have our strengths as well and encourage each other to use them. Kelly had all these ideas of what New Amsterdam is like, and, story-wise, what places had to be closer to other places. I'm the one that sat down with a sketchpad and asked her to tell me every single one of those associations she had, and we ended up with a map. It placed all the places of import in our men's lives, and allowed me to visualize what was in Kelly's head. It also made it easier to write sequences when my characters were traveling from one side of the city to the other.

When we plot, we both come up with a fount of ideas, expand on all the ones we love, don't say no to anything, and then start writing them down. Kelly's taught me a great deal about how outlines are just guidelines, and we follow how things feel when we write. We use what feels right for both of us and keep going, and Kelly often asks me what I think about things, as I'm not very good at voicing objections unless asked. It makes for a very solid process.

And so, together, we create books we both love, and which we hope will entertain and take people to a place with happy endings when they need it. Clark and Daniel, and Lucian and Shea are characters we loved enough to put months of our lives into their making, their world, and their stories; and I hope that shows when you read their books.

About the Authors:Kelly Wyre and H.J. Raine write erotic romance together in a universe they call New Amsterdam, which is the NYC landscape, Chicago's political machine, and Gotham's darkness. Murder, mayhem, intrigue, and intimacy are the stock in trade on these city streets.

Kelly Wyre: Kelly Wyre enjoys reading and writing all manner of fiction, ranging from horror to romance. She used to work in advertising but is now happily chained to her writing desk and ancient laptop. Online, she maintains several personal blogs and helps moderate two D/s communities that house the kinkier side of fandom. Kelly enjoys the soft and cuddly and the sharp and bloody with equal amounts of enthusiasm. She's a coffee addict, a workaholic, a chronic night owl, and loves a good thunderstorm. Currently Kelly resides in the southeastern United States.

Find Kelly online at:

H.J. Raine: H.J. Raine was an electrical engineer with a twenty-year career in both hardware and software, complete with side servings of research into artificial neural networks and management for high-performance teams. Deeply involved with the early Usenet, Raine found writing as a means to spread ideas and ideals came early. Involvement in the 90s Seattle scene made it easy to take the next step: posting various works of cyberpunk, SF, and BDSM erotica. Today Raine maintains various blogs, moderates a BDSM fandom community, and writes fanfiction for fun. Reading materials include scientific journals, beekeeping newsletters, SF and fantasy, studies on violence, bodyguard training manuals, and dozens of romances. Days are now filled with writing, painting, swimming, and being a full-time parent with a lifelong partner in Colorado.

Find H.J. online at:

As the son of the infamous New Amsterdam city mayor, Lucian learned at an early age that power is king, love is for the weak, and a real man never has a use for tears or mercy. The only source of light in Lucian's formative years is Shea Ollivander, who gives Lucian the impetus to break free from his father's rule and leave the city. Shea is never far from Lucian's side, a friend and companion.

But after a lover dies despite Lucian's best efforts, Lucian returns home with a new purpose: build an empire of resources and men to destroy the sources of darkness that steal lives and souls. Shea's back in the city, too, and when three long years pass without contact, Lucian realizes he can't live without telling the man he loves that Shea is Lucian's only solace and reason for living.

When the inclusion of Shea in Lucian's life leads to a horrifying discovery of pain and suffering at the hands of the very evil Lucian wishes to annihilate, the prince of the underground realm must set his sights on a path of bloody vengeance to save his newfound lover from certain destruction.


Debby said...

Thanks for the comments on sharing the writing of a story. If you cannot do that then you cannot write together.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Liralen Li said...

You're very welcome! It's a lot of fun working with Kelly.

H.J. Raine said...

You're so very welcome! I'm very happy I found Kelly to work with.