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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Anniversary Blog Fest: Viki Lyn


Triple Digits Survival

My summers are all about surviving triple digit temperatures! I’m a native California girl, so I’ve enjoyed mild weather most of my life. The worst weather conditions were tulle fog in the winter, and the occasionally rainstorm. When I moved from the Bay Area to San Diego, I became even more spoiled – the weather constant and predictable and cool.

The last fifteen years, I’ve been living in Arizona. Well, too say it’s been a physical challenge to survive the summers is an understatement. The heat slaps you in the face demanding attention. Arizonians love to talk about it. It’s our main topic of conversation from late May to early September. A person living here can’t ignore the heat, so you learn to adapt.

So, here are my top survival tips for surviving an Arizona summer:

1. Pool – when we moved here, our first priority was to buy a house with a swimming pool. That’s not too hard because almost every house has one. Even if I don’t cool off in the pool, I need the visual of looking out my window at a body of water! It makes me feel better.

2. A/C – I don’t skimp on A/C – our house is a constant 75 degrees – or lower in the summer months. Block construction and low ceiling helps keep the electrical bill at a reasonable rate.

3. Car Window Shade – Yep, those ugly silver shades every one of us puts in our car window to reflect the heat. Even the best car A/C gets sluggish when the car is sitting in a parking lot for a couple of hours in 110 degree heat!

4. Ice Water – its best to drinks lots of water, and I like my drinks filled with ice. Maybe it’s the visual of the condensation on the glass that makes it taste more refreshing. It’s nice to add slices of cucumber and lemon in the water – which gives the water an added zing.

5. Indoor entertainment – this goes without saying – watching movies on Netflix, playing computer games (now playing: Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning) and reading.

6. Early mornings – I wake up at 5:30 and do my errands before 12 noon – and if I play golf, I’m out on the first hole by 6:30 and play only 9 holes so I’m done by 9:00. I never thought I’d be such an early bird!

7. Frogg Loggs – a weird but wonderful cloth that you rinse in warm water. After ten minutes, its ice cold – yeah, perfect for when you do have to venture out into the heat.

8. Tank Tops – and lots of them in that wonderful thin summery cotton that’s soft and light weight.

9. Leave! – Ah, those lucky ones who leave for the summer are called ‘snow birds’ – they escape to higher elevations or other parts of the country.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer regardless of the temperature!

Viki Lyn

About the Author:
I always had an active imagination, and as a kid, I pranced in the sprinklers as a proud mermaid, and was saved by the prince on his white steed. And secretly, I visited past eras in my time machine, without my parent's approval!

Since then, I've traveled to Stonehenge, Hypogeum, Roman Forum, Chartes Cathedral, Carnac, The Great Pyramid, and so many other fantastic spiritual sites. My travel experiences seep into many of my para/fantasy stories, and that's why this genre never grows stale.

I write paranormal and contemporary male/male romance. Why male/male? I love the idea of two hot men together. I'm hooked on Japanese yaoi, too. I guess there's really no way to explain my love of the genre, but if you read it, you just know how satisfying it is when you reach the HEA.

So browse my website, check out my books and come imagine with me!

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Debby said...

I visited my father in San Diego. It does have the closest to perfect weather of anywhere I have been. Why would you leave?
debby236 at gmail dot com

Rita Wray said...

Love your survival tips.

Viki Lyn said...

Thanks Debby and Ineborg for commenting! Well, we moved for a job, and found ourselves in the desert. :) The winter season is wonderful and there is beauty in the desert, so most of the time, we enjoy it here. But the summers...LOL

elaing8 said...

This summer has been brutal with the heat and humidity.I love my A/C.Wish I still had my pool though.But I will take this over the snow.

Viki Lyn said...

Elaing8 - I absolutely agree with you when it comes to heat over snow! Our winters are beautiful!!!

Karen H said...

I'm a transplant from Michigan where the summers are short (but hot) and the winters are long (and very cold). I love it here in NC where the summers are long (and hot) and the winters are very short (but mild). Great trade off IMHO. I love my A/C too.

kareninnc at gmail dot com