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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Blogfest Tonya Ramagos


The Ghosts of the Singing River

They marched, singing their death dirge, into the deepening waters of the river until they drowned. A tribe of Choctaw Indians in Pascagoula, MS, fearful of enslavement by their enemy, the fierce Biloxi tribe.

Pascagoula, MS is not a widely known city, but it’s seen its share of legends and disaster. Hurricane Katrina is the most recent of these, but the history of the Singing River lives on with the locals of the Gulf Coast.

In the early 1800s, the Mississippi Gulf Coast was inhabited by a peaceful tribe of Choctaw Indians, but they were the only settlers in the area. A more violent tribe, known as the Biloxi, occupied the lands to the west and the tribes became mortal enemies. In a tragic tale of love and death, Altama, the chief of the Pascagoula tribe, secretly fell in love with Anola, the princess of the Biloxi tribe. When Anola’s father discovered this, he declared war on the Pascagoulas. As the Biloxi tribe approached, the Pascagoula’s knew they were vastly outnumbered. Altama and Anola, refusing to live a life without one another, drowned themselves in the Pascagoula river. To save themselves from defeat and disgrace, the Pascagoulas joined hands and followed their leader into the river, singing and chanting until they drowned into extinction.

Today, in the still of the evening during late summer and autumn, their singing can still be heard, growing nearer and louder until it seems to come from under foot.

As part of the Long and Short Reviews Halloween celebration, Tonya is giving away a .pdf download of her recently released paranormal erotic romance, Powerful Moves, available at

About the Author:
Tonya Ramagos is a best-selling author of contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, and cowboy novels. She spends most of her time in a fictional world dreaming up hot hunks and head-strong heroines. When she’s not writing, she’s reading. Anything from legal and military non-fiction to any genre of romance can be found on her Kindle. Her music tastes are just as varied with favorite artists ranging from Billy Currington to Disturbed. Her idea of relaxing is curling up on the sofa or her back deck with a book and her favorite beverage. Born and raised in Pascagoula, MS, she is now a resident of Chattanooga, TN where she lives with her boyfriend and their five children.

Find Tonya online at

Twitter: @tonyaramagos
Buy links:

Halloween Blogfest Kelli Wilkins

My Paranormal Adventure in Gettysburg
Kelli A. Wilkins

My husband, Robert, and I like to explore haunted places, and naturally one of our vacations took us to Gettysburg, PA. We got there early in the morning and went to the cemetery to look around. I was standing near a witness tree when I noticed a wire running down the side of the tree. I said out loud to Robert (who was on the other side of the tree, completely out of sight), “What’s this thing?”

A second later, a very deep, male voice behind me answered, “I don’t know.”

I whirled around, but there was nobody there.

Robert came from behind the tree (looking more than a bit confused) and asked, “Did you hear that?”

I nodded. “Tell me what you heard.”

“A man said, ‘I don’t know.’ He gave me a funny look. “But there’s nobody here.”

I smiled. “Oh they’re here. Welcome to Gettysburg.”

But the best part of this trip was our adventure into the battlefield fog. It was around 11:30pm and we wanted to explore. Since you can’t go onto the battlefield at night, we decided to drive around. As soon as we got outside of town we came upon a wall of fog. You could literally see the line where it started.

I thought that was strange – but what the heck – we’d drive through it and come out the other side. Wrong. The thick, swirling fog completely engulfed the car. We couldn’t see more than two feet in front of us, and saw nothing but fog on all sides.

We figured the fog would dissipate or…something. Nope. The further we drove, the thicker it got. From time to time I swore I saw shadows in the fog, but I figured it was my imagination.

Robert was getting a little nervous because it was pretty obvious this wasn’t normal. He was worried about another car coming down the street (there weren’t any, who else would drive around in creepy fog?) and hitting us. I told him I was more worried about what we’d do if a Civil War soldier on a horse ran in front of us.

After about half an hour we decided to turn around. As we headed back to town, I was on the side of the car nearest Little Round Top. The fog was on the ground in the field next to us, but wasn’t high up on the ridge. I looked toward the top of the ridge and saw several flashes of red and orange light. At first I thought it was heat lightning (but it was April), then I remembered all the reenactment photos I’d seen in the museums. Whenever a cannon went off, they always showed a burst of red or orange light.

I watched the bursts of light go back and forth for a while. I rolled down my window and heard a muffled “boom” noise. Robert asked me if I’d heard thunder. When we got back to the hotel, I told him what I’d seen. (He was happy I waited until we were off the road.)

A few years later, we were in Colonial Williamsburg on a ghost tour and I told my fog story to the woman running the tour. Her face actually paled and her mouth dropped open. “You went out in battlefield fog?” (She was clearly shaken up and horrified.)

I said, “Yes, so? What’s the big deal? What exactly is it? What happens if you go out in it?” (I had my own theories, of course, but I wanted to hear what she had to say.)

I never got an answer. All she said before she took off was, “Don’t ever do that again.”

Flash forward another few years. Robert and I went back to Gettysburg with friends who wanted to see the fog for themselves. We waited until late and went to the edge of town. There wasn’t a wisp of fog anywhere.

I guess Robert and I witnessed something special that night. I’m not sure what would have happened or what/who we might have seen if we’d stayed longer (technically we were “safe” in the car), but common sense prevailed. We’ll go back another time and see what happens – because you never know….

Happy Halloween, everyone!


About the Author:
Kelli A. Wilkins divides her time between writing erotic romances and spooky horror stories. Readers are invited to follow her blog: to read book summaries, excerpts, reviews, and more. Catch up on all of her writings at her Amazon author page: and at her site:

Kelli is giving away a free PDF of her first Amber Quill Press paranormal romance, Confessions of a Vampire’s Lover. You can read a summary and an excerpt here: To enter the contest, comment on this blog. A winner will be chosen on Nov. 3, 2012.

Halloween Blogfest Marie E. Blossom


The Flies

When I was a girl, I lived in an old four-story house with my family in Northeast PA, coal country. The house perched on the top of the mountain like the skeleton of an old miner. In decades past, men would walk down the hill to work in the mines, leaving their wives to mind the children. My grandpop said the souls of the ones who died in the deepest parts of the tunnels sometimes came back out and walked home, thinking they were still alive.

I was ten when it began. Sometimes the wind blew hard and the whole house shivered. This didn't frighten me. Sometimes the air howled through the eaves. This didn't bother me either. But sometimes, usually on the first, crisp, cold night of late autumn, the flies would come.

I'd wake up flailing. The dark felt thick, almost suffocating, and often I panicked as I tried to extricate myself from my blankets and avoid the flies landing on my forehead or my nose or my hair. I took to sleeping with a fly-swatter near the bed. It didn't do much good—I was never fast enough.

Sometimes they clustered around the light in the closet. Sometimes they hid around the creepy old painting my Mom had hung on the wall of a Victorian girl dressed in a pink frock. She liked to watch me fall asleep, her blue eyes staring until I put the sheets over my face. The flies liked her, sitting near her shoulder like miniature bats. Sometimes I'd leave the window screens open, coax them with freedom. Surely the flies hated it here—no fresh water, nowhere to go…

They didn't leave. They waited for me. I hung netting from the ceiling, hoping they wouldn't be able to penetrate the filmy fabric. No such luck. I set out sugar water laced with vinegar and dish detergent and once caught a fly sitting disdainfully on the cup's rim, faceted eyes staring into the glittering liquid thoughtfully. When it saw me, I swear it laughed as it flew away.

My Mom said the house was haunted. She'd heard someone died in the house. I didn't care. I just wanted the flies to leave me alone, certain they were there to torment me for misbehaving. Eventually, we moved to a new house. The flies remained behind. For the first few months, I slept soundly. Peacefully. It was wonderful. Then one night, as I slipped downstairs for a drink of water, the cellar door creaked open by itself. I froze, certain I was doomed, but instead of a ghost, a single fly flew out of the stairwell and careened around wildly as if confused, or lost.

It flung itself at the window again and again, pocking the frosty glass with its small body. The streetlight outside gleamed like a full moon. When the fly finally fell to the sill, red eyes dulling into death, I realized I'd been there for hours. My feet were cold and I had school the next day, but I was no longer frightened. That was the first time I'd ever seen one of those flies try to get out of the house. It was the last fly I ever saw inside after midnight, at the tail-end of autumn.

Maybe the house was haunted. Maybe it was just me. The next day, I began to write stories about love and devotion and how even death couldn’t keep two people apart.

To win a copy of Devotion, leave a comment.

About the Author: Marie E. Blossom is a romance novel devotee, the steamier the better. After years of devouring books, Marie decided it was time to write her own, mostly because she loves a happily-ever-after ending every time. She also writes erotic romance novels (ménage) under the pen name Erin M. Leaf.

Marie’s Evernight Page:

Queen Ximena is devoted to her people and will gladly sacrifice herself for them, even if it means her death. Her bodyguard, Zefirino, is devoted to her and will gladly sacrifice himself to keep her alive.

When a terrible enemy suddenly attacks their planet, how will they protect those they love without losing each other? Together they survive an assassination attempt, invasion, and capture, but they both know that their duty may eventually tear them apart.

How can Ximena give her life for her people when she knows that Zefirino will die trying to save her? Who does she put first: her planet, or the lover she isn’t even supposed to have?

Halloween Blogfest: Sabrina York


The Romance of the Harvest Moon
Sabrina York

I think perhaps my favorite film of all time is Camelot. You know, the 1967 musical version with Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave that tells the tale of the marriage of England's King Arthur to Guinevere, and the betrayal and broken hearts that follow.

This is the movie that sparked my passion for historical romance. Oh, the pageantry, the romance, the song—and surely people did spontaneously burst into song in the olden days—it stirred something powerful and evocative in my young breast.

The first time I saw this film was from the back of a Rambler station wagon. Mom wanted to see it and Dad was brave enough to take her—and “the girls”—to the drive in. While my sisters crawled around on the faded carpet picking out escaped Jujubes, I stared at the screen enthralled by the story, the costumes, the dashing heroes of yore.

When the movie ended and we were driving home, I lay on my back on the Jujube-strewn carpet—we didn’t actually use seatbelts in 1967—and stared up at the sky, wrapped in the emotions of that story. And something caught my eye. Hanging low in the sky was the most beautiful harvest moon. It was orange and round and enormous. It was so perfect, I wondered if it was real, or part of the movie I’d just seen. In my young mind, it seemed to be as flawless, as beautiful as the story I’d just lived.

That moment stuck in my mind. Even now I can see that stunning moon, relive the feelings I had experiencing my first true romance.

Any wonder that I grew up to want to recreate that moment?

I’ve always been drawn to romance, especially historical romance, with flawed, tormented characters, struggling to overcome some deep lingering pain. Pain that only love can conquer. Oh, I’ve written plenty of stories with steamy sex and snarky humor, but my true love has been always historical romance. Because of Camelot.

As an erotic author, I am particularly fascinated with the Regency period, especially how the stultifying restrictions of that era provide a sharp counterpoint to simmering sensuality.

I had to write an erotic Regency. I was delighted when it sold to the Ellora’s Cave Legend line.

Today, Folly releases. An erotic Regency and my favorite book of all the novels I’ve written so far. I enjoyed it so much, the moment I finished it, I started working on the prequel, Dark Fancy. Two other companion books began to speak to me as well and are in the works.

Folly is the story of Eleanor, Lady Ulster and Ethan Pennington—enemies who have been deeply wounded by the same cruel man. Enemies who can only find redemption in each others’ arms.

Widowed and threatened with penury by her heartless in-laws, Eleanor—Lady Ulster—hatches a plot to save herself. Determined to produce the Ulster “heir”, she seduces a stranger at a tawdry masquerade. Little does she know, this magnificent masked lover is none other than her husband’s greatest nemesis. And God knows Ulster had plenty.

Ethan Pennington is mortified to arrive at a house party and discover Lady Ulster in attendance. He has wanted her and hated wanting her—his enemy’s bride—for years. When he overhears Eleanor’s predicament and her plans to place a cuckoo in the Ulster nest, he is more than willing to oblige. The opportunity to finally claim her—while taking the revenge he craves—is more than he can resist. Ethan strikes a bargain with Eleanor, promising to provide her with the heir she so desperately needs…if she will meet his needs in return. Every decadent one of them.

When he realizes she is the mysterious stranger who stole his heart on a moonlit night, thoughts of revenge melt away beneath the hope for something more. A fleeting affair becomes a seductive courtship, and then a desperate pursuit as Ethan realizes…he is running out of time to win her.

Read an excerpt of Folly and comment on this blog to win a free copy.

About the Author:
Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, writes naked erotic fiction for fans who like it hot, hard and balls-to-the-wall, and erotic romance and fantasy for readers who prefer a slow burn to passion. An award winning author in multiple genres, Sabrina loves writing hot, humorous stories in all kinds of settings.

Connect with Sabrina at on Twitter at @sabrina_york and on Facebook at

Halloween Blogfest: Nancy Adams


Groaning Ghosts

Ghosts are scary! Not laundry scary, but still pretty damn scary. I also find them utterly fascinating. I love that thrill of hearing ghostly tales, it gets my adrenalin pumping and I always feel the need to look over my shoulder.

There was only one time that I wanted nothing to do with the ghostly realm and that was when my family decided to move from Toronto to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. That alone was scary, especially for a city girl, but we moved us into a house whose original owners had passed away in the house...both in the master bedroom! YIKES!

Of course, we didn’t learn of that until we spoke to some locals, though by that point we knew something wasn’t right. We had already heard thumps coming from my parents’ room when we were all downstairs and the tap in the kitchen would turn on by itself.


By far, the spookiest event happened when I was living in the house by myself.

After a day of work, I went home and while making dinner I heard a couple of loud thumps. I brushed it off as the traditional groans of an old house. Later, I was watching a bit of TV and my little yapper, Peppy, walked to the bottom of the stairs just off the living room and looked up like there was someone there. I took a quick look and saw nothing then went back to my show, chalking it up the odd behaviour to bad eyesight as she was getting on in years.

By eleven o’clock, I was ready for bed. I completed my nightly ritual, and then headed up stairs. My German shepherd, Sarah, zoomed up in front of me, while Peppy followed behind. When I reached, the top Sarah was just sitting at the top standing next to my bedroom door. She just sat there, ears perked up, staring past me down the hall. When Peppy finally joined us, she stopped in her tracks next to Sarah, and stared at the same spot. I encouraged them to follow, but neither budged. I even tried grabbing Sarah’s collar but she put on the brakes and then ducked into my room making herself at home on my bed.

I didn’t make a big deal of the creepy feeling I suddenly had and carried on my way. By the time I reached my parents' room, I had goose bumps on my arms and that creepy feeling, like that, was watching from inside the room. I didn’t see anything threatening, but I did get the feeling that I wasn't wanted, so I got out of I very quickly walked back to my room, closed the door, got into bed and pulled up the covers. Because everyone knows, your covers protect you from ghost. *queue eye roll*

The next morning, the door to my parents’ room was closed. I certainly didn’t close it; there was no way I was reaching in that room to pull a door closed. At the time, I wondered who did; I also wondered what the heck went on in there. Really? All this paranormal activity was happening in a bedroom. What else went on in there! Knitting classes. Sheesh!

It did leave me wondering if desire and love followed us into death. And after what I experienced, I’m going to say...Hell yeah it does.

Now that I write erotic romance, my mind goes into over-drive with the kinky possibilities. What could two ghosts or souls, get up to without having bodies to do it in? A little multiple action? Maybe they had their silk scarves and paddles ready to go. Or, maybe, they were simple folk who wanted to get down and dirty with the classic cowgirl? The possibilities are endless. Maybe the better question should be what couldn’t they do!

Those lucky ghosts.

Whichever is the case, years later I used the events of that night and the layout of that house in helping me write my new paranormal erotic romance, The Soul Within. Guess that means I’m indebted to frisky, ghosts...?

Leave a comment for a chance to win an e-copy of the The Soul Within and $10 GC to TEB or

About the Author:
Besides her addiction to trash novels and bed linens, Nancy has been known to spontaneously rearrange furniture and stay up to the wee hours of the morning reading. Writing is a new passion for Nancy, which began in 2008 with 'hobby' writing courses, while her husband was deployed.

Nancy's favorite anything romance related, although she does enjoy a good laugh. As for her own novels, she demands three elements, intrigue, humor and a good dose of naughty scenes. So, it wasn’t much of a surprised when the world of erotic romance pulled her>
Her other hobbies include, walking the dogs, running, and painting (not on canvas...the house). Nancy lives in Eastern Ontario with her family and two furry beasts.!/NancyAdams.scribblingseduction

Halloween Blogfest: Charity Parkerson


Halloween Time Memories

Hi, I am Charity Parkerson and I am the author of 19 books including 11 Amazon best-sellers. I am also co-host of The Melissa Craig and Charity Parkerson show. If you’d like to check out any of those, you can read about them here: and I have a blog but I thought we’d have some fun today.

October is my favorite month, and I thought it might be fun to share a memory from our childhood (or adulthood) about Halloween. There are no rules. It can be funny or sweet, doesn't matter. As an extra incentive, I will be giving away a $5.00 Amazon gift card to one randomly drawn commenter along with a few Smashwords coupons for some of my books. Don’t forget to add your email address to your comment so I’ll know where to find you.

I will kick things off...

When I was young we lived way out in the woods. There were a total of 4 houses within walking distance, we knew everyone who lived in those houses, and 3 of them were relatives. Each year, my sister and I would dress up in our (usually homemade costumes), get our pillowcases, and walk to all 4 houses. Our first stop would always be my Aunt Effie's house. Now Aunt Effie was easily 100 years old, and seeing us in our costumes was always the highlight of her year. Each year she made a special batch of cornbread for us. We would knock on her door, and yell Trick-or-Trick then she would scoop out the cornbread and dump it in our bags NO ZIPLOC OR ANYTHING!! This is why we went there first! We would smile and say our thanks, before running down the road, and shaking our bags out in the ditch before moving on to the candy. :-)

As awful as that sounds, it made her happy to give us that cornbread and it made up happy to see her excited so it worked out for everyone. Now it’s your turn, what is your favorite Halloween memory?

Oh, and I’d love for you guys to join me on Twitter @charityparkerso and on Facebook

About the Author:
Charity Parkerson was born in Tennessee, where she still lives with her husband and two sons. She is the author of several books including six Amazon bestsellers. You can like her at Be sure to visit her at and you can read her blog at

Her “Sinners series” was voted one of the top ten best books by an Indie author in 2011- Paranormal Romance Reads

She is a member of The Paranormal Romance Guild, is a Goodreads moderator, a member of Coffee Time Romance, a member of Long and Short Romance Reviews, and is a Library Thing author.

She won author of the week in August of 2011, and is a three-time winner of The Mistress of the Darkpath writing contest.

You can follow her on Twitter @CharityParkerso

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Blogfest Lena Lonesome


Lena Loneson is giving away a download of her latest book, GOD OF ECSTASY. Enter to win by leaving a comment on this post: Are you choosing sexy or scary for Halloween this year?

Halloween: A Night without Inhibition

Writing and Halloween have always gone together for me. They’re both terrifying, and they’re both exciting.

As a writer I get to try on all sorts of personalities and situations. I can be anyone I want (a pilot, an empress, a werewolf, a killer) and anything I want (sexy, intelligent, scared, cruel) without consequence. Just like wearing a Halloween costume.

But in that costume I have to walk out into the dark, where monsters lie: showing a piece of myself before an audience, with no idea how they’ll react. If you read closely, that costume comes off, and I’m as vulnerable as my heroine standing exposed before a new lover.

It was on Halloween that I took the terrifying plunge to share my tales with the world, first as a playwright. I signed up for a 24 Hour Theatre Festival at my university, where the writers had to create a Halloween-themed piece overnight.

I figured, why not? I love creepy stories. If my play is terrible, well, I wrote it in one night, with no sleep. It was the perfect mask to hide behind. And when I had 5,000 words left to go at 4am, they came faster than anything I’d typed before: the uninhibited writing of a sleepless mind.

My play, about an evil cat that turns two college roommates against each other, was a success – it literally gave several members of the audience nightmares. My next Halloween play was also my first romance: it explored the love between a man and his wife, who had unfortunately been turned into a zombie. The romantic element stuck with me, and earlier this year I wrote my first paranormal erotic romance, ALPHA MOUNTIE.

Halloween has that scary/sexy mix that gets our pulses racing. Just Google “sexy Halloween costumes” and you can find anything under the sun (Sexy Big Bird? Really?). For a night, anyone can lower their inhibitions and explore their erotic side, or their scary side. My favourite erotic romances combine a little of both: the heat between the hero and heroine grows as they face down something out of their nightmares.

In my latest book, GOD OF ECSTASY, the nightmare is an evil djinn, or genie – very different from the laugh-a-minute Robin Williams in Disney’s Aladdin, my djinn is an ancient, evil spirit who stalks our heroine, watching her through mirrors. Mirrors have always given me the creeps. You’d better believe I’d run straight into the arms of the nearest, hottest Greek God who showed up to save me. So “Costuming” myself as my heroine, Jaime Leighton, wasn’t too difficult to do. Now I’m showing her to the world. I hope you like her.

Happy Halloween!


Jaime Leighton has had some pretty unremarkable sex in her lifetime. So when she rubs a bottle of wine and a hot, half-naked tattooed man appears in her bathtub, offering three fantasies, he’s pretty hard to resist. Dionysus claims to be the Greek god of ecstasy, wine and madness—and he can breathe underwater. Thus begins the best three nights of Jaime’s life.

They also turn out to be the most dangerous, when the evil djinn who cursed her new sex partner attacks. Now Jaime must come to terms with her growing feelings for the god and break the magic spell inked into his arms before the djinn snatches away both her love and her life.

Note: Contains light BDSM.

About the Author:
Lena Loneson hails from Canada, where she enjoys sitting outside in the cool autumn evenings writing steamy sex with shivering, gloved hands. For Halloween this year, she’s dressing as an evil unicorn, and plans to consume far too many roasted pumpkin seeds. Yum.

Find Lena online at


Halloween Blogfest Denyse Bridger

I've told this story to people in person when we get talking spooky stuff, but I've never actually committed it to the page, so I thought maybe a little ghostly tale might be fun. I'm going to write it like a mini-story, but rest assured this really DID happen to me.

The night was just starting to cool after the warmth of the Indian Summer day. The four people who'd been hanging out together were restless in the apartment, and one of the guys suggested they take a drive, just to get out. Maybe go for coffee or a drink. One member of the group was underage, so they settled one the coffeeshop.

The next hour was spent laughing and they decided on a walk in the local park. Fifteen minutes later, they were strolling the paths and trails. Officially the place was closed to visitor after 8 PM, but no one would stop them if they wanted to walk in the dark. It didn’t take long to find a nice secluded spot, and before long the conversation took on a challenging tone – the subject ghost stories and anything that might scare the girls. It didn’t take long. The rustling of the leaves in the sighing breeze, the sound of night birds and crickets chirping all added layers of awareness that heightened the ignited uneasiness the stories had awakened.

“Why don’t we leave, go for fresh coffee,” Jacqui suggested, glancing around when a twig snapped and something moved in the brush.

Kevin laughed and made a grab for her, eliciting a yelp of frightened surprise, before she got angry and slapped his arm, hard.

The other couple watched, then laughed when their friends started arguing.

“Come on, let’s head back to the car, we’re not supposed to be here anyway and security might find us,” the second girl said. Since it was her boyfriend’s car they were driving around in, there was no objection.

Half hour later with fresh coffee in hand, they were back on the highway.

“Where are we going?” Wayne tossed the question to the couple in the back seat as well as his girlfriend. When no answer was forthcoming, he headed out of town.

“Head to the Passage, I’m going to show you a really cool and creepy place out there.”

He looked at his girl. “How creepy?”

“Wait and see, this place is old and a friend took me out there for the first time years back, you’ll see,” she replied.

Following her directions, they were there in fifteen minutes. They parked and no one moved. The blackness was incredible and complete, despite still being in the city. Directly in front of the car was a huge slab of bone-white stone, rectangular in shape. Beyond it, an abandoned shack that had once been used by the power company. She told everyone to get out of the car, and when they did, they all shivered.

“Shit, it’s like the middle of winter here!” Wayne complained.

“It’s always like this here,” she told him, staring at the open space around the lone building. The air was icy, and it crept under your skin within seconds. The stillness was even more unsettling. There should have been sounds of traffic, but there was nothing, only a silence that shouldn’t have sucked every bit of external noise into it.

Something moved near the little shack and Wayne grabbed her hand and told Jacqui and Kevin to get in the car. In less than a minute, he had the car in reverse and they were speeding away from the spot. No one said a word.

She stared out the window, and a sudden blast of cold kissed the back of her neck. She almost screamed when they sped past a tall figure on the side of the road. She had a split second of contact, and her stomach knotted. Eyes with no colour bored into her for a fraction of a second, and the impression burned into her brain. Over six feet tall, pristine white shirt, black pants, and cape like coat, stark silvery white hair that flowed over his shoulders... she turned and looked back as they passed him, and he smiled. She felt like a gush of Arctic wind blew through her entire body.

“Did you see him?” She almost shrieked in the silence of the car, and Wayne swerved, almost going off the road. Brakes squealed as he stopped the car and everyone looked back – no one saw a thing, but he was still standing there, watching her. And even with the distance, he was as clear as if he stood in front of her...

We drove to a church after that – for real. To this day, no one believes me, but it wasn’t a dream, I was wide awake and aware. That’s haunted me for years, and I never saw anyone who looked like that again. Mind you, just writing about it makes me shiver a little.

Leave a comment for a chance to win your choice of a book from my backlist.

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Denysé Bridger
"Live the Romance, Become the Fantasy..."
** Best-Selling Author of 2011 **
Fantasy Pages (general):
Bound By Passion (adult content):

Halloween Blogfest Emily Carrington


Dear Readers,

Halloween is the best time of year to remember my favorite true ghost stories. Let me share one with you.

Shortly after my first guide dog retired, I hid in a listening room in the music library on campus. Desperate to forget my dog for a few minutes, I turned off the lights, and turned up a CD by Debussy. I thought I’d feel safe in a cocoon of velvety darkness and rolling sound.

Something turned on the florescent lights.

This wasn’t my first encounter with either ghosts or electrical problems, so I got up, flicked the switch off, and settled back at the table.

I had a sense of someone standing over me, but being visually-impaired I’ve learned to cope with feelings like that. I knew I was alone in the room, so I listened to on Debussy’s “The Sunken Cathedral” and refocused on how much I missed my guide dog.

That’s when the lights came back on, and a voice behind my right shoulder said, “Leave.”

I ignored my first reaction, which was to get up, take out the CD, and get going. I’ve faced ghosts, flickering lights, and randomly moving objects. Most of the time, there’s a reasonable explanation. Even when there isn’t, ghosts can usually be ignored.

“Go away,” I told it. Then, deciding I didn’t want to keep playing the game with the lights, I closed by eyes.

“Leave,” the ghost said, right in my face. (It wasn’t cold; I felt as if millimeter-long bees were stinging my cheeks.)

I opened my eyes.

My guide dog crouched between me and the ghost-form by the wall. Even though he wasn’t there in the flesh, I could feel my dog’s fur under my left hand, and I both felt and heard him bark.

The ghost faded through the wall, and I said, “Thank you,” before grabbing my jacket. I left the CD playing in the listening room, and I don’t think I told the student sitting at the circulation desk. I dropped the key to the listening room in front of her, and then left the building.

I’ve always loved ghost stories, although I never thought I’d live through one. Now that I’ve lived through several, I enjoy sharing aspects of them through my GLBT erotic romance.

In celebration of the creepier aspects of life that urge us to cling to those we love, I’m pleased to offer a giveaway. Leave a comment below and win a copy of Dragon’s Bane, a tale of obsession gone too far.

Atlas, a genie-god with nearly limitless power, has one task to complete. He must find the modern equivalent of Cerberus and kill it. He discovers the three-headed dog's incarnation are three figures which surround his current master, Dan. These three are Dan's current lover, Reese, Mark, a water dragon and Reese's obsession, and Luke, Mark's genie. Luke possesses nowhere near Atlas's strength. If Atlas fails, he will be unleashed upon the world, insane and unstoppable.

Mark and Luke, still uneasy in their unequal relationship and with Mark's reluctance to fully embrace his true nature as a dragon, find themselves under attack. Their memories are altered and untrustworthy. They forget key information, including Atlas's existence, and how much they love and need each other, long enough or consistently enough to effectively fight back against this powerful new threat. And they aren't the only ones whose memories and realities are being violated and altered. As their uneasiness around each other grows, Mark and Luke may lose sight of the one thing that has always protected them. Only their love for each other can save them -- and everyone at Searchlight -- from Atlas completing his terrible final task.

Find more ghost stories, short stories from the SearchLight universe, and giveaways at

Don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win!

Halloween Blogfest: Wendi Zwaduk


It’s Spooky!

I’m not a big fan of being scared. It’s never been one of the highlights of my life. I don’t go to haunted houses and I hate when things jump out at me. Blood grosses me out—even more when it’s my own— and I don’t stomach things that look dead.

Plain and simple...I’m a wuss.

So it came as a shock when DH asked me if I wanted to tour the Mansfield Reformatory. It’s an old, abandoned for many years prison. Not exactly my idea of a hot date. But it is historical. So...wussy me went. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The Shawshank Redemption was filmed there, so the joint has to be kinda cool, right? It’s over a hundred years old and looks like a castle, so again, must be neat, right?

It is and it’s not.

It’s very cool because the building is old. It’s got this beautiful woodwork in some of the rooms and a neat looking tile floor. The chapel still has some of the original religious sculptures that show their age. Plus, the place is MASSIVE. So on those merits, it’s pretty neat.

But it’s also scary as heck. Why? People DIED there. They killed each other there. Oh, and they were locked up there. I’m not real big into spirits or whether they exist, but who knows who is still hanging around there! But this post is supposed to be about Halloween or spirits, so here’s my ghost story.

We’re wandering around the prison and happen to be down where the meat locker used to be. There’s a huge room next it that houses at least a hundred stored toilets. They are stacked on each other. I have no idea why, other than they were ripped out of the cells. Anyway, the story goes that women don’t like to be in and around that toilet room or the meat locker because they get pushed or queasy or spooked. I don’t know about them, but I am in the spooked category. I’m minding my own business when I swear I felt like someone was watching me. Every time I looked where I thought the person was, NOTHING. The door was shut. And when I felt it from another side, there was a wide open room. I got the chills and tingles up my spine. As soon as I could get out of there, I did. Why? The heebie jeebies. I swear. In the rest of the building I felt fine. There? Wigged out.

There’s nothing funny about being scared by something you can’t see, but the strange part about the whole thing? DH felt the spooky feeling and was across the room so I know it wasn’t him.

Have you ever felt like you were being watched but had no idea by whom? Let me know! Got a great ghost story? Share!! Each comment with your name and email as well as a ghost story gets you in the hat for a $5 amazon GC.

I’ll share a little about the two ghost stories I’ve got under my belt – The Clandestine Classic: The Phantom of the Opera and Miss Me Baby!

Here’s a little about the Phantom of the Opera:

The Classics Exposed…

A chance sighting at the Opera, fated love, and three lives in turmoil.

One man pledges to own her, while another wants her heart. The Opera sets the stage for romance and intrigue. In the catacombs below the building lives a man rife with sorrow and passion. The Phantom. But he’s not content to live alone. He wants to possess the one woman who can set him free.

His Christine.

Viscount Raoul de Chagny doesn’t believe the rumours of a Ghost living below the Opera. He only has eyes for Christine, his childhood friend and first love. Together they embark on a sensual journey of discovery and fiery desire.

But she can only have one man. Will love raise her up or tear their world apart?

And here’s a little about Miss Me Baby:

Say you’ll haunt me, since I’ll never stop loving you.

Felicity Black never quite understood love. She worked her assets to get what she wanted and didn’t care who got in the way. Until she met John. He saw past her superficial self to the woman inside. Death separated her from John before she could tell him how she truly felt. Now she’s got her chance...just not in the way she expected.

John wanted Felicity to haunt him. She had been the only woman to stir not only his heart but his soul as well. But the woman claiming to be his lost love can’t be her... Felicity was dead. He has to decide whether to trust his gut or walk away from a new start.

Can a second chance at a first impression lead to love or a lifetime of heartbreak?

Reader Advisory: This story contains an out-of-body experience, voyeurism, spanking, rough sex, masturbation, and a chance for love to strike twice.

About the Author:
I always dreamt of writing the stories in my head. Tall, dark, and handsome heroes are my favorites, as long as he has an independent woman keeping him in line. I earned a BA in education at Kent State University and currently hold a Masters in Education with Nova Southeastern University.

I love NASCAR, romance, books in general, Ohio farmland, dirt racing, and my menagerie of animals. I also write under the pen name of Megan Slayer. I’m published with Total-E-Bound, Changeling Press, Liquid Silver Books, Turquoise Morning Press, Decadent Publishing and The Wild Rose Press. Come join me for this fantastic journey!

If you like my work, tell your friends and email me. I love hearing from readers!

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Halloween Blogfest: Kate Hill


Countdown to Halloween

Planning starts weeks ahead. It’s a search for recipes that include seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as some gross and funny dishes to fit the holiday mood. Pumpkin pie, apple crisp and cookies are yearly treats that are always delicious and fun to make.

Decorations are next. Unwrapping old decorations is comforting and pleasurable. Then there’s the new ones that were purchased last year during the post-holiday sales. Ghost and pumpkin candles, jars labeled as magical potions, spider webs and window decorations are taken out of their packaging and transform a normal house into an enchanted one. Let’s not forget the traditional Halloween village that gets assembled on the coffee table. Every year at least one new piece is added. Most are purchased from the Halloween section of the local craft store, while others are made by family members, such as the clay sea monster that guards the paper lake in the center of the village.

Once the decorations are up and the food is planned, work starts on the costumes. It’s surprising the costumes that can be created from articles in the closet. Cut out leaves of red, orange and gold fabric sewn onto a basic black shirt and gloves make a perfect garment for an autumn wizard. An elegant enchantress might wear dangly jewelry, a flowing dress and a feathered mask.

Halloween approaches. The night before almost all the food is prepared. Halloween morning is a great time for carving pumpkins. That evening, when trick-or-treaters arrive, smiling jack-o-lanterns are waiting to greet them.

It’s finally here. Delicious food. Funny, scary or sexy costumes. Cool decorations. Family and friends.

That’s what Halloween is about.

Leave a comment for a chance to win a download of Dark Before Dawn (writing as Saloni Quinby) and a download of Back to Haunt You.

About the Author: Kate Hill is a vegetarian New Englander who loves writing romantic fantasies. When she's not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out, and researching vampires and Viking history. You can visit her online at and Also visit Kate’s Halloween page at

Halloween Blogfest: Victoria Blisse


Autumn Days, an Erotic Romance blog from Victoria Blisse

When I was in primary school we sang a song about Autumn days which listed great things about the season. Jewelled grass, chestnuts, football matches and more. I love this time of year and not just because it’s my birthday on the 10th October. I love the way the leaves change colour and how the weather gets cooler but not so cold I have to put my thermals on.

I’ve referenced autumn in many stories I’ve written and my novel Fulfill Me is no exception. I base a lot of the action in the Autumn months so, here’s a seasonal excerpt for you. This is a scene at a Halloween party; now I don’t really do Halloween myself but I really did like the idea of a seduction at a fancy dress party and Halloween was the perfect excuse to get my characters dressed up. I hope you enjoy the taster but first, the blurb!

Caitlyn is out to get what she wants and she desperately wants Nick Casey, Star of Dobson’s Digs the biggest soap on TV. She will do anything to get into his life but one thing, one person always stops her. His annoying yet handsome PA Mike.

But there is more to Nick and to Mike than she could ever have first imagined. She ends up on a journey from one side of BDSM to the complete opposite and all the time she’s just looking for the man who can make her whole.
And the excerpt:

Mr. & Mrs. P Harbottle cordially invite you to a Halloween masque Ball. Fancy dress and Mask required. Friday 31st October from 8pm. RSVP

Oh, a fancy dress ball! Fantastic. I love fancy dress and the mask thing will be great fun, yes. Masked flirting is almost more fun than face to face flirting. The extra mystique is intoxicating. I even have a mask, it’s lovely. Small, sparkly and sexy in red, which curves up the side of my face, delicately and elegantly. I used it once at a party years ago but kept it because of its beauty.

Now just to do some net surfing to work out what to wear with it. I want sexy, nope not wonder woman. And I want something a bit different so not a horny devil either. I need sophisticated but not poncy, so no I don’t like that Elizabethan look.

Now that’s the one! Just perfect, sexy, different and cool. Also I’m almost certain to get laid. Maybe someone will even offer to pay me; I’ve always been turned on by the thought of being a prostitute. This is a classy wild western whore with the frilly dress hiked up to one side exposing a red and black lace garter, and a cute little hat and red slippers. It looks as if the balconette top will show off my breasts to perfection.

And it will make old Sheila gawp and sigh and gossip. Oh yes, I am ordering this outfit, that’s for sure. I’m going to be the Belle of the ball.

~ ~ ~

My outfit attracts all kinds of looks from glares of icy hatred to red hot leers of lust. I dance to the middle of the road pop music being piped into the overly grand, understatedly decorated dining room. Several men come forward to dance with me, many of whom are soon after dragged away by wives and girlfriends.

Whilst stood in the corner sipping at a glass of water a cowboy slips by me, his hand rests briefly on my hip and I catch a hint of a sweet citrus smell. I decide it’s worth playing a little with this one, so I spin around and meet him eye to eye.

“You can’t touch, what you’ve not paid for, you dirty rotten good fer nothing’ cowpoke. Just ‘cos I’m a whore doesn’t mean I’m easy you know!”

He smiles sardonically. His lips lifting at the corners and making his eyes sparkle under the wide, black sash across them. His face is further shadowed by the wide brim of his dark brown and battered cowboy hat.

“Well, excuse me Ma’am. I was just being friendly like, are you always this mean to potential customers?” his hand rests on his hip, as the elbow of his other arm rests on the bar. His body is bent towards me, one knee directed right at my crotch.

“No, but I’m always this mean to men who touch without asking a lady’s permission first.”

“I’ll remember that in future ma’am.” He grins, his fake American accent stretched, but still sounded pretty convincing. I like the look he has too, faded blue jeans, brown cowboy type boots and a plain, midnight black shirt, open at the collar.

“Good.” I nod curtly then sidle up beside him, rubbing my body along the length of his. “Now, buy me a drink, and we can talk about this potential custom of yours.”

“Oh, so now you’re friendly enough. What would you like to drink darlin’?”

“Scotch, on the rocks.” I reply, keeping to my character, and getting in some extra American Dutch courage. Knocking back the whiskey in one go might have been a bad decision though. I’m glad I went with the waterproof mascara tonight.

“Are you alright, darlin’?” He pats me on the back, as I splutter and pushes over a glass to me.

“Yep, it just went down the wrong way.” I smile crookedly and take a sip of the proffered water.

“I thought so.” The mysterious cowboy comments a smirk lingering over his lips. “Now then, what are your rates?”

“Oh well, I’m quite expensive, but I am very good value for money. I’ve never received any complaints.”

“That’s good because I don’t buy no cheap rubbish you know, I like quality. I like to buy something I know will last.” He grins once more and I smile sweetly back.

“No worries there, love. I can last as long as you need me too and longer no doubt.”

He laughs out loud startling the rotund vampire behind him and making me chuckle too. Something about this guy is really hitting all my spots, and I’m pretty certain that’s not just the scotch talking.

“Well, I’m definitely interested in making a purchase. Now, where do I go to get my goods?” His hand slips onto my arm and rests just above my elbow, I press closer to him.

“Well, I don’t think we’ll be able to get a room in this establishment, where would you suggest?”

“ I’m resting my horse not far from here, and I have what I think would be a comfy work environment for you there within -what do you say? Wanna ride pillion with me?”

“As long as you promise to hold me tight and not let me fall.” I reply, grazing his cheek with my highly stained lips.

“Fantastic.” He knocks back the end of his drink then offers his arm to me. I take it and allow him to walk me away from this little town bar, full of little town people to a place of mystery, magic and hopefully, ecstasy.

Just at the exit he stops suddenly. “Ah, just wait here for me, my sweet lady, I’ve left my lasso in the hostelry, I’ll be back soon.”

I stand in the doorway and am partially aware of a conversation happening in the hallway with a masculine voice I vaguely recognise.

“Ahhhh Mike, I’m glad you made it.”

“Hello Sheila, it’s good to see you but I must be going, I have a taxi waiting for me outside.”

“Love the costume, it’s wild! I hope you rustled up some fun in it whilst you were here.”

“Yes, yes I did thanks. OK, I’ve got to go now, thanks!”

And suddenly mysterious cowboy is back at my elbow, with an actual lasso in his hand.

“I hope you know that using that thing will cost you extra,” I harrumph, a suggestive curve to my mouth.

“Ahh, don’t worry Ma’am, I’d worked that one out. I’ve got extra gold from the bank to cover the surcharges.”

We giggle and fall into each other’s arms then into a waiting taxi. I fuzzily wonder if that guy in the hallway would be pissed off at us taking his cab but the lips of my masked stranger find my own and stop that line of thought in its steps.

These lips are confident lips making mine shiver with lust, quivering with awe at how masterfully they kiss me into submission. They make my body melt and ache just with a few second of lip to lip contact.

“Well.” He hisses, our lips parting, his accent getting shakier by the moment. “I’m liking the free taster.”

“Erm, who said it was free mister, I’m adding up your tab in my mind you know.”

“I’d best hold back on the tasters then, hadn’t I?” He grins, “I don’t want to use up all my gold before I get off the damn horse.”

“I thought you were rich, mister cow poke.”

“Why, I am lady, but those kisses must be worth a small fortune, I best go easy on them.”
If you’d like to read more pick up a copy of Fulfill Me, links to vendors to be found here:

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed it. Now tell me what you love or what you hate about autumn(fall) and I’ll put you in the draw to win a copy of Naughty Rendezvous, another of my stories that blends autumn and sexy fun!

About the Author:
Victoria Blisse is a mother, wife, Christian, Manchester United fan and award winning erotica author. She is also the editor of several Bigger Briefs collections, Smut by the Sea and Smut in the City.

She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories. Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

Find out more at or follow and friend Victoria:,

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Blogfest: Angel Payne


The Sexiest Part of Autumn is Wrapped in Fatigues and Honor
Angel Payne

Darker nights with chimney smoke in the air. Starbucks pumpkin lattes. A huge selection of naughty costume stuff at Party City. The return of “Vampire Diaries.”

There are lots of reasons to embrace Autumn as a sexy season, even for a die-hard Summer-Lover like yours truly. (Hey, I live in Southern California. You can’t walk on Huntington Beach in the middle of August and NOT like Summer, if you know what I mean!)

But the best and sexiest fall season date is 11-11. You got it. Veterans Day.

Woodrow Wilson declared the first Armistice Day on November 11, 1919, with the purpose to “be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory…” In 1954, the name of the holiday was changed to Veterans Day, so as to make us all remember what kind of sacrifices have been made for the freedoms we enjoy.

I have to be honest: before this year, I walked through the world with a pretty blasé attitude about this holiday. But as I ramped up the background research for Mark Moore, my hero in Permanent Marker, then did some prelim notes for a future book featuring a Navy SEAL, I constantly realized how deep in the sand my head was really stuck. I was floored, humbled and moved to tears by the things our servicemen and women give up on a daily basis just so we can have the amazing things we take for granted in our lives. Yeah, things like those Starbucks lattes, those sexy fishnets, even the books I have the freedom and the opportunity to write.

But there are the other things they give up, too. The really hard stuff. Nightly hugs from their kids. The very birth of their kids. Waking up to a kiss from their lover. Being able to even touch their lover. Birthday parties. Weddings. Funerals. Holidays. Dates that can never be replaced. Memories they’ll never have.

To keep OUR lives safe. To protect and to serve ALL of us.

You can’t do sexy better than that.

This November 11th, let’s all try to give a little sexy back. Thank your local veteran. I don’t care what war they served in, or to what capacity, or whether they’re male or female. Buy them that pumpkin latte. Hell, if you’re an exhibitionist like me, give ‘em a peek at those fishnets.

To find out more about a great project benefiting our valued veterans, click here:

Leave a comment for a chance to win the choice of a $25 gift certificate to Amazon, Bed/Bath/Beyond or (my favorite!)

Halloween Blogfest Havan Fellows


*grabs you and swings you around and around and around* wheeeeeeee! It's autumn…can you feel it? Can you smell it? Can you wrap it around you and cuddle into its sweet embrace?

*stops and blushes*

Oh…I'm sorry…we haven't been properly introduced and here I am manhandling you…my bad? *giggles*

Hello…I'm Havan Fellows…I write. Okay, to be a tad bit more specific I write M/M erotic romance. I enjoy blue-eyed men…simple light touches…anything with pecans in it and AUTUMN! *big shite eating smile*

Sure…I understand that where I live there isn't much of an autumn—not much in the way of season changes at all *pouts*—but that doesn't mean I don't still look forward to the couple days we do have. :)

How do I celebrate the autumn we do have? One word…pumpkins!

Oh yeah, you got that right…my kiddos are addicted to all things pumpkin…whether it is carving (or attempting to carve lol), roasting seeds, baking with it, painting them (great for fundraisers at school!)…heck—even my profile pic on facebook for October is a pumpkin! :D

Now back to the baking—well, I don't do the whole kitchen thing that often—even after they drew me a map so I could find the kitchen in our house (blew that excuse right outta the water *blushes*). I still don't visit it on a regular basis…hehe. But the kiddos know that when fall comes around and that crisp cool air hits our faces as we step out the front door in the morning…they know I'll break my rule and do a little baking.

I remember around two years ago when my eldest kiddo wanted pumpkin bread…and the caress of the season made me oblige her…so we went to the store to gather the ingredients…but alas—there was no pumpkin! Evidently we were in the middle of a pumpkin shortage (??? Is that even legal???)…my daughter was devastated! The excitement of not having to bake couldn't even trump my sorrow of not having any pumpkin-y goodness around for us to munch on.

And let me tell you—ever since then I've been forced to stock up on pumpkin. If we ever go under four cans in the house I have to pick some up. The horror of that fall has never been repeated…*heads desk giggling*

Well…I don't have any books to share with you that tie-in with my whole pumpkin addiction…but another addiction that also pops up strong and hard this month is scary/spooky movies/books…freaking love them!

And what a kawinky dink…I do have something of that nature to share with you!

On Halloween (great timing right? hehe) an anthology that I'm in is available…Freaky Flashes…13 Sexy Halloween Quickies is now available for pre-order from Breathless Press.

This is an anthology that has thirteen flashes (quickies in the range of about a thousand words) that will make you shake and shiver in more than one way…I can't wait to be wrapped up in a cozy blanket on the couch popping roasted pumpkin seeds and reading this bad boy…what a great way to spend the night!

Sooooooo…wanna join me on this couch? Oh yeah…you know I want you to! All you have to do is curl up next to me…place one hand in a strategic position…and with the other hand enjoy your favorite pumpkin treat also—don't worry, I'll hold the kindle so we can enjoy these freaky flashes together…

Oh…you also have to comment here on your fave fall treat that you'll be indulging in…that comment will put you in the running to win Freaky Flashes (or any book from my backlog if you so choose)! I'll announce the winner on my blog here on November 3rd.

So come…enjoy…indulge…and shudder right along with me…*winks*

P.S. If you are looking for me…I'm available at my blog Havan's Heavenly Haven…or at Facebook…or you can even tweet to me @havanfellows :)

Halloween Blogfest Naomi Bellina


Ghost, Or No Ghost?
Naomi Bellina

While writing my last book, I did some research on magicians, and was intrigued by the story of Harry Houdini. His life as an escape artist and master illusionist was fascinating, but in death, he presented a different type of mystery.

For a good part of his career, Houdini debunked psychics, mediums and spiritualists. He attended séances, and studied paranormal phenomena, and though he desperately wanted to believe, he never found the proof to convince him that ghosts and spirits existed. He even wrote a book, A Magician Among the Spirits, which details his findings and exposes the tricks many mediums and psychics use.

After his death, his wife, Bess, sought to contact him. She and her husband had worked out a code, so he could communicate with her from beyond. During a séance, the medium Author Ford received the message, 'Rosabelle, believe.' Bess confirmed this was the code, but records show she later retracted her statement.

Did the great magician join those in the spirit world, and find a way to speak to his beloved wife? What a fabulous ghost he would be! Perhaps he has been visiting us, helping those who need him. We often read a story of someone escaping from a dangerous or seemingly impossible situation. Maybe they had a little help from the greatest escape artist of our time.

Harry Houdini performed incredible feats during his life, and though every trick had an explanation, his creative genius was nothing short of magic. I'd like to think he was able to extend that power beyond the grave, and give our world a helping hand now and then. Hmmm, I feel a story coming on!

Thank you, Long and Short Reviews, for letting me post here at your Halloween Blogfest. I'm excited to announce my latest book, Out of the Ordinary, is available for pre-release at Total-E-Bound. To celebrate that event, and my favorite holiday, I'm giving away an Ebook to one lucky winner, your choice from my backlist. Please leave me a comment, and I'll draw a name on 11/3.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Halloween, everyone!

Naomi Bellina
Adventurous erotic romance to tickle your fancy and unleash your libido!/TheGoddessNaomi

About the Author:
Naomi lives in beautiful sunny Florida with the love of her life and a magical black cat. She writes for various fiction and non-fiction markets, but finds she is drawn to erotic romance because her characters insist on canoodling, and sometimes even falling madly in love. So she lets them. Occasionally, however, they go to dark and strange places. She lets them do this also. Most of her stories will surprise readers with unexpected twists and turns, because isn't that what makes life exciting?

Her interests include dancing, hula-hooping, drumming, and creating healthy meals. She takes the opportunity to play, have fun, and indulge in the pursuit of passion whenever possible. She hopes you enjoy her stories and would love to hear from you at naomibellina(at)live(dot)com. Visit her website at and chat on Facebook at

Her motto: Never pass up the opportunity to have an adventure!

Halloween Blogfest: Fiona McGier


Real-life ghost stories? Is that an oxymoron?

I used to think that phenomena like that didn't exist. Then I moved with my boyfriend into an old house that had a ghost. It wasn't malevolent...just there. It was my dog who noticed it first, barking at what appeared to be nothing, then things would happen near coffee cups that jumped off the counter when they'd been nowhere near the edge. A sudden chill to the air where she was standing and barking. We got kind of used to it, so when we moved we invited the ghost to come with us, and switched the andirons in the fireplaces, telling the ghost it was welcome in our new place. It didn't come, so we figured it was house-specific.

When we bought this house we were a little disappointed that it was "uninhabited". But the house next door is an old farmhouse, obviously the oldest one on the block. The woman who used to live there got to be a good friend of mine. She once told me that she kept all of the lights on in the house because her daughters didn't like "the voices" that they'd hear in a dark room. I didn't think about that much until my dryer broke and she invited me to use hers while she was grocery shopping. I went down into the basement, which I had never been in before, and it had such a low ceiling that I almost had to stoop...and I'm a short woman. As I was putting the clothes into the dryer the hairs on the back of my neck started to itch and I felt a chill to the air at the same time as I started to hear "whispers". I spoke loudly, saying I was only there to do laundry, then I high-tailed it up the stairs and out the door! I waited until Eva was home to get my laundry. Years later when the couple who had bought the house from Eva split up and the woman moved out, Eva said to ask the woman if "the voices" were why she was leaving him and the house. When I did, she gave me a funny look and asked "How do you know about them?" The man who still lives there alone, keeps all of the lights in the house on, on both floors, whenever he's home.

The most recent contact I've had with the after-life was after my father passed on. He was an unrepentant atheist who went to the afterlife convinced he'd just stop thinking and that'd be it. My mom was struggling through the early stages of the dementia that took her away almost four years later. But soon after he died I had a dream about going to see her and she took a long time to get to the door. When she opened it she told me she was on the phone with my dad. I reminded her that he was dead, and they don't have phone service there. She told me, "See for yourself", and waved at the phone. I picked it up and my dad told me "Hi". I asked him where he was, and he told me he didn't know, but that he was walking a lot and enjoying seeing all kinds of familiar sights. (He died from colon cancer that brought on a stroke that had made him unable to get out of bed, but told me that in his dreams he was still able to ballroom dance.) I asked him where he was going, and he told me that he didn't know, but had seen some familiar faces also. Then he told me that he had to get going because he was getting to his destination. He told me he loved me and my family then he hung up.


I'm excited that my next book, Prophecy of the Undead, debuts November 1, 2012, which is also El Dia De Los Muertos. It appears to be fate that a book about the Mayan prediction of the end of time on December 21, 2012, that features a 5,000 year old Mayan vampire who hates everyone, along with some vampires of varying ages who still enjoy sex, will be published in 2012 on the day the Hispanic culture celebrates the spirits of their dearly-departed. I usually don't write paranormal romance, but this story arc came to me in a dream, and when I hit a writer's block after the first two chapters, the hero introduced himself to me in another dream, telling me I was trying to write the wrong hero, since it had to be him. Then he smiled and flashed his vampire fangs at me. Hmm, more eerie stuff?

Find out more about all of my books at:, where the first page of my website is my blog.

And please leave a comment telling me whether or not you believe that the end of the 13th Baktun in the Mayan long-count calendar will bring us any surprises. In other words, will I still get to celebrate my late-December birthday? I'll choose one of the comments at random and send along an eBook of Prophecy of the Undead to that reader. Be the first among your friends to get to read it...but read quickly! Grin.