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Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Blogfest: Adriana Kraft


Autumn ~ Season for Erotic Romance Moments

I’m writing this post on the kind of sunny, crisp, breezy perfect fall day I like to think only the upper Midwest can deliver. I’ve just come in from watering my remaining blooming plants – the mums, just starting to open, some geraniums, marigolds, a few petunias and the nearly-gone impatiens, most of which just served as autumn harvest for some critter or other, probably a rabbit. As I was reveling in the sun and the autumn smells and the just-right temperature (and pondering this post), my thoughts naturally turned to the special opportunities this season presents for – you guessed it – racy erotic play.

A deer stand comes to mind – not during hunting season, of course (not safe, if you’ll be taking all that blaze-orange clothing off!). But a sturdy stand in the spruce/tamarack or boreal forest, right after first frost, no mosquitoes – perfect time and place for the adrenaline rush of outdoor sex. Check out Return to Purgatory Point for a sample!

Of course, hiking trails in any season provide ample opportunity as well, but autumn seems especially well suited for an outdoor erotic rendezvous. If you choose your spot and your timing wisely, there will still be enough foliage to screen you from unwanted observers, bugs will be gone, you might find a soft bed of already fallen leaves, or you could elect to stand and lean on a nearby tree, as Doug and Lacy did at Walden Pond in Through the Mirror.

More possibilities are flooding my mind (and yours, too, I hope). How about an outdoor gazebo, just at dusk? A deserted lakeside beach, maybe under the lifeguard stand, or on top of it, if there’s access? A nature center in a neighboring town has an observation shelter overlooking a pond where waterfowl often rest during their fall migration. Since it’s built to keep the wildlife from being disturbed by the humans who watch them, it very handily prevents anyone approaching from seeing what’s going on inside. The plot is already forming in my mind…

Probably my personal favorite would be the northern lights. Having spent several years living at the top of Minnesota, I have marvelous memories of watching aurora borealis through our dining room’s north facing patio doors in the dead of winter. I don’t remember seeing them in other seasons when we lived there, but one fall we returned for a visit, rented a guest house, and happened to step outside on the deck after dark for an unfettered view of the night sky. We were rewarded with a full half hour display, first a hazy curtain of light and then pulsating strobes and moving ribbons. The moment was perfect – and you can bet this is one that will show up in a novel.

What are yourerotic outdoor fantasy scenes for autumn? Leave a comment to let me know, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for your choice of a free download from my published books.

Happy autumn!

Adriana Kraft

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Jean MP said...

Great post, lots of great ideas for fun times!
skpetal at hotmail dot com

chirth7 said...

Fun on top of a trampoline, you need a blanket or you'll get rug burn. lol

Debby said...

Great ideas. I love the forest when the leaves are changing. Right now the wind is blowing and rain is falling and it is not too romantic.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Susan Shapley said...

Sharing a blanket in front of a fire while the leaves are falling outside and the rain is falling....cider, anyone? There's something so incredibly romantic about a fall rainstorm, as long as you're inside with the right person...warm, snuggled in, and ready for anything.
Susan Shapley