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Wednesday, August 1, 2012



If you’ve stopped by this site, you’re probably an avid review reader. But have you ever thought of becoming a reviewer yourself? I’ve been reviewing books for close to four years and for both a writer and reader, it has lots of advantages-

Free Books

Too many books, not enough time sums my life up perfectly. Since I learned to read I’ve been devouring three books a week. These days, and if you don’t rely on your local library, this addiction can get expensive. If, like me, you’re a book vampire, reviewing them is a way to get your fix and not bust your budget.

Find A New Genre

I have to admit when I buy books I stick to the genres I love the most just in case so I don’t waste money on something I hate. No problem with free review books. You can safely read outside your comfort zone. Best thing is you might find that you’ve been—say-- a Sci-Fi fan and never knew it.

Find a New Author

Ditto to the above. When I’m buying books I usually play it safe and stick with my favorite writers but since I began reviewing I’ve found authors who I wouldn’t have taken a chance on and now I love their work.

Reading Something Naughty

Most review sites send you books in electronic form and if you’ve always wanted to try an erotic romance or even erotica, you don’t have to worry about hiding a book with a racy cover from the rest of your family. So if you’ve been dying to try something spicy, reviewing might be for you.

Hone Your Writing Skills

One way to become a better writer is to read more and not just good books. Yes, you will come across some not-so-great books when you’re a reviewer, but reading bad ones as well as fantastic ones makes you a stronger writer.

Market Research

Seems new publishers are popping up daily, but which ones are publishing what and would you want to be one of their writers? One way to find out is to read their books and you can do it for free if you’re a reviewer. You also get to see if they publish the sort of stories you write so you don’t submit something to the wrong publisher and waste both their time and yours.

Being Part of a Family

And finally there’s nothing better than being among like minded people. When you become a reviewer you join others like the Long and Short Reviews team who, after a while, feel like part of your extended family.

About the Author:Vanesssa Devereaux writers both erotica and erotic romances. She’s the bestselling author of Cater To Me, Who’s The Boss, One Night With You, Last First Kiss and the Brazen Ladies trilogy. Her latest work includes the Just for Your Pleasure trilogy and I’m All Yours, book two of her Perfect Pairing series with Evernight Publishing. This Halloween will see the release of two erotic paranormal stories, one a ménage a trios featuring three very hunky ghosts and the other a sexy vampire. When she’s not writing, teaching, reading, yes, you’ve guessed it, she’s reviewing. You can find out more about Vanessa at her Web site, read about her journey as both author and freelance writer at, or follow her on Twitter @vandevereaux

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