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Monday, December 17, 2012



Fun Ways to Get Him to Stuff Your Stocking
By Chloe Glint

A lot of people focus on kids for Christmas, but what about your significant other? As an erotic novelist, I thought it would be fun to present "Fun Ways to Get Him to Stuff Your Stocking." Try some of these "sexy gifts" for your partner, and both of you will end or even begin your Christmas with a broad smile.

The Sexy Coupon BookBreakfast in bed is tame for what I have in mind, and yeah, it isn't Valentine's Day, but how about a set of homemade coupons full of his (or her) favorite fun "sexy games."

The Sexy Scavenger HuntOh, la la. Try placing some lubricant, romantic candles, and adult toys around the house wrapped in ribbons for your partner to find. I bet you he will never be happier in his life to receive a candle as a present. You know what comes next.

The Red Ribbon of LoveSurprise your loved one with a red ribbon leading from the front door to the bed.

Cell Phone ForeplaySend your partner sexy messages all day long. The more erotic, the better. By the time it's night, he'll be panting—and maybe so will you.

The Kinky KitOh, yeah, it's kinky, but it can be fun to heat things up too. Bound with your partner with this holiday gift for two at A little too extreme? There are many less kinky gifts out there for you to share together.

The Panty-gramSend your partner some sexy panties with a special note from Panty-gram. Imagine his surprise…and pleasure.

I hope you enjoyed my sexy holiday tips. Now for the freebies. If you want to win a free e-book copy of A Gypsy's Bride, then leave a comment with your name and email. I'll do an anonymous drawing and we'll see who wins.

Meanwhile, have a happy, sexy holiday.

About the Author: Chloe Glint is the writer of erotic romances. Her titles include A Gypsy's Bridge, A Pirate's Prisoner, and Love in Ribbons. Her short story has appeared in the Darkest Desires anthology. When she isn't writing, she enjoys playing with her animals, running, and taking dance classes.

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joye said...

Enjoyed the visit and thanks for the blog hop
Thanks for the gift hints.


elaing8 said...

Hot cover.
Thanks for sharing the tips :)

Urb said...

Fun gift ideas, thank you. I really like the phone message one. One could really get creative!

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Debby said...

I like the idea of the gifts. Thanks
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Mountain Laurel said...

oh...Liked some of your ideas! May have to try a couple of these on my hubby! Thanks for sharing them!

Na said...

Great tips. The Rib Ribbon surprise sounds simple and sexy.