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Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Blogfest Lee Brazil


Haunted Theaters

Good morning! Thanks for having me over. I'm Lee Brazil, author of mm romance for Breathless Press and Story Orgy. In keeping with the theme of the season, I'm talking about my inspiration for Encounter...haunted theaters.

Now, now...Have a cup of coffee and a cookie...I can see you're a skeptic but you can't convince me there's no such thing as ghosts and haunts. I'll tell you straight out, I'm a believer and I have my reasons. I've seen things...heard things...felt things that just can't be explained. Even my father- a very scientific and logical man, had a story he liked to tell, of his encounter with a shadow figure that led him to a hiding place in the attic of an old farm house where we lived at the time. I guess it was when I was maybe three...but in that hiding place, my dad found a civil war belt buckle and a few trinkets. But I digress...I wasn't going to tell you about my family ghost stories, just talk about haunted theaters and how they led me to writing Encounter.

A few years ago we came out east from California on a road trip and passed through a few small towns that you could tell had passed their heyday. The old buildings were in disrepair, but you could tell from the ornate stonework that they'd once been part of an elegant and bustling downtown. Among the derelict buildings were a variety of store fronts, but most intriguing were the fanciful old theaters. It seemed they vibrated at times with the joy they'd brought to the people, though some reeked of sadness and despair.

I don't say these particular theaters were haunted, but they've certainly haunted my imagination since.

Have you ever looked at a derelict building and seen a face in the window that disappeared as quickly as you noticed it? Stepped into a room from warmth into a chill cold spot? Is everything you've ever put down always found in the exact spot you left it?

These are only a few signs of haunting, and haunting isn't limited to personal residences. In the state of Illinois there are dozens of haunted buildings, including a handful or more of theaters such as The Egyptian Theater in Dekalb and the The Ritz in Belleville. At the Ritz employees heard strange noises including a woman calling for help when they were alone in the building. Lights flashed on and off. Curtains shook and shadowy figures lurked. At The Egyptian, doors open of their own accord, footsteps are heard, and a mysterious being nicknamed Bob taps employees on the shoulder.

The hauntings are seldom harmful, and mostly related to such things as dedicated theater supporters and owners lingering after they've passed. Voices are frequently heard, objects moved, strange music plays, and even cigar smoke or perfume is smelled.

When I sat down to write my ghost story, the theater seemed to offer so many options...Who would pass from this plane of existence to the next and yet linger to haunt a theater? An actor? A technician? An owner? An enthusiastic fan?

Some places naturally speak to us of ghosts...cemeteries, abandoned buildings, hospitals, deserted roads...but a theater? What traumatic experience could tie a being to a place where people gather for entertainment?

And so Caspar was born, a sound technician...haunting a community theater. Why? He's yet to tell me...but he will.

Would you like to meet Caspar? You reader will receive e-book copies of all three of my October releases: Encounter, Truth Deeper Than Logic, and Freaky Flashes. Just comment to me here about your own ghostly experiences or lack thereof...

About the Author:
When I was young, my family relocated frequently for my father's work. A constant stream of new schools, new locations and new people made my family and my books my only constant companions. As a child I was swept away into incredible worlds with the turn of every page, from Camelot to Sherwood Forest, the deck of a whaling ship, or the frigid Alaskan tundra. Every book I read spurred new adventures...if only I were there to turn left when Lancelot went right, or some such. Even before I started putting my what if's on paper, I was telling myself stories. As I grew, the stories changed, and the focus changed from wild adventures and feats of daring to simpler, more enduring themes. Today I write about what I believe is one of the most basic of human needs...the need to love and be loved.

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Jean MP said...

Enjoyed reading your post, and your book sounds fantastic. As for ghostly experiences I have never had one, have never lived in an really old house and apparently I never travel anywhere that has ghosts living there.
skpetal at hotmail dot com

Debby said...

Enjoyed your post a lot. I have experienced those things but never really did attribute them to haunting. Food for thought.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

It's funny, I'm at the local historical association a lot, but the building doesn't seem haunted. Then again, the attic IS freezing...


gigi said...

Great post! I personally have not experienced anything like this, unfortunately!!!


Tazer said...

Reading your post brought back a memory of a couple of bizarre experiences I've had. I never really told anyone because you think its in your head or your hearing things. I was working in Oregon at a school for troubled kids and it was housed in an old orphanage that nuns ran. A lot of children died there for one reason or another, anyway I worked nights and a couple times I would see candle light flickering through the window on the 3rd floor, which freaked me out because the door up to that floor was locked, and hasn't been opened for years. Also I would hear choir singing on the stairwell late at night. Also The building was used in a popular movie I just can't remember the name. Sorry so long, a lot more happened I just didn't want to take up any nor space.

Urb said...

I am so easily spooked. I've never had an authentic ghostly encounter, but it doesn't matter, I get scared of fake ones. When I was twelve, already a hopeless book geek, I saw a picture book at the mall bookstore about ghosts. These were supposedly authentic images of "real" ghosts, but most of them were fairly fake looking. One photo, however, caught my eye. It showed a shadowy figure gripping the bannister at the base of a staircase. I have no idea why this picture--surely as fake as the others-- terrified me. Perhaps because the figure was so vague, barely there. I'm actually creeped out just thinking about it. Now, I can PhotoShop that myself with ease, but even the memory of it chills me. A real ghost would send me over ten edge, for sure.
brendurbanist at gmail dot com

Jyl22075 said...

I'm always hearing strange noises around my house. Everyone tells me that it's just the house settling, but I don't buy it.

Jyl22075 at gmail dot com

Loveless3173 said...

Oh! Please count me in! :D
sadly I have yet to experience anything. though I must admit the thought of it does fascinate me... as it does frighten me. I feel I live in the best place though, if I ever do want to see or hear or feel something all I have to do is look. I believe Hollywood/Los Angels to be one of the most haunted areas. Why? Because, how many dreams were left unfulfilled/shattered here? how many people were murdered? It's the place/city of lost dreams, not to mention, all the riots and gang fights... The Black Dahlia murder, The insanity of Charles Manson...

If I do encounter someone I only hope they mean me no harm. lol... like I said, The thought is fascinating but inside, I'm terrified of what I want to so badly see.
As the old saying goes.. Careful what you wish for...

;) Enjoyed the post!


Michelle said...

I've never had any ghostly happenings...I hope if I did it would be the cool kind not the terrifying kind ...That would be awesome! chellebee66(at)gmail(dot)com