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Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Blogfest Havan Fellows


*grabs you and swings you around and around and around* wheeeeeeee! It's autumn…can you feel it? Can you smell it? Can you wrap it around you and cuddle into its sweet embrace?

*stops and blushes*

Oh…I'm sorry…we haven't been properly introduced and here I am manhandling you…my bad? *giggles*

Hello…I'm Havan Fellows…I write. Okay, to be a tad bit more specific I write M/M erotic romance. I enjoy blue-eyed men…simple light touches…anything with pecans in it and AUTUMN! *big shite eating smile*

Sure…I understand that where I live there isn't much of an autumn—not much in the way of season changes at all *pouts*—but that doesn't mean I don't still look forward to the couple days we do have. :)

How do I celebrate the autumn we do have? One word…pumpkins!

Oh yeah, you got that right…my kiddos are addicted to all things pumpkin…whether it is carving (or attempting to carve lol), roasting seeds, baking with it, painting them (great for fundraisers at school!)…heck—even my profile pic on facebook for October is a pumpkin! :D

Now back to the baking—well, I don't do the whole kitchen thing that often—even after they drew me a map so I could find the kitchen in our house (blew that excuse right outta the water *blushes*). I still don't visit it on a regular basis…hehe. But the kiddos know that when fall comes around and that crisp cool air hits our faces as we step out the front door in the morning…they know I'll break my rule and do a little baking.

I remember around two years ago when my eldest kiddo wanted pumpkin bread…and the caress of the season made me oblige her…so we went to the store to gather the ingredients…but alas—there was no pumpkin! Evidently we were in the middle of a pumpkin shortage (??? Is that even legal???)…my daughter was devastated! The excitement of not having to bake couldn't even trump my sorrow of not having any pumpkin-y goodness around for us to munch on.

And let me tell you—ever since then I've been forced to stock up on pumpkin. If we ever go under four cans in the house I have to pick some up. The horror of that fall has never been repeated…*heads desk giggling*

Well…I don't have any books to share with you that tie-in with my whole pumpkin addiction…but another addiction that also pops up strong and hard this month is scary/spooky movies/books…freaking love them!

And what a kawinky dink…I do have something of that nature to share with you!

On Halloween (great timing right? hehe) an anthology that I'm in is available…Freaky Flashes…13 Sexy Halloween Quickies is now available for pre-order from Breathless Press.

This is an anthology that has thirteen flashes (quickies in the range of about a thousand words) that will make you shake and shiver in more than one way…I can't wait to be wrapped up in a cozy blanket on the couch popping roasted pumpkin seeds and reading this bad boy…what a great way to spend the night!

Sooooooo…wanna join me on this couch? Oh yeah…you know I want you to! All you have to do is curl up next to me…place one hand in a strategic position…and with the other hand enjoy your favorite pumpkin treat also—don't worry, I'll hold the kindle so we can enjoy these freaky flashes together…

Oh…you also have to comment here on your fave fall treat that you'll be indulging in…that comment will put you in the running to win Freaky Flashes (or any book from my backlog if you so choose)! I'll announce the winner on my blog here on November 3rd.

So come…enjoy…indulge…and shudder right along with me…*winks*

P.S. If you are looking for me…I'm available at my blog Havan's Heavenly Haven…or at Facebook…or you can even tweet to me @havanfellows :)


Debby said...

My daughter loves pumpkin as well. She enjoys Dunkin' Donuts pumpkin flavored coffee.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Jean MP said...

I must admit I am like you, if my supply of cans of pumpkin gets below 2 or 3 I am stocking up!
skpetal at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I really love gingerbread (with or without pumpkin ice cream on top!), and hearty stews and braises. And always, always a latte or mocha each day, or I get cranky!


diannehartsock said...

Hugs, Havan! Hope you had a great Halloween. It might sound funny, but my favorite part of Halloween is the smell of the jack-o-lantern as the candle starts to singe the insides. :)