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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Blogfest Lena Lonesome


Lena Loneson is giving away a download of her latest book, GOD OF ECSTASY. Enter to win by leaving a comment on this post: Are you choosing sexy or scary for Halloween this year?

Halloween: A Night without Inhibition

Writing and Halloween have always gone together for me. They’re both terrifying, and they’re both exciting.

As a writer I get to try on all sorts of personalities and situations. I can be anyone I want (a pilot, an empress, a werewolf, a killer) and anything I want (sexy, intelligent, scared, cruel) without consequence. Just like wearing a Halloween costume.

But in that costume I have to walk out into the dark, where monsters lie: showing a piece of myself before an audience, with no idea how they’ll react. If you read closely, that costume comes off, and I’m as vulnerable as my heroine standing exposed before a new lover.

It was on Halloween that I took the terrifying plunge to share my tales with the world, first as a playwright. I signed up for a 24 Hour Theatre Festival at my university, where the writers had to create a Halloween-themed piece overnight.

I figured, why not? I love creepy stories. If my play is terrible, well, I wrote it in one night, with no sleep. It was the perfect mask to hide behind. And when I had 5,000 words left to go at 4am, they came faster than anything I’d typed before: the uninhibited writing of a sleepless mind.

My play, about an evil cat that turns two college roommates against each other, was a success – it literally gave several members of the audience nightmares. My next Halloween play was also my first romance: it explored the love between a man and his wife, who had unfortunately been turned into a zombie. The romantic element stuck with me, and earlier this year I wrote my first paranormal erotic romance, ALPHA MOUNTIE.

Halloween has that scary/sexy mix that gets our pulses racing. Just Google “sexy Halloween costumes” and you can find anything under the sun (Sexy Big Bird? Really?). For a night, anyone can lower their inhibitions and explore their erotic side, or their scary side. My favourite erotic romances combine a little of both: the heat between the hero and heroine grows as they face down something out of their nightmares.

In my latest book, GOD OF ECSTASY, the nightmare is an evil djinn, or genie – very different from the laugh-a-minute Robin Williams in Disney’s Aladdin, my djinn is an ancient, evil spirit who stalks our heroine, watching her through mirrors. Mirrors have always given me the creeps. You’d better believe I’d run straight into the arms of the nearest, hottest Greek God who showed up to save me. So “Costuming” myself as my heroine, Jaime Leighton, wasn’t too difficult to do. Now I’m showing her to the world. I hope you like her.

Happy Halloween!


Jaime Leighton has had some pretty unremarkable sex in her lifetime. So when she rubs a bottle of wine and a hot, half-naked tattooed man appears in her bathtub, offering three fantasies, he’s pretty hard to resist. Dionysus claims to be the Greek god of ecstasy, wine and madness—and he can breathe underwater. Thus begins the best three nights of Jaime’s life.

They also turn out to be the most dangerous, when the evil djinn who cursed her new sex partner attacks. Now Jaime must come to terms with her growing feelings for the god and break the magic spell inked into his arms before the djinn snatches away both her love and her life.

Note: Contains light BDSM.

About the Author:
Lena Loneson hails from Canada, where she enjoys sitting outside in the cool autumn evenings writing steamy sex with shivering, gloved hands. For Halloween this year, she’s dressing as an evil unicorn, and plans to consume far too many roasted pumpkin seeds. Yum.

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Mountain Laurel said...

Pretty cool that Halloween was the time you started on your path to writing! I too love a creepy tale and thank you for sharing your story today!

Lena Loneson said...

Thanks, Mountain Laurel! Yes, I am a total creepy story addict. This week I've been reading a ghost story before bed each night to scare myself. So dumb, but strangely fun!

Debby said...

Halloween should be scary.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Suzie said...

Thanks for sharing your story about how you got started with writing. I plan on sexy for Halloween. Paying tribute to the myths and legends that feed my imagination.

Best of luck with the new release.

SheriV said...

Scary. Zombie Prom Queen. :) I love doing the makeup.

smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

Lena Loneson said...

Sounds like we have good mix of scary and sexy with Suzie and Debby :-)

Zombie prom queen sounds awesome, Sheri. Playing with creepy makeup is far too much fun.

Jean MP said...

Halloween isn't Halloween unless it is scary!
skpetal at hotmail dot com

Lena Loneson said...

Jean, you'd have loved my Hallowe'en. We had some seriously scary kids come to the door last night including one wearing a Scream mask filled with blood -- he had tubes of fake blood hooked up down his arm. Amazing!

Lena Loneson said...

Debby, you're my winner -- congrats! Just sent you an email, so if you don't get it, let me know. Thanks!