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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Anniversary Blog Fest: Lee Brazil


Summer Vacation

*sips coffee and kicks off flip flops* Thanks for having me over. Hi, I'm Lee Brazil, author of mm romance with Breathless Press and The Story Orgy. I want to wish LASR a very happy 5th anniversary celebration, and whine a little bit about the assignment.

See, when I was a kid, every summer ended with going back to school. Every first day of school, teachers would hand you a sheet of blank paper and write the same thing on the board. "What I Did on My Summer Vacation". When I got to high school and we rotated classes? All seven teachers did it.

It's been more years than I care to dwell on since I was a student, but here I am again, getting ready to write an essay on what I did on my summer vacation. Brace yourself, you're about to discover why I dreaded those assignments.

This summer, I had an amazing time doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. I took a brief trip to visit my family. We did some hiking, some drinking and a lot of catching up. Went fishing, but didn't catch anything. I missed my cat and my dog, oh, and my SO, so I came home early. Then, it was my SO's family reunion, and we're still dealing with that!

Summer is an amazing time of year. I enjoy being able to get up and watch the sunrise while I drink my coffee sitting out on the porch or in the yard. The day may still only be 24 hours, but I seem to pack a lot more into them when I have that summer sun for company. For instance, today I'm making sun dried tomatoes while I write this. *grins* Multi-tasking like the best of them, huh? Just kidding. Well, not about the tomatoes. They're in the oven not out in the sun though. One thing I do not enjoy about summer is the bugs.

And that sun is calling to me right now, so I'll have to be off.

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Rita Wray said...

Summer is my favorite season. I love hot weather and hanging out in shorts and tank tops.

Toni said...

New area and new summer temps, though where I used to live is having the same temps. It's HOT!! Relaxing is the best way to endure the temps, oh and maybe an iced coffee!!


elaing8 said...

I love the summer.Even this really hot weather.I like being able to sit outside and read or do whatever.i'm dreading winter.Seems like this summer just flew by.


Debby said...

I do enjoy summer. But you are right about the bugs.
Debby236 aT gmail dot com

Karen H said...

Sounds like you are living the life of Riley right now! I visit my children in MI every summer for a few days. We spend the time eating my daughter's gourmet dinners and eating juicy hamburgers (best in town) and drinking cheap drinks at our favorite dive bar. This year my daughter & I drove over to Sarnia, Ontario, Canada to visit their casinos. On the way back, we did a little shopping at the Duty-Free store. In all, a fun few days! Oh, and I had lunch with 3 school friends. Our 50th reunion was held last year but I couldn't make it up for it, so we had our own mini-reunion this year.

That's what I did with my summer vacation!

kareninnc at gmail dot com