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Friday, November 30, 2012



Forgiveness or We’re Done?

I have to say, I’m a pretty non-forgiving person. Once you cross my line, I will cut you out forever. I don’t know why, I just am. I don’t recall ever “letting someone back in only to have them burn me later.” I just do it that way.

See that line I just drew in the sand? Don’t cross that. Don’t even think of crossing that.

My own personal line made writing Rough Tumble a serious CHORE. I am not even kidding. Trent crossed my line so far, it’s like the wind picked up all the sand and dumped it somewhere else that I couldn’t even draw my line back in the sand.

Here’s the thing with Trent. He’s the oldest male in the family. He’s spent so much time taking care of everyone, he doesn’t know how to stop. He just does things and when his brothers don’t respond how he likes, he often flips them the bird. He has ideas and orders in his mind he likes to see happen. He would have probably made a great dictator.

Oh boy, I know you’re excited to read this now, but let me finish first.

As much as I hated having to forgive Trent, I so very very very very very much enjoyed flicking him off that high horse he’d been riding on. He made a spectacular splat in the mud when he landed. I have to say, the way Trent landed on rock bottom and sat there and looked around at the things he’d said, realized at the person he had become, oh man—that made me dust my hands off and offer the man forgiveness.

So tell me, when was the last time you did something, even though you really just didn’t want to. Or just say, Keri, give me your Roughnecks series! Because that’s totally what my giveaway today is! Leave a comment and you’ll be entered for e-copies of Rough Ride, Rough Play and Rough Tumble.

Rough Tumble, last in The Roughnecks Series, is now available!

Having her fiancé admit through email that he married another girl while away was humiliating enough. Telling the small town the truth was something Tonya just couldn’t face yet. With him in the military, it seemed easy to let everyone think they were still together. Just for a little while. Fast-forward through time a few months and Tonya’s restless, lonely, and unsure how to fix her lie. To add to that, she’s finding her best friend, Trent Iverson, more and more attractive.

When Tonya confesses the truth, Trent feels like his life is finally on the right path. Everything is smooth sailing until old fears that makes him controlling surface. He has to face the mirror and see his controlling ways if he wants to keep Tonya.

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Debby said...

My daughter is like that. She has a line and once you cross it you are out. Your book sounds great.
debby236 at gmail dot com

KeriFord said...

Thanks, Debby! Your daughter sounds like my kind of girl!

Julia Mills said...

OMG! I CANNOT wait for you to get this finished! I am the opposite...I forgive and forgive and line lol. Well...I draw the line and then get all mushy and move the line again and again lol! WHAT A MESS!!! Your book just sounds amazing!!!